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  1. Stavanger

    How to Identify Between Tiredness and Injury

    In that case I suggest refraining from asking in a public forum which hand you should use for certain private matters, and also from sending unsolicited personal hate-messages to other forum members. Some of the trademarks of a good pedagogue are people skills, patience and self control.
  2. Stavanger

    Scroll broke off!

    When you say it, I did get a renewed supply of gut strings lately... As for the cat, it was a cat my daughter was catsitting over the holidays. So it eventually went back home.
  3. Stavanger

    Scroll broke off!

    Cats. You forgot cats. One knocked a violin of mine from the bench on the floor. Im convinced she did it on purpose.
  4. Stavanger

    Scroll broke off!

    Until your fingers go numb. (Answering although the question was not targeted towards me)
  5. Stavanger

    Practicing multiple instruments

    Hi Rue! Once I completely released myself of any personal ambition to push myself to master one instrument , I started enjoying things a lot more. Violin, guitar, double bass, piano and voice. I play whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like. At whatever level I am at. This way I have grown a lot on all instruments. Even violin, which I learned for 8 years as a child and then afterwards mostly forgot. Instead of feeling guilty for not practicing, and beating myself up for quitting when I was 14 - my new approach is to chill and enjoy. It works for me. I'll never be a virtuoso on either instrument, and I have no ambition to either, but I enjoy them. On piano and double bass I have practiced a lot and memorized a few songs on a higher level than where I am, making people believe I actully know how to play much better than I do. "Fake it 'till you make it!" Thats my approach atleast. Might not work for you, and you might have higher ambitions than me...
  6. Stavanger

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas to all from Norway!
  7. Stavanger

    Got any VSOs in the garage?

    «Private Collection, Miami, FL Minor chips to paint of base.» Good thing nothing else is broken!
  8. Gorgeous plane! I would fill it with superglue or epoxy, sanded flush with the wood. No need to apply any laquer finish over, if that was you worry. (I would have given the whole thing a wax finish) I cant see how it would affect you plane´s structural integrity either, especially since you have a separate sole on it.
  9. Sleep with one eye open, I have some tough competiton for you! Reg. how many, the nr is 1. I spendt two years making my first one. Then two weeks making half of my second one, wich has since been unfinished on a shielf for almost a year. Maybe around Christmas I’ll have some spare time again.
  10. Stavanger

    Teaching hobby violinmaking

    (bold added to emphasize my point) Anyone with a hobby is qualified to teach their hobby to anyone else. Have some peanuts, Atl. They go great with a beer aswell, to make you relax. It's weekend. Happy for you, Violins88. That is really generous of you. I will sign up as a student for your europe-tour, as I am far behind, on just one completed instrument.
  11. Stavanger

    Learning repair on cheap instruments

    What if i accidentaly blurp out that I bought it at an auction and that I plan to re-sell it on ebay? (sorry, just had to - It's my last poke for today. I promise )
  12. Stavanger

    Learning repair on cheap instruments

    You are also right: there are many complicated, fine and sensitive factors to keep in mind, and no - I am not claiming it's easy and anyone can do it. The question is here if the OP, (or any other lay people) should be allowed to learn by repaireing beaten low budget instruments as a hobby. In this case we are talking about a music teacher with a technical background, not a bad start. He can assess his work both from a technical, musical and functional point of view (given that he teached string instruments.) He might not get it right always, but will probably get it right (enough) after a while. Where I come from, who can execute a job (Construction/engineering) is assessed based on degree of consequences. Can the owner do the job him self? Does he need to hire a specialist? What degree of specialist? Also a surveyor? Will the consequences of a fire in a garden shed (likely) be the same as of one in a 10-apartments wood structure? No, so the requirements for both engineering and execution of a fire-retarder are much higher for one than the other. I see many similarities. One guy can fail at even building a garden shed; it's crooked and the foundations are sinking, while another guy builds one to perfection - allthou he is not a trained builder; but he evaluated and assessed the situation as he goes - and probably asked for a lot of advice and read a lot of stuff about what he is about to do. Does that mean that he is ready to restore the oldest building in the city, or build a highrise building? no. I am not talking down the skill level of a luther AT ALL. It is a profession I admire a lot, and I could only dream about ever reaching the skill level I see Jacob and others posess. I dont mind that anyone is trying out some repair work on a cheap instrument thou. However, if you go in too deep, take shortcuts, use wrong materials/methods because you didnt bother doing your homework first.... Then you're on your own...
  13. Stavanger

    Learning repair on cheap instruments

    Allthou I very much agree with you, I think we see things slightly differently: I'm talking about allowing people to learn to drive on a perfectly functional 13 year old vw golf with a few rust-spots instead of a waiting a few years until I can afford a brand spanking new twin-turbo v8 *whatever sportscar is cool in your part of the world*. Im not talking about giving them a wreck with a busted engine to figure out on their own before learning to drive it.
  14. Stavanger

    Learning repair on cheap instruments

    Welcome to the forum, @CMB! I have also been a hobbyist for some years. Both in repairing and making. With the risk of hearing some loud british accented german cusswords in Klosterneuburg, I have even done some restauration works. Repairing and making goes hand in hand as far as I see it. Yes, like others have mentioned, there are poeple out there that would botch a decent violin beyond repair using thoughtless and careless methods (such as Jacobs pattex, or epoxy or other nasty stuff) - but with the intro you brought that does not seem to be the case here. Rather the contrary. To the nay-sayers out there: There is a world out there where children's motivation to play is not dependant of the way light difracts in the different layers of varnish, nor if there are many visible repairs or not, nor if the fingerboard has been glued in the middle. There is a world where learning to play is not done through expensive lessons "so you can just aswell buy a expensive instrument." There are people out there wanting to play - heck, that even learned to play allready, but does not have access to their own instrument. Yes, set-up and sound matters, but that can be achieved on stuff that is sitting in others trashbins. PS: Allthou Jacob does his best in appearing grumpy and harsh, he is actually soft as a teddybear deep within. I have learned a tremendous amount from him, especially towards restauration ! My most satisfactory repair so far has been on a 1970/80s Czech violin. Not because I did any super technical work, nor because it was a historically important piece - but because of the sparkle in the current owners eyes when she first got it in her hands. She lives in a poor village in eastern europe, the local church organizes free group lessons twice a week, and otherwize the kids play their instruments together wherever they meet. She had a violin before, but it was garbage. Plywood body with a plastic neck and scroll, that would not hold the tuning whatever you did. (!) Her dad had scraped together 40€ for it. So for her to recieve this violin, that is made of wood for a starter, and that is actually set-up quite ok and sounds decent was a huge upgrade for her. I got a private concert, a cup of coffee and a life-lasting lesson in humility as payment. Her dad asked her to play "the one with the boat". (turned out to be Titanic theme song) So keep up your repair work. It is truly a satisfactory hobby. Giving of your time is the best gift you can give. That fingerboard-repair turned out good, and once finished I am convinced it can hardly be seen nor felt that it was ever broken!