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  1. Well, recording won't tell you all truth if well engineered, but I still like it!
  2. antero

    So what is this junk I've just bought?

    I have restored worse than that...
  3. antero

    Any good Russian Luthiers?

    Of course. The label says: Factory of theatrical supplies; workshop (masterskaya) of Dobriansky type violins.
  4. antero

    1940s Roth violin history and grade

    Good! Probably all of them, not Roth in particular?
  5. antero

    1940s Roth violin history and grade

    Nicely put. But can anyone shed some light on the copy-labels that refer to post-Antonio era? Ignorance of the producer? There are still millions of cheap boxes, referring to the "golden" periood...
  6. antero

    1940s Roth violin history and grade

    It has happened before. This one below is "1747" I once asked here, how to explain it, but nobody replied. They probably were too busy to Google the AS bio... And the internet was probably very slow, back then, in XIX ct. But I am not claiming this is Roth, though; there is no other mark than the usual AS...
  7. No, its not about statistics, its about the general idea Your 99,45 goes as well.
  8. 99% of this mislabeling has to be considered as tribute to a great master or an (sometimes vague) indication to the original design, rather than "forgery". And the importance of a good name, the "brand": many workshops continued (and continue) for years under names of the deceased masters. Including Henry Ford and Carl Benz, if you wish
  9. antero

    small viola ID

    Oh, and more important than just playing comfort - the neck has definitely been replaced. Probably together with the button and a bit of the back itself.
  10. antero

    small viola ID

    Well, hard to say, I would not, perhaps say, that the neck is TOO fat to play. I have here several REALLY huge and "uncomfortable" ones (for me). The sound though... I don't mind to torture myself a little...(still presently an amateur player) Quite honestly: it has remarkable sound for such "a petite" viola...
  11. antero

    small viola ID

    Yes, it does. It has cleats in lower an upper part, not in central. Is that repair or original build... But otherwise - it has been set up recently (after ca 30+ years) and it has IMHO a good sound for its small size; and improving. But just in order to learn - smallish, elliptical scroll with a big round eye and no throat - is typically from ...?
  12. antero

    small viola ID

    A good question! English! Yet it surfaced a long way from England - in Central/Eastern Europe, rather. I would say. Would such a design travel that long? And it seems, that its has remained in that area for a while... 50...100 y? What would separate SalzK from Bohemia? I could look for further details.
  13. antero

    small viola ID

    And I think I remember this scroll with "no throat" from somewhere before...?