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  1. Couesnon Violins

    Oops, I did not realise that this was an ancient thread
  2. Couesnon Violins

    Couesnon was a french factory that produced a large quality range of stringed instruments. Yours seems to be in the better half. Link to the catalogue of 1934:
  3. ID forum?

    I agree with the most said above: it is ok as is. For some it may, indeed, not be so clear what is the difference between ID-ing an instrument that you have - and perhaps have had for your entire life - and trying to get ID-ed or assessed an item, one might be about to bid on, or purchase. I would like to see them kept apart and would personally never mix the first with the latter. But this is exactly the present difference between Pegbox and Auction Scroll; followed pretty well by most of us.
  4. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    Try combination of both chinrest and shoulder rest. If you like the central chinrest then Wittner Augsburg proovides a lot of versatility. Regular shoulder rests (VLM, Kun) may be enhanced by an ultra-long foot (some 5-6 cm, I guess) on chest side.
  5. Paul Kessler, Markneukirchen

    Plain wood is just plain wood. Graining is, or at least used to be widely used to make plain (cheap) wood look better (expensive). Cheaper Mirecourt instruments often had faux flame on ribs and back, sometimes very well done - just saw a JTL cello. But not all Kessler's suppliers obviously did that - this violin with his label has natural flame on back.
  6. Paul Kessler, Markneukirchen

    Oh, the very same! (mail-order man), thanks! I have a rather goodlooking and nicely made violin labeled: Adolf Kessler Junior, Markneukirchen. I knew that he had a patent on some novelty chin- or shoulder rest, but had never made any instruments. This museum info is rather enlightening.
  7. Klotz violin or viola

    Regardin Menuhin - he supposedly also kept a Mayson (yes, the very same!) What would be it's value?
  8. Paul Kessler, Markneukirchen

    This label is fake. But has anyone heard of Adolf Kessler?
  9. Mirecourt or Mittenwald

    Promised parameters: LOB 361 (bravo! Peter), table stop: 195 mm lower bout: 213 mm center bout: 121 mm upper bout: 173 mm neck stop: 131 mm
  10. Mirecourt or Mittenwald

    Thanks, I will let you know soon. Another small detail, irrelevant (probably) to the discussion above: it has an old and slightly warped bridge stamped J&A Beare. Does it hint that it was at some point sold/resold by Beare? Bridge has to be changed soon; but some glueing first.
  11. Mirecourt or Mittenwald

    Interesting! All or many of them? Because there were many users of the brand: A la ville de Crémone" fut l'enseigne de Didier Nicolas "l'aîné", Joseph Nicolas (son fils), Jean-Joseph Honoré Derazey, Justin Derazey, Paul Mangenot puis Laberte. Elle fut aussi utilisée par Charotte-Millot, Dominique Didelot, Nicolas Florentin, Nicolas Morlot, Jean Plumerel et Joseph Thiriot. Does anybody know, until what time did Nicolas' family actually use it?
  12. Mirecourt or Mittenwald

    I will measure and let you know tonight; the instrument is not at hand at the moment. Would Peter perhaps like to comment the one-piece-front issue?
  13. Mirecourt or Mittenwald

    Thanks everyone! It is a bit dusty inside, but as much as I tried, I could not find any inscription on the back, near soundpost or any other visible area. That is why I was hesitant to ascribe it to Nicolas' workshop or any other early one. Yes, it has both one-piece front and back. What about one-piece bottom rib and slightly inlet lower saddle?
  14. Mirecourt or Mittenwald

    Thanks Jacob! Well, yes, own guess would have been a (?) 1920s Laberte item - a copy of an early 19 c. Didier Nicolas the elder (Aine) workshop piece. Didier Nicolas Aine was an early mass (prolific workshop, ok) production anyway. I guess that one piece bottom rib is never the singular item to decide upon, but just thought it – would be worth to check, whether these few Mittenwaldish indications would not make an interesting difference. Probabaly not. But further. The trademark was used by several workshops over time. Would any of you try to date it more precisely? About 3-4 workhsop held this trademark over ca 150 years, , incl Laberte., as latest (is it so?).
  15. Mirecourt or Mittenwald

    A Happy New Year to everybody! first of all. With these crappy as always picures I present for your opinion an instrument that could be either German or French, please tell what you think. Inside pictures are of the bass side blocks, both lower and upper. Fragments of branding tell you, what is written insde - rather usual triangular statement. No other inscription anywhere. Sound is good, it has been played a lot and repaired several times. Thanks in advance!