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  1. Very good, indeed! Hope to see more...
  2. Still interesting. I wonder if anyone has an example (photo?) of what came out of the milling machine, before any further work?
  3. But still, would the different arching pattern (belly vs back) exclude the machine?
  4. Was it Josef Müller, by any chance? Is this one, too, machined? They must have had then different cutting profiles for bellies and backs?
  5. Thank you! I have this kind of insert/replacement in one of my violins, but mine is not Rogeri, rather something Bohemian...
  6. Somebody posted on previous page an example, where saddle is let 6...8 mm into lower rib as an ebony curve or semicircle - do you know where does this fashion come from?
  7. So you are confident that prancing costumed performers on electric strings won't take eventually over Beethoven, Brahms and Bruch? I have seen one doing Barber and Paganini, not yet on electric, though. But I generally agree - the mainstream classical lot is way too conservative to go this way anytime soon.
  8. Well, digital technologies of today allow a lot more "sound improvement" than just power, already. So at some point the perfect "box" is rendered useless? And what about skills...
  9. No, I am actually asking for nothing, I know it pretty well and have no strong feelings about it (in either direction). I was just curious, as you put this repertoire next to crap and Kristen seemed to a Suzuki teacher. I kind of like this parallel topic in this thread it has gone the usual way anyhow...
  10. Well, you specifically addressed the Suzuki repertoire, thats why I asked, what was so wrong with it.