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  1. Dear akaBobH, many thanks for your reply and apologies for the link - I created a new one, this should work: https://goo.gl/photos/JnK6B3s8M4weNet78 Does this look like the symbol on your instrument? Would make perfect sense from the previous information I have, but mine came without a paper label, I found it in a Guitar builder's shop. Yes, my lady is a nice fiddle, too - it has a very warm tone, I really love it. In the thread from the Markneukirchen forum it said the Heberlein fiddles were reasonably priced commercial instruments but "above average" quality. I'd definitely say so. Would you be willing to share a picture of yours in a PM?
  2. Dear community, I set out on a quest to figure out the meaning of the brand symbol on my Markneukirchen violin. I've already made a bit of headway by contacting the museum there and using their forum – the symbol (unfortunately I can't upload any attachments here, so I put the pics here), which I originally thought was a Star of David and which I meanwhile know are two interlocking music triangles was obviously a symbol then widely used in the region of Vogtland and the brand symbol of Markneukirchen builder dynasty Heberlein. What I've not figured out yet is exactly who of the builders/workshops from said dynasty built my violin. A builder I asked for a date estimate placed it between 1870 and 1890, the varnish is slightly green-ish (not unusual for Markneukirchen violins from that period though, as I was told, so not a clear indicator.) I don't know if the "star" symbol was used by one or more of the Heberleins. My question is if anyone here has an instrument with the same symbol AND a builder's/workshop name? In the Markneukirchen forum, a member posted this entry from Henley on the Heberleins: ALBERT-born 1898 Worked Markneukirchen. fairly good workmanship.attractive varnish ALBERT THEODOR Born 1880 Worked Markneukirchen Splendid modeling, Cremonese and Neapolitan models. ALBERTO- born 1860 Markneukirchen worked in Mexico, 1905. refined workmanship, orange to red spirit varnish. ARNOLD made bows(no dates given) CARL AUGUST 1805-1875 Markneukirchen Excellent commercial grade instruments. official maker to the Dresden court. CHRISTIAN AUGUST 1814-1894 Markneukirchen Made really fine double basses. CHRISTOPF 1690-1761 Markneukirchen. Very ordinary violins & cellos. Usually yellow varnish. CONRAD Born 1878 moved to the US in 1903. He worked at Chicago, Philidelphia and St Louis. Ernst J. Born 1866 Good maker, undated work Heinrich Richard Born 1847, worked at Markneukirchen 1880-1920 Honored for some very good double basses. Heinrich Theodor Junior 1843-1910 I would be delighted to find out more about my instrument's history. Any info appreciated! Best, Lodjur
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