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  1. I am not familiar with this stype of tailpiece and I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas about what it might be. Rather than having individual string holes it has two holes with the strings in each hole separated by wood. It was on a violin of unknown age that has a Norwegian repair label from 1949. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Just a note, the pawnshop instrument that started this discussion has no purfling of any kind. Nothing inlaid, drawn, scribed, painted, or otherwise, just plain wood. I appreciate all the pictures. Interesting read this thread....
  3. Thanks for the feedback. It's still available at the local pawn shop if anybody wants to drop $1,450 for a "Violin Perry 1802" with tons of repairs, front and back! (I don't...hehe)
  4. Hey all, This violin has now moved through 2 local pawn shops. They claim it's by Thomas Perry. I can't believe that it is. No purfling, poor craftsmanship, no apparent work on the neck/scroll (no grafts) but it appears more contemporary, poor Perry brand on back, etc. Perhaps a later German copy? I welcome your thoughts! (There are some very nice old repairs to the body, including an very well done butterfly patch at the sound post, but this instrument has had a tough life). There aren't many good pictures here but have a look if you are interested. http://asheville.craigslist.org/msd/5986579699.html