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  1. Hi All - first time poster. I have recently purchased several nice quality instruments from a local deceased estate. Including several violins. One of them is an 1890 Hawkes & Son. "The Professor Violin" in pretty good condition. One of the others (pictured below) has an old looking label inside which reads: GIOVAN PAULO MAGGINI BRESCIA 1686 Obviously this is not a real Maggini, but it is oldish. Judging by the age of the cases and other violins I got, I am guessing late 19th century. So my question is, given it is a fake, but still a hundred or so years old does it still have some value? If so what sort of value? Also, is there a way to directly upload pictures to the forum, without having to use third party image hosts which bombard me with ads . I have lots more photos (none of which are great quality, sorry).