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  1. I'm going to make up a acrylic poster frame to keep my strad poster clean and straight while I build my first Violin. My question is are all violin posters the same size? If I buy a different poster in the future, I would hope my frame will be able to be used again. I've got the Strad Titian Poster, which is approx 850mm x 690mm Thanks
  2. aleron

    Scraper tips

    Hi all, So, I've finished my form and added my blocks. Time to start thicknessing my ribs... I'm interested in tips or recommendations on setting up a really sharp Scraper. It seems like one of the most important tools in violin making, but I'm having trouble achieving a sharp Scraper. There appears to be a number of ways to set up on the internet and I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong. Any ideas, tips or links to what you consider the best way to do it would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Could I get advise as to how to best prepare scrapers for violin making? both flat and curved, small and large and any techniques for the finest of finishes. Thanks in advance
  4. Could I get some info on chalk fitting basics. In particular, how heavy handed to be with the chalk, and how to remove it when finished so as not to leave a white shadow or residue. I wasn't sure whether I would clean with a damp cloth, but was concerned this might raise the grain and defeat the purpose of fitting well... Thank you
  5. aleron

    glue sizing

    After some tips for glue sizing. Where does it need to be done? and how to prepare and apply successfully? Cheers
  6. There's plenty of info on the net regarding hide glue, however I have a few questions I'd be interested in people's opinions on. - My understanding is that you soak glue in cold water for half an hour or so until water is absorbed... - Do you then bring the glue to temp 140F quickly or slowly? does it make a difference? - do you use as soon as it is up to temp? or is it best to let it sit at that temp for a while? - can you leave it too long at correct temp while doing other jobs? - how much do you monitor for over/under fluctuations in temp? - Is there a point where you would
  7. Hoping for some tips for gluing on my corner blocks to my form. Its my first attempt. What i really want to know is glue consistency to use? thick or thin? Also, do I cover the whole glue surface, or just a small amount to hold the blocks? Cheers
  8. I'm interested in opinions about finishing my new first violin form. I have my form made from 12mm ply. Would you seal this form? I'm thinking a coat of shellac maybe? or just leave raw? Also, edges, both glueing edges and non glue edges. Would you seal these? Any advice on how to get ready for corner block glueing would be appreciated
  9. Thanks Will. Thats great. Looks like I'm pretty close to the P form. I was a little concerned, as I lined up my mold to the poster and a couple of P form pdfs I'd found on the net, and it looked way off. I think I'm happy to proceed with these measurements.
  10. Great. I think I'll go with the obtuse angle for the many reasons discussed. I just wanted to know 'why' I was doing it... 'Just because it was in the book' seemed a bit ambiguous for me I was also thinking of drilling a small 2-3mm hole in the corners to help prevent 'wicking'of glue around the corner... Thoughts?
  11. I agree corners look a bit off in these pics, but I think the photo's a bit deceiving. Here are a couple more of both the mold & fininshed violin outline. I've traced and checked and I think my mold corners finish nicely to my outside shape... Cheers
  12. Hi Will. Cheers. My measurements are from my mold only. Red straight down the middle, yellow - point from mortice cutout and the other 3 are max/min widths of my bouts.
  13. Hi All, I'm building my first violin and was interested in feedback about my form. I have the strad titian poster, and I intend to build a 'new violin' not a faithful copy of the titian, so after correcting a few corners etc, and making the shape my own, I have ended up with the following form and measurements. After checking things against the strad titian poster, the line drawing and the photo on the strad poster appear a little different from each other, and my form is a little different again. Furthermore, I have been looking up stradavari forms and I wasn't sure where the
  14. Great info. Thanks everyone.
  15. Oh, and also Sradavari himself appears to have used a square block (certainly on his P form anyway)