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  1. Thanks Ben, there aren't any commercial plans for these immediately. I would like to get a short run cast at some point, I'll let you know through the appropriate channels if I do. I'm not sure with regards to price, so much is still up in the air: I would certainly do my best to keep it reasonable. Here is a glamour shot of the most recent prototype, I'm pleased with how its coming together. I'll share some more detailed shots soon, but for the moment:
  2. Is there any jumping the queue with regards to posting restrictions? I'd love to keep sharing images of the development and it's a real pain hosting externally and waiting for moderation.
  3. I've been using CAD a little to juggle around the insides, and I've managed to really reduce the bulk. I think the prototypes were just getting too massive: this model now has only 1.8mm of brass either side of the throat. I'v also dropped the bed angle to 40 degrees, I played around with some wooden planes and that seemed to be the sweet spot in terms of ease, although of course there is a hair more tearout. Substantially less effort to push though, so I think worth it: thanks for bringing that up. Here is a print next to the earlier prototype. Both have a 12mm iron. The toe is e
  4. The CAG website is quite odd, it seems half-finished. I like their video, interesting to see how they invest the 'trees' of planes when they're casting. The tools don't seem unusual at all, material aside? Thanks for all the feedback, it's invaluable. Interesting talk about bed angles, I think I may have been guilty of blindly believing that 50 degrees is optimum for tough wood. A little playing around does suggest that something closer to 40 is a bit easier going, and doesn't seem to tear out figure badly. Here is a rough CAD model of a version that has the blade bedded at 40 degrees, a
  5. Oh, and I hate asking people to do this but if anyone has 2 minutes to spare (9 questions) could they fill out this survey? I need a bit of quantative data. https://surveyplanet.com/570233fcc05c3c071b3c544a I'll buy you a pint if I get the chance!
  6. Clearsky - thanks for bringing my attention to those two planes, I hadn't come across them. The tapered sides of the Schnieder plane are very similar to how I have ended up laying out the version I'm working on now, I think it's definitely more useful than the rebating blade. The rebating plane also has the potential to catch an edge and gouge a top, and I suppose is then not much safer than a gouge. The one-sided rebate plane is really interesting, do you find much use for it? It does seem to solve all the clogging issues that plague finger planes. Do you find your hand obscuring the wo
  7. Hello all, I'm working up some designs for finger planes and I'd love to hear what you all think of what I have so far. A key element I'm trying to work in is some way of applying force with the palm while retaining the control in the fingertips. I'm not alone in suffering from really sore fingers when using finger planes, I'm sure, but I find fixed palm rests unbearable. The seems to give far too much leverage to allow any positional feedback on how the plane is sitting on the work, so I find the blade skips in and out as it is cammed off the wood. Does this tally with your experiences
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