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  1. Dear akaBobH, many thanks for your reply and apologies for the link - I created a new one, this should work: https://goo.gl/photos/JnK6B3s8M4weNet78 Does this look like the symbol on your instrument? Would make perfect sense from the previous information I have, but mine came without a paper label, I found it in a Guitar builder's shop. Yes, my lady is a nice fiddle, too - it has a very warm tone, I really love it. In the thread from the Markneukirchen forum it said the Heberlein fiddles were reasonably priced commercial instruments but "above average" quality. I'd definitely
  2. Dear community, I set out on a quest to figure out the meaning of the brand symbol on my Markneukirchen violin. I've already made a bit of headway by contacting the museum there and using their forum – the symbol (unfortunately I can't upload any attachments here, so I put the pics here), which I originally thought was a Star of David and which I meanwhile know are two interlocking music triangles was obviously a symbol then widely used in the region of Vogtland and the brand symbol of Markneukirchen builder dynasty Heberlein. What I've not figured out yet is exactly who of the bui