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  1. Were paper strips used in Mittenwald and Passau as well as Prague and Vienna, late 18 c?
  2. I know the feeling ..., but ask again, and somebody would ! I like it! Strangely, I don't see the rib corners in new pictures so clearly, but still only can agree with BF comment and the scroll fluting (in the context of Mkn-Schn) is pointing to workshop(s) that have been discussed here before, if I am not mistaken (?)
  3. Nice violin, particularly I like the back wood. Seems German to me, but reason why more knowledgeable people may be reluctant to react, is that they don't see details they would like to. Angled views are not very helpful. There is a thread somewhere up, how to photograph for ID purposes. You might start from measuring the length of body (without button).
  4. Thanks! That was indeed my question that I did not yet ask the MN-s: do you see, with your trained eye and experience, features that promise more than just "generic Mirecourt".
  5. F Meynieu luthier Bordeaux Charles Resuche Eleve de Gand et Bernardel Fecit anno 1902 No 242 ............................................... LOB: 358 mm
  6. Thanks! I tell the LOB a bit later, violin not at hand at the moment. What I remember of the label: Bordeaux, Charles Resuche, 1902, No 242. Also was mentioned the Bordeaux workshop founder, from whom CR apparently bought (?) the business; and that CR had formerly worked for Gand & Bernardel.
  7. Thank you very much; I did not recognise the piece, but it was so sublimely baroque for me...
  8. Hello folks, once again, Violin IDs are not so extremely numerous at the moment (am I wrong?) so I dare to put out one from my collection, once again. Pictures are this time better than my usual ones, as they are shot by one of the luthiers, I currently cooperate with...
  9. Thank you very much and stay strong!
  10. Quite a story! But why did you sell?
  11. Must have been good enough to do so?
  12. Very cool! shared it right away
  13. Including Schönbach.
  14. Not very helpful at all! Unless you know, with whom to associate all and every one of these features! But really; it would not be fair to ask an expert to reveal all the tricks of his trade... some of them are not...
  15. Oh, and for what is it worth: the lower saddle (incl its extension into the saddle) is horizontal on the bottom edge. Who would be the likely (good) copyists of the last 20...40 years?
  16. Thank you Martin! and best of luck with the ongoing holiday season, by the way... Lower saddle is let into the lower rib: ca 3...4 mm. I have asked that before - who was doing that? Or who was definitely NOT...? Lob is 353 mm. Yes well, I believe it to be a modern copy, but it is indeed rather well made: so I thought, - perhaps someone recognizes some specific features of the actual maker.
  17. Thank you! Was Enrico also labelled as Jo Baptista? It would not be unusual to stick to the name/label of a famous first maker.
  18. I did not look at the label before I wrote. Partly because as I remember, also violin literature has referred to this name in both ways; correct or not, no idea. With 18c German makers names this could be almost rule rather than exception. But you were right, it reads Ceruti inside.
  19. Please, ladies and gentlemen, floor is yours. Inner work: symmetrical, slightly concave shape blocks, trapezoid cleats on the center seam. Lower bout in two pieces: the same piece of wood, nicely mirroring tha pattern to both sides. Lower saddle let into the rib ca 3 mm. Scroll fluting goes to the very end. And yes, Cerruti label (1817).
  20. antero

    Hart and Son

    a very nice case, indeed!
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    Unusual VSO

    Having the saddle let 3..4 mm into the bout has often been discussed one of the Mittenwald features. Was it also done elsewhere?
  22. antero

    Unusual VSO

    So Hamm's saddle is mainly (always) bone? Let into bout few mm-s?
  23. antero

    Unusual VSO

    One piece lower bout?