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  1. plate tuning specs ?

    i believe that's Carleen Maley Hutchins
  2. plate tuning specs ?

    thanks Uncle, like others i have been eye balling the arches sofar, but i think it's time to give it a little more attention, keeping this sort of directions in mind
  3. plate tuning specs ?

    where! where!
  4. plate tuning specs ?

    In fact they all sound different, varying from overbuilt (the 80g top) to underbuilt (the 70g top), but i'm still learning what exactly good violin sound is I haven't paid much attention to signature modes yet, but i will do some reading and measuring
  5. plate tuning specs ?

    Thanks Don. Sofar i'm just measuring weight and M5 only.. for us beginners it gives something to start with. Seeing modes, weights, densities all over the place - also from Strads and del Gesus - i'm guessing there is not much magical about the numbers per se, so i agree. One thing is puzzling me a bit: on my latest 2 tops (made 4 sofar, good euro spuce, densities 0.39/0.40) i havent been able to get the weight with BB below 70g as M5 was getting too low at 330/335. For the first 2 violins i stuck to M5=350, resulting in 80g and 75g. Is the wood too dense or could it be the arching?
  6. plate tuning specs ?

    The top mode 5 is maybe a little high still at 370? And shouldn't the top mode 5 also be lower than the back mode 5? (questions for Don )
  7. Violin scroll: a mysterious symbol

    Ah that makes sence .. though it seems a bit drastic
  8. Violin scroll: a mysterious symbol

    To me it just looks like a hole to hang the violin on a nail or screw in the wall
  9. so ugly it's almost cool...

    Cool ... looks like it's been wearing a very tight corset for a long time
  10. Downforce Experiment

    Ah thanks Don, i see your point
  11. Downforce Experiment

    i would have thought it was a correct assumption.. if the break angle is 0 there would be no force on the bridge, and thus no energy transmitted through the bridge?
  12. Bright Sound Tone

    Hi Joe, setup is also still a bit of mystery to me.. could you expand a bit on those adjustments and what they did to the sound?
  13. Bright Sound Tone

    Hi Don, i get the first 3, but do violins really get brighter in time? What could be the reason for that?
  14. I took a photograph of a scroll - Life Changing

    Thank you very much sir, nice scroll indeed! How do you call the heel of the pegbox, isn't that typical for cello's? Edit: it's called the "chin" i believe
  15. I took a photograph of a scroll - Life Changing

    the longer you look at it, the nicer it gets do you have front and back photos as well?