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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I 've known that you celebrate this earlier than the states. I've had Canada Post customers who take off. Do you sprinkle maple syrup on your turkey? lol.
  2. Thank you all for your help and insight. I'll continue with the assumption of one day fiddling on my back porch and not spend much $$$ on it. I don't always believe everything my MIL says, she can be quite the story teller.
  3. I inherited a violin from my Mother in Law about 25 yrs. ago. It has been in "stasis" since then. The only history I have on it is that my MIL's father was stashing it for a friend who was a member in the Louisville Orchestra. It has a repair label inside dated 1947 from L.L. Chaudoin, Louisville, KY. The Tailpiece and String Adjuster are both stamped Germany, as if that is a useful clue? I'll post some more pictures from different angles tonight. Thanks
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