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  1. There are books for build viol insrruments that i can study? (Pdf,forum etc anything ok!) Also which museams are sell drawings viol instruemnts? Specialy viola da gamba.
  2. Hello. I'm new this website. Also i'm beginner instrumenta build. I need a suggest tools for viol instruments. I was looking tools from Pfeil, Lie Nilsen, Veritas, Staudi, Crown and Herdim tools. There are anyone know information about Veritas, Crown and Staudi? I hear Staudi metal are goods. So i want be sure. Also i try buy 1 or 2 chisels, 1 or 2 gouges and 1 plane. I was search online shop and total almost 260euro. So i'm not sure is good price or too much expensive for begining. I'm try make price not over 250euro. But even same brands tools are price too different. So i'm not sure which will be better for beginner. I'm trying buy only few tools as i said and each one different brands. Because i want check which brands will be good to me. So if anyone can suggest to me it will be thanksful. Ps there are anyone also know how to build by myself violin making knife?
  3. Hello. I'm new this website also i'm beginner. I need suggest tools for viol instruments. I'm trying buy 1 or 2 chisels, 1 or 2 gouges and 1 plane. What i was checking tools from pfeil, Lie Nilsen, Veritas, Crown, Staudi and Hersim tools. There are any people have information about Crown, Veritas and Staudi. I hear Staudi metal is good but i don't have many information for good tools brands for beginner. I'm think each tool not over 75euro and total not over 300 euro. What i afraid is even in same brand tools are price too much up and down so i'm not sure what is better. Because all the time look for good tools and then price are up also. I'm also think not buy lot of tools and buy tools each one different brands and test which brands are good to me. There are anyone can suggest me good tools? Thank you. Ps. There are anyone also know how to making violin knife tools? Please let me know!
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