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  1. No, I am actually asking for nothing, I know it pretty well and have no strong feelings about it (in either direction). I was just curious, as you put this repertoire next to crap and Kristen seemed to a Suzuki teacher. I kind of like this parallel topic in this thread it has gone the usual way anyhow...
  2. Well, you specifically addressed the Suzuki repertoire, thats why I asked, what was so wrong with it.
  3. But of course! but could this be, in principle, possible? would the royal court advertise such details regarding a gift?
  4. It often happened, that even in families with many childern only few grew up - life expectancy was not that great... But actually – I would wish to hope that you were right!
  5. Few first impressions: Lower eyes of the f-s are slightly smaller at mine; shape rather similar; maple also has slightly different structure. Mine is more worn everywhere - rib corners and varnish (and label . ) Dark varnish preserved in just few places. Scroll here is more alike to the viola's one above - shape alike, final cut to the eye is quite narrow but deep. Back (chin?) slightly less pronounced. Mine has more bulbous arching - I don't know how well it shows in my pics. Rib height here is 30-31 mm.
  6. Thank you very much, Jacob! I will definitely do that. Quite upright ff-s is a common feature that I remember, even not having mine at hand right now.
  7. But of course! Thank you very much!
  8. I put pictures of my Widhalm violin up for you

    Bw. Jacob

    1. antero


      Thank you very much!

  9. No pressure, but too exciting to let it go