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  1. antero

    Old violin ID

    Yes, I know, that was a generalisation, but, thanks a lot, I see the point.
  2. antero

    Old violin ID

    Well, for me, it opens the discussion again... while I am not in particular favor of one or another verdict (just that it is a fairly good instrument ), it would still be good to learn more. Vieux Paris, again?
  3. antero

    Old violin ID

    Thank you, I did. Yes those grooves continued till the very tip of corner, and it can be seen, indeed. I also have one of those, showed here a while ago and was diagnosed as "vieux Paris" of 18c. This one is not like that. If the grooves shall always go till the very end of the plate corner (even at part depth) then this one does not have grooves. I know that rib joints may be messy after many openings, this may also get them not parallel; this altogether made me think of BOB.
  4. Maybe Corilon, too. But firstly that would be the price range by Fuchs. For N&H, that is. Five years ago, by the way. Are many things cheaper? How are your energy prices this day ?
  5. antero

    Old violin ID

    I was wondering, too, about the grooves. But really, unless you give a hint what/how to show, the one or two uploaded closeups pretty much show, what can be seen; a magnifying glass + my spectacles did not reveal more. Would you disregard the letters, btw?
  6. antero

    Old violin ID

    I am sorry that the photos are pretty bad, again, so it makes is even more complicated... Blocks and linings may be altered, that why I also mentioned the confusing rib joints - after all, a lot has been done inside, at some point. The lower rib has been cut, but unclear, when. It once was definitely just one piece of wood. Pease let me know if any new photo or measurement would help. LOB is 359 mm.
  7. Dear all, Please tell me what you think. I believe it to beBOB, although rib joints are confusing. Scroll fluting goes all the way and the back of pegbox is also not that typical to Vogtland, but... Are there grooves for ribs on back? Is that branding on back giving a useful hint or rather not? Both blocks seem to be replaced and edges doubled.
  8. antero

    an oldish bow

    Thanks! And Roman numbering on both stick and frog would also add a point towards Germany, I guess?
  9. antero

    an oldish bow

    Oh, and a bit (15mm?) shorter tha a normal 4/4 violin bow.
  10. Dear all, Please tell me about this bow: from where and when does it come from. Pictures are not good, but you (3 of you, at least) have seen it before. Pretty stiff one.
  11. Interesting! This has completely different head...
  12. No more ideas or suggestions?
  13. Would any further picture be of use? What exactly?
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