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  1. hi Nathan, the ex-Havemeyer Guadagnini cello has a back of poplar. Not sure about specs but here's a writing about it: https://tarisio.com/features/ex-havemeyer/
  2. Thanks David, yes there are issues with bow clearance in the C bouts. My cello is not very responsive and the maker who suggested this procedure said that doing so should help both with bow clearance and with the overall playability of the instrument. I will try your idea of trying out a higher bridge.
  3. Thanks Jerry, both makers I've been speaking to are members of the afvbm but I may PM you if I find that I want other opinions. The one who suggested the procedure has more of a background in restoration, so I'm leaning towards listening to him, but I also emailed the maker of my cello (who is in Germany) asking what his thoughts are.
  4. Hi Jerry, thanks for your answer. The procedure that was recommended was to remove the fingerboard and plane it down as it is quite thick. The maker who would be doing this believes that a thinner fingerboard will help free up the sound. Then, a shim would be placed on the neck to raise the angle, and the newly slimmed down fingerboard will be glued on top of the shim. Then a new bridge and post will be cut, as the bridge will now be too short for the higher angle. He has not mentioned a neck reset as part of this procedure. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. Personally, I play this movement with separate bows, as Anna Magdalena Bach's manuscript has it written as such. I find that following the manuscript allows one to play it in a fashion that is more appropriate to the baroque style. Like Dr. S, I slur the scale work passages (which is also what the manuscript has as well). An edition of the suites that I enjoy using is the Kurtz from International Music Company, as it includes the manuscript next to each page for comparison. Happy practicing!
  6. Hey everybody, I was wondering if you all have any opinions on raising the projection of my cello's neck. I've spoken to two violinmakers about doing such and they have very different opinions... one is adamant that it must be raised and claims that it will make my cello more powerful and easier to play, but the other has warned me that getting it done could place more tension on my instrument and slow it down, since it is already isn't the most responsive cello and has a back of poplar, which is a softer wood that cant handle too much pressure. They are both reputable and I respect them both very highly, so I'm not sure who to listen to, and its a fairly expensive procedure. What are your opinions/experiences on the matter? Thanks for the help!
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions! I will certainly check out my local lumber yard as well as the websites mentioned. Jim, I'll send you a PM right now. Thanks again everybody, I really appreciate the help!
  8. Hi gang! Long time reader but first time poster here. I'm looking to take on the project of making my first ever bow, and was wondering if anybody knows of an online source where I could get snakewood and pernambuco blanks for the job. Thanks for the help!
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