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  1. Stavanger

    F-hole fails?

    The reason they are called F-holes, is because the F-words from the frustrated maker is still resonating throughout the instrument....
  2. Nice catch! I quite sucessfully removed coloring in maple with 11,9% hydrogen peroxide. Not sure how deep it penetrated thou, as I have not used that piece yet.
  3. Stavanger

    At it again...

    A brand new one is out, still hot from the UV-box:
  4. Stavanger

    Violin ID Quiz

    Haha, ok - thanks. But there is no excuse for that tailpiece
  5. Stavanger

    Violin ID Quiz

    I was just thinking the same thing!! Those fittings are truly an ebay-eyesore. And I believe the strings are chinese opera perlon strings. C'mon! It's like selling your white car full of mud...
  6. Stavanger

    Boxwood fittings discoloring (darkening)

    These look like the kind of fittings the chinese sell on ebay as boxwood. Probably heavily stained, and probably not true boxwood at all. My guess is that oil/grease from your chin is absorbed in the wood, giving it a different hue.
  7. Stavanger

    Repair of flawed fingerboard

    I have used extra thin superglue with «capillary action» from Chestnut products for this exact purpose. Once dried and scraped flush the repair was almost invisible. You can use it as a complete filler in these small cracks. superglue is otherwise evil. Use gloves and protect any other surface, like varnish.
  8. Stavanger

    Fox's Bench

    Great job! Nice little touch with «performed on the restored violin»
  9. Stavanger

    Any worse bridge?

    Hahaha, that last one is brilliant
  10. Stavanger

    A Tribute to Neil Ertz

    Very nice work so far; applause to everyone involved!
  11. Stavanger

    Any worse bridge?

    Complete wreck, totally agree. However, I dont believe it was a fools errand on the rest. He was not convinced it sounded great; He is the one that wanted a new bridge. He had allready glued it three times as it had broken on multiple occations. I gave it back to him, if he is not pleased with my new bridge - he can swap back. Even his guitar strings he got back. The new bridge I cut using his existing bridge curve, with REALLY wide string spacing. Just like he wanted it. Far from any standard. But straight. About the tonica strings, I do take self critique. My definition of decent sound was not compatible with his. Lesson learned. Good thing I had some steel strings aswell ; too bad about the Tonicas I could have used elsewhere. Oh well.
  12. Stavanger

    Any worse bridge?

    *edited* I might be wrong
  13. Stavanger

    Any worse bridge?

    (bold and italic added by me) Oh happy days! Jacob finally describes a chinese violin with guitarstrings as good-sounding! Made my day
  14. Stavanger

    Any worse bridge?

    Any worse bridges out there? Believe it or not, this violin was played on a daily basis. (By a quite talented street musician.) It was set-up with guitar strings. (!!) I felt for him, and fitted a new bridge and a new set of tonicas, plus a spare set of cheap chinese steel core strings. My thought was: better than guitar strings, in case he snaps the tonicas. It has a superglued soundpost- AND bassbar crack. Talked to him after s few days. He loved the new bridge, but not the strings! He already fitted the cheap steel core strings. Those he liked. Habits I guess.
  15. Stavanger

    Kinda interesting eBay violin...

    Do you sell on ebay? Link?