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  1. antero

    Violin ID: Schonbach? Markneukirchen? Outer Space?

    What MM said about Gregson: "His one mistake is that he does not copy anybody...Talents must be fed and pruned like fruit-trees in an orchard. Gregson is impatient of detail. The more conspicuous parts of the instrument are carefully handled, but there is a disregard for purity of outline and clean inlaying of the purfle..." I have one of Gregson's violas and what Meredith Morris says is very true.
  2. antero

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    With all that R&D he (AS) must have done, one wonders, if there was any time left to carve the wood? Perhaps he was after all a clever manager and R&D director of his secret factory with a half of Cremona + county working for him?
  3. antero

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Well it seems to be even more complicated: regardless what Rampal actually thought of the 1723 date, they believe it was made by Nicolo together with HIS SON Giuseppe; so most definitely we are not talking of a teenager
  4. antero

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    "Nicolaus Gagliano, filius Alexandri, feat Neap 1723" it supposedly says, the photo is from public web with a statement it has Vatelot-Rampal cert. Meditation is good but I was indicating to what you so directly say : the construction method that is so "reasonably" different, may hardly indicate a direct influence, like apprenticeship.
  5. antero

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Well, the one in the picture looks like built on back, and this would be very different, does it not? I don't know if it changed over time (the method), but I recall somebody also here saying that Gaglianos used BOB.
  6. antero

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    1723 Niccolo e figlio
  7. antero

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Wasn't it so that Gaglianos followed a completely different building method comparison to the Cremonese?
  8. antero


    W Thomas viola, 1893.
  9. STEINER, Gustav Worked circa. 1908 Teplice Czech Republic. Work presently unknown. [Henley]...
  10. antero

    One more violin ID... whew.

    They sometimes also have back decorated
  11. antero

    How to improve strangled B

    Thanks, another good point! I have put the string change on the hold a bit - all my Helicore sets appeared to be 4/4 after all...will order both them and Prims, just for future challenges.
  12. antero

    How to improve strangled B

    Good point, Helicores I do have, I'll give it a try.
  13. antero

    Scroll Quiz

    It looks pretty recent, does it not? And is it not so that during the last +/-100 years everybody makes anything, regardless their original reginal tradition? You probably suggest that one should be familiar with this (living) maker?
  14. antero

    How to improve strangled B

    As suggested, I shortened the tailgut for 3...4 mm and it made some improvement: not a whole lot, but enough to notice. Another observation: I played around a bit with the soundpost and it eventually fell over. And guess what - all strings and positions, including mentioned B had exactly the same power - in somewhat slightly sore way as it could be without a post. So for now, with the same post slightly more south-west, it is already (not yet completely) better. I haven't tryed different A yet - a radically different I probably don't have at hand -I don't keep very large variety for fractionals. What is a good steel - Prim?
  15. antero

    How to improve strangled B

    Thanks everyone; I will let you know if I have any progress.