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  1. Ash from poplar wood.

    I would love to help you out, I would gladly donate my ashes to you, but I burn all kinds of mix. Oak, pine, a lot of sitka, birch etc - so distingushing what types they are can be hard.
  2. Ash from poplar wood.

    Would ash from ASH work?
  3. Adjustable peg shaver

    If shipping to Norway is not craaaazy, I want it. I’ll send you a PM
  4. Wood Preferences

    Looking forward to see @JacksonMaberry‘s 10-piece back
  5. Building UV box

    The new tool in any fiddle makers arsenal; a fiddle balancing machine - so that it can go into Burgess’ UV chamber!!
  6. Building UV box

    Almost free. I have 1rpm version on it’s way in the mail.
  7. At it again...

    I dont object to the instruments either, they do indeed look good, and the antiquing is quite skillful. Idont even object to the markup! What I DO object to is that they are sold as a part of an illusion, described as «Old» and «pre 1800.» If the instruments are also made with spruce cut in the 18th century (it looks like), to fool a dendro, we are talking quite elaborate scamming.
  8. At it again...

    What say yee, @jacobsaunders. Maybe a dendro on this one would be helpful?
  9. At it again...

    Nice! Great detective work! Well, we know that both the maker and the guy selling them as "old" and "pre 1800" on ebay are located in Berlin. That being said, all we know about the maker so far is that he does one heck of a good job antiquing. So far we have no indication that they are indeed the same.
  10. Old "solarium" for tanning wood....

    Hmm. A quick google search says otherwise: (sources in the hyperlink ascosiated with the text) "Ultraviolet is classified into near, medium and far UV according to energy, where near and medium ultraviolet are technically non-ionizing, (...) UV radiation above 10 eV (wavelength shorter than 125 nm) is considered ionizing. " Higher energy UV rays often have enough energy to remove an electron from (ionize) an atom or molecule, making them a form of ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation can damage DNA in the cells in our body, which in turn may lead to cancer. But because UV rays don’t have enough energy to penetrate deeply into the body, their main effect is on the skin. A graphical presentation taken from here: The radiation comes from the tubes and are not generally present in the room, apart from directly in front of the tubes while powered on. There are some tubes that most likely have been replaced at one point (different brand) and I can measure significant individual differences between them, allthou all are 100W. I want to agree with you. Allthou I would believe new tubes in generally would be (a lot) safer than these (potentially as old as the bed; 1983), I cannot see any scientific backing for the claim that it is impossible for sunbed tubes to produce ionizing radiation...
  11. Old "solarium" for tanning wood....

    Would you care to elaborate on that? I would like to believe that too, and honestly I just want to understand what is actually going on and why. I tried to replicate any measurements on other household sources. Regular light tubes, "uv flashlights" microwave etc. (did not try with probe inside.) Nothing. I tried Don's approach to measure bright sun light. Did not have full sun yet, but almost - and it gave me 0,34μSv/h for a lttle moment, but then I could not replicate the measurement, next time I got 0,1. (default reading). On my induction stove on maximum with a empty iron pot on full strength, I also got readings of max 3μSv/h But nothing even close to 200μSv/h. On the tanning bed the results are very consistent and repeatable.
  12. Building UV box

    I just "buildt" mine. For free.
  13. hahahaha Yes. Your doing good. Bring me the one to the left please. Does it say who made the other one?