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  1. Madrid is a 5 hour drive so that is a bit much. I've been looking at several second hand violins and some are only an hour drive so I could try these first.
  2. Thanks everyone for your advise. Unfortunately every shop I have been to only have the cheapest violins available, I could order a better one, but that will be without trying. I can't keep the loaner I have been using either. The website I trust and would allow me to return the violin if necessary. I like the idea of getting a second hand one, and have been searching online. I have found a Yamaha V7SG second hand for 350€ (original prices around 700€). http://www.thomann.de/gb/yamaha_v7_sg_44_violine_44.htm?ref=search_rslt_yamaha+V7_111068_0 Will continue to search with your advise in mind. I live in Spain btw. Ill let you know when I have found my violin Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone! I am a newbie playing violin and was hoping you could help me out picking my first violin! I have practiced for about 3 months now on a beginner violin I borrowed. Now I know for sure I want to continue learning. My budget is 300€. The options I have found: Alfred Stingl by Höfner AS-180-V 4/4 Violin Outfit 260€ Karl Höfner SE II Violin Set 4/4 322€ Stentor SR1500 Violin Student II 4/4 192€ Stentor SR1542 Violin Graduate 4/4 240€ Stagg VN-4/4 HG Violin Set 229€ Artino VN-135 Violin Set 4/4 215€ They all come with a case and bow. I have read a lot about each one and they all sound good on paper.. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
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