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  1. Hi everyone, does anyone have any idea what kind of wood was used to make this cello neck? Ash
  2. I understand string instruments are so complicated because they are so unique one to another, in comparison to other instruments (e.g. one could see a Mark VI tenor sax and be pretty sure they'd get what they expect). I wonder if anyone has ever successfully bought a decent "learning" instrument on eBay?
  3. Is 700 EUR worth the risk for the first one I linked (the red one).
  4. On the second instrument, the strings aren't even put on correctly, so you are almost for sure correct about the set up...
  5. One observation I have on my own - On the second one, in the last picture of the body, it seems that there is asymmetry in the back and that the little back circle, which I know has some purpose if it were really there, is off center. This means it was added for aesthetics? EDIT again: One more bit of info... This guy has been posting and re-posting at least the red cello, so nobody is taking the bait so far, which is also concerning.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm still hunting diligently for the right cello for me and I'm really grateful for so much advice and insight - it's saved me A LOT of money. Really. So thanks. Now I have two more cello options that I"m curious if anyone can chime in on... So far I have learned a lot here - especially that you get what you pay for most of the time. At the price, I imagine the seller isn't crazy so these probably aren't great instruments. Nevertheless, the price is low and they look superficially nice (to me). Anyone have any strong opinions? This one looks ok, but I think maybe there is a crack visible in the upper right side of the picture? http://www.ebay.de/itm/breites-Model-Rotlich-selten-Cello-Celli-Korpus-74-7cm-/142140316705?hash=item2118391c21 http://www.ebay.de/itm/Cello-Celli-Deckenmensur-69cmschwingende-Saitenlange-/142140316711?hash=item2118391c27:g:JK4AAOSwRQlXcopo Maybe they are brand new and antiqued Chinese cellos? Is there something unusual about the dimensions? Thanks a lot again! Ash PS Someday I want to learn about working on cellos so maybe then I can be a much more interested contributor. How to get into that as a hobby I'm not so sure though.
  7. Hi everyone. I LOVE this cello back -- can anyone tell by looking what kind of wood this is? Is it unusual or just a strange varnish job? https://goo.gl/photos/ozxF8tS7QRUgpkGP6 Thanks! Ash
  8. Hi! Thanks for the info. I wrote to the person to ask if they could send more information. Turns out they "moved" to Gibraltar and took the cello with them. They responded to me in German (I wrote in German), but they clearly don't speak proper German. They want to hand the transaction through a middleman to make sure we were both secure. I think you might have hit the nail on the head with this one. Thanks for taking the time to write this message! Have a good weekend!
  9. Hi everyone, I am really interested to know if this cello has any redeeming qualities. I find it really pretty and I wonder if it's worth looking into. http://www.kalaydo.de/kleinanzeigen/sonstiges-in-musikinstrumente-noten/sehr-schoenes-cello-mit-zettel-georges/a/94422196/?search=a2V5d29yZD1jZWxsbyZzZWFyY2g9U0VBUkNIX0lEX0JBUF9TQUxFJnZlcnRpY2FsPTU%253D Thanks!
  10. I find this cello to be really pretty -- 750€ seems to be an okay price. Thoughts? http://www.kalaydo.de/kleinanzeigen/sonstiges-in-musikinstrumente-noten/sehr-schoenes-cello-mit-zettel-georges/a/94422196/?search=a2V5d29yZD1jZWxsbyZzZWFyY2g9U0VBUkNIX0lEX0JBUF9TQUxFJnZlcnRpY2FsPTU%253D
  11. One last question that just occurred to me... Are Rhegin instruments junk? Or do they potentially have redeeming qualities? Or do they vary on a case by case basis?
  12. I'll hang on to it for sure!!!!! Thanks for the info. The antiquing that people do can be really tricky unless you know what you're looking for. For me, if I bought a new cello, I wouldn't want "fake" old. I thought there were some problems with the quality, like the varnish in the f holes. And more obvious, there is a piece of saw dust or dust in the varnish. I don't think some who was building with pride would let that pass... Right?
  13. I was looking at JTL pictures, but the end of the scroll looks so different. I read they had 1000 builders at the peak. And the company lasted a long long time -- I guess designs could have gone through major changes over the years.
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