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  1. the issue is me, not the violin. she said it was well worth the money i paid for it. her only gripe was that she said the b flat sounded a little bright
  2. I have a book for beginners in music theory I was going to read regardless. I just didn't know if that would be sufficient or not. I'm only interested in classical and baroque.
  3. Would learning music theory make it easier to learn the violin?
  4. Yes, I'm a math\physics major. I just took a course in Fourier analysis last semester lol.
  5. I will, I see my teacher tomorrow. If it is indeed a wolf tone, does it warrant sending it back or should I just work around it?
  6. That's good to hear. I would MUCH rather it be me making it sound bad than the instrument itself being off.
  7. what about the double stops and the g string? do you think those are just my lack of technique? I made sure to play close to the bridge for the double stops (and I played everywhere else to make sure) but they sounded dead. The strings vibrate when I play them open, but when I play stopped notes, it's like they die the instant my bow stops moving, no ring at all
  8. The D string seems fine, but the third position on the G string sound terrible, but I probably attribute that to me being a beginner. I just got this violin and I've been playing with it for a few days to make sure everything sounds good. I did try some double stops, when I play open string double stops they sound beautiful, but when I play stopped notes with double stops, the strings seem to stop vibrating, I don't know how to explain it. It plays the pitch, but the strings don't ring. I even used a tuner to make sure I was playing the exact notes for the double stop, but it sounded "dead". Again, I am a beginner so it might be me. I see my teacher again Tuesday, I will ask her what she thinks. She played it once and it sounded great, but she didn't do anything in depth.
  9. I made absolutely sure I was bowing straight. Why is it only that one note? The high notes on the A string sound fine. It could be my bowing, but why just those notes?
  10. On the A string, if I play low fingerings around A sharp or so, the tone quality is terrible. I have a video here comparing other notes to these low notes on the A-string. The sound is terrible and I don't think it's me.
  11. the problem is my bowing. for some reason i play the open strings straight, when i play fingerings my bow goes slanted
  12. When I am playing in first position, my fingerings sound very airy and harmonic, I made sure I was pressing the string hard enough so that this shouldn't happen, but something else is causing it. When I play the open strings they sound fine, but when I go to fingerings (especially on the g and d string) there is a raspy harmonic sound.
  13. i took a photo of the back with an actual camera, the iphone picture made it look terrible, it's actually very lovely
  14. i decided to purchase it. the normal price is 3400, but he has a 10% off special on all violins under 5k so it was only a little over 3000. they also offer a 100% trade-in value for this violin so i think it's a good investment.
  15. I'm in love with the sound. It's so clear and lower strings have a wonderful warm ring to them and the e is superbly clear and sweet.