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  1. thank you for your opinions. yes, it's on nickel mount.
  2. any idea with this bow? it has no stamp.
  3. This photo from Martin's web site has very good state of preserve of the corners of Strnad.
  4. aquilla

    Neudorfer bow

    I am thinking to buying this violin bow. Seller says it is genuine Neudorfer bow from 80's, but I've never seen this type of stamp before. it is 745mm long and 62g any idea?
  5. I like this type of wood. I have a bow with this kind of figure in it, not intensity like that Sartory have though.
  6. Sorry for my bad photos. I hope these are more helpful. I was browsing internet and I found this article, and the bow on the web is very similar, or even looks identical to me. Any idea with this article?
  7. Hello All, Recently I bought this viola bow from my friend who is a professional musician. He thinks it is french bow around 1830~40 but no idea who made or which workshop from. I am not expert but for my eyes it looks very interesting. by the way this is a viola bow. 72cm long (without button) ,71g (including hair and lapping). I have no idea whether button is made out of bone or ivory. Any idea or thoughts with this bow? thanks in advance. Aq.
  8. I didn't meant to blame Knopf, just I thought Knopf has more like powerful head. Also I am wondering about this violin bow who is Louis Tourte? Father of Francois Xavier and Nicolas Leonard is "Nicolas Pierre". So it must be someone different. Also why Tarisio itself does not say " ascribed to Louis Tourte" but only interesting bow? It means, even though it came with Cert by Millant, they don't agree with it? The bow stick looks fancy nice and the frog is something different to the one on Certificates but it does not matter since it was not original to the stick.
  9. Do you have any idea who made this bow? It looks quite early 19th or may be end of 18th century bow. Tarisio says probably German but it has more elegant than some thing like C.W.Knopf.
  10. There are some nice Gordge cases, including double violin case.
  11. 1st bow looks like not pernambuco. Maybe beeswood?
  12. stamped Adam with not original frog and button. This could be 19th century french..? No stamp, nice work. Any ideas with those bows?