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  1. Drones never leave the hive....except on the queen's maiden flight. Drones do no work and get the boot come winter.
  2. DF replies !!! 1) Thanks for compliments ! So there it is ...DF's real problem. The most important reason to crush DF's ill-formed hubris and stupidity is to keep this from leaking into MN as something real and honest and truthful. As we see, the truth matters. Yelling and formatting doesn't make idiotic arguments more truthful. The reveal the speaker for what they are ...in search of attention. Please please please just condemn the noise from DF and his ilk and move on. Thank-you.
  3. At least two bidders think this is worth over $2K US. T This violin sold for $2100 . Selling 'stamped' items seems to pull in enough bidders with visions of authenticity (and profits!) but perhaps little knowledge.
  4. Do not be embarrassed for protecting your interests in the most litigious country in the world and in a field that is somewhat opaque and even sometimes outright deceptive. Almost all shops are reputable, almost all have good intentions but not all can or do carry thru even on their best intentions. Better we should be embarrassed that our courts are so expensive.
  5. Somewhat more complicated over time. In the 80's the Japan made guitars where regarded as better than the USA products (which where NOT regarded well at all). But in '84 or so, the shop in Corona CA shop was being completed and then the highly regard Custom Shop started production in '87.
  6. Maybe since it was never moved ...just acquired and 'integrated' into the Hitachi system by the managers coming to Wisconsin. Wurlitzer was part of the WNY community. There was a summer theater, Melodie Fair in Wurlitzer Park, and the Wurlitzer store in downtown Buffalo. The large (3000?) round theater with a rotating stage was eventually torn down ....paved over and replaced with a Walmart.
  7. I have a 1930 Wurlitzer 5' baby grand piano, made in North Tonawanda NY. Just a beautiful instrument. The Wurlitzer's came from Germany, acquired many companies here and eventually moved aspects to Germany and sold the company to Baldwin which moved all piano making overseas. . Gibson Guitar bought these and brought all of Wurlitzer (juke boxes included) back under one roof. No more Wurlitzer pianos made after 2009. So, once the high quality manufacturer is sold or moved and if assets get dispersed etc, it is downhill. The only question is speed of slide. Does anyone have a counter example of note?
  8. Thank-you John_London. A very nice introduction to the affair and the book. Having a child that was not quite a prodigy but rather a young artist (Interlochen HS, IU fine arts scholarship) but now has no use for her cello, I find this aspect most intriguing.
  9. Are you saying you do not measure vibrating string length and also after string length? (giving string length). Both have standard settings and typically very small deltas (0.5 -1mm). Once the VSL is set, then the bridge location is set. Sound optimization is then based on string after length, bridge re-carving and final sound post location. So my question is, what do you mean by 'we do not generally measure string length'?
  10. There are other considerations, tail length for instance....and now we are off and running with bridge adjustments, SP placement etc. I'll fall back on the comments of the Engineering dept at major string maker.....they are engineered for a particular VSL. One thing, if the instrument is not setup for optimal sound and response, then mucking with VSL, tail length and SP placement is just random movement about a non-optimal pt.
  11. As I understand it strings are engineered for a particular vibrating string length so changing that should have an impact on sound/playability.
  12. I find the Pegbox discussion topics coherent as they are now. No need to change. The history and techniques are important to building, repairs and restoration. Don't move ID threads out of Pegbox.
  13. Seller has all positive feedback ....almost all as a buyer. Only one feedback as a seller ( of a $410 bow). But still ....so much in Mint Condition? I enjoy the usual rubbish myself but spending real money ?? Perhaps a new Machold is starting up.
  14. Dr. Ludwig


    I'll guess the consensus is to leave the varnish alone, just clean it up. As for the Fingerboard, I have used: Fiebing's USMC Black Leather Dye. I have no idea what others use.
  15. The LOC has 4 CT scans of Stainers that I know of. I believe you need a DICOM viewer as they come as unassembled slices 1678 (viola), 1661, 1650, 1645.