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  1. As per title.... and is a $300 pernambuco bow worth rehairing ?
  2. Congratulations! I will try to watch and vote if I get the time on that day....
  3. that is what my next question will be. Will a slightly longer sound post have a detrimental effect to the sound???
  4. follow up question: Will a slightly longer post change the sound even if it is put in exactly the same spot where the original post was?
  5. did you mean when humidity has gone down?
  6. What are the odds of the sound post falling off when the strings are loosened and the bridge removed??? Thank you
  7. When did you buy the master build for $1000 ? I only see $1600 price?
  8. did you find the whole documentary?
  9. When I read the original post, I misunderstood it.. I thought it is another way to help "open" up a violin just like the "speaker" mod stuck on the bridge of a violin and put inside a large tupperware while music was played via the speaker...
  10. this shop is in Au and he has a youtube channel... you can easily ask him questions there or you can call them... http://whitehorsemusic.com.au/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqbcC0im5HynvS5LcDFQk8g
  11. The biggest enemy of a violin during it's journey from seller to you is the "delivery man". I have been to my local UPS so many times and every time I am there, I see people deliberately toss big boxes and they laugh...
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