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  1. I bought this H.R.Pfretzschner cello bow, with the original frog with the inscription "Monopol". The frog does not have mother-of-pearl, but a silver slice associated with ferrule. The bow is light, about 76 g , and needs minor repairs, but the stick is fine. Screw is not original. Does anyone know this model? What age? Does it have any value? Thank you for all the opinions!
  2. The bow has to be slightly repaid , that s ok for me. Wood is, I think , fine. The inscription is perhaps FRIE......ZACH and three stars. Price after repair about 1520 USD. The bow I want for myself , I am an active player , not a dealer :-)
  3. Hi, does anyone know about the bowmaker Friedrich Zach? I can buy a cello bow with three stars, but I found nothing about this bow maker. Bow is a typical German work about 60 years old, costing about 1300 USD. Playing characteristics I think appropriate.
  4. I want to buy a brand new bow. Control is good, sound good and powerful, but so much so that sometimes creaks tool - just like Snakewood. It is possible that it is because it is a completely new bow? Thank You!
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