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  1. Emilg

    ff Hole size

    I'm in the same spot as you, usually i have to squeeze the sp in (6mm) .. i can always make them wider was my idea, but wonder what the effect on sound will be
  2. Emilg

    Instrument weight with age

    weight is usually given without chin rest, so if the rest is 60g you have a 420g violin which is quite normal..
  3. well i for one like Danube's posts, he seems very knowledgable en passionate about violins and has a good sense of humor .. in my opinion he is most certainly not a troll, but he could do with a little less spice sometimes
  4. Emilg

    Curved bow

    Give it some time, they will improve sounds nice though...
  5. Emilg

    Knives deeply discounted at japanwoodworker.com

    Hi VDM, UPS should also ships overseas, doesnt it? I didnt finish the order, so i dont know whether address required, but i do have Paypal so that may work. I'm still waiting for a reply from them about the shippings costs, they don't not say "US only"... sofar it's a bit confusing.
  6. Emilg

    Knives deeply discounted at japanwoodworker.com

    When i wanted to order 3 knives for 50$ they still added 25$ for shipping. Probably free shipping is only for US, but i cant find that info anywhere. Then i tried to make an account, but i could not add an address other than in US. You can choose several lanuages and currencies tho. When i got the confirmation mail for my account, the link was not working (that was easily fixed). I mailed them about this, hoping to get a reply soon.
  7. Emilg

    Curved bow

    That reminds me of this guy, but he uses a normal bow:
  8. Emilg

    Knives deeply discounted at japanwoodworker.com

    Thanks, with the free shipping from $35 this gets very affordable .. i will order a few.
  9. yes, but didnt he spend a long time working for Strad?
  10. Nice, we can both enter the upcoming VSO competition
  11. did you ever make other intruments, like guitars, harps, ..?
  12. David must have two sons helping him in his shop, both being in their seventies
  13. I'm a bit behind BK with 5 builds in 2 years time. I also do not plan to sell, it's just a fun hobby next to my computer work. Currently i'm gathering some inspiration and ideas for #6, propably a deep, growling, loud DG style one
  14. Emilg

    How to create a growly violin

    This looks alot less scary than those old Heifetz masterclasses and also. what a violin!
  15. Emilg

    How to create a growly violin

    My idea of growl would be the typical DG sound on the G and D string. Here is a masterclass by Robert McDuffie who plays the 1735 Ladenburg DG. Charissa's violin growls too, but alot less.. (but i could be wrong) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxEKtZm_izk&feature=youtu.be&t=250 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxEKtZm_izk&feature=youtu.be&t=550