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  1. Did like recomended, turned out quite decent. I also made a new bridge, and now this thing is singing again!
  2. Edi, you are so spot on it is kinda scary! By googleing snow depths in 1936 it's referred to as a record year in Norway, still not beaten! "On the last day of january the snow was 198cm in Geilo" hahaha! About the fiddle, I agree. The back is stunning. Looks like Alnus Glutinosa (Svartor) to me. And the knotty top seems to be pine (pinus sylvestris). It is currently clamped up as to Jacob's recomendations. Need to cut a new bridge for it, and then she will sing again!
  3. so ugly it's almost cool...

    Thank you! Yes, it makes me smile, so I guess I'll agree with you - totally worth it! Origins? I'm gonna need your help on that one, if you would be willing. The most up-to-date violin experts I know of here in Norway are already on this forum... Thank you! The pegs surely does seem to be a mis match to the fiddle. Sharp details, lathe made. Taper does not match - at all. Does not seem to ever have matched either, as they gave some holes a bit of a oblong shape. As tor the turns on the scroll, they seem to match the grain pattern underneith, so I would still think they are carved out, not glued on. The two bows did come with it, nothing there that made me smile thou. One of them low end german factory bow. The other one, low end (but machined) something else. See pics below. Thanks! Yes, it is. Secured by two screws, but also crudely glued - to match the fiddle I did put a bridge on it, and briefly for a few minutes tightened the strings - and it does produce sound! I would not dare to leave it under tension too long thou, at least before I do something abou those pegs. How does it sound? Let's just say that made me smile too. It sounds how it looks: Akward, a bit shy, tight around the belly and a bit cross-eyed.
  4. so ugly it's almost cool...

    @Violadamore, who am I to argue with you... So to please you, I am now the owner of... this thing
  5. Thank you Jacob. Will do just that.
  6. What you see is the upper treble side of the back plate on a 80+ years old fiddle - seen from the side. Assuming the cracks are old. How did this happen? Tension in the wood? Not dry wood when it was made? How would you go ahead in adressing this issue? Leave as-is? Some kind of filler? Remove plate, moist/soften, glue and clamp together? I am setting it up and doing some repair on it, but I am not aiming for a complete restauration. Would prefer not removing the back.
  7. Wanted: CT scans of scrolls

    Kev, I think you misunderstand the concept here. My point is 1.: I am a novice (hobby) violin maker. I have only carved one scroll, and I want to improve. I learn best by doing, and looking at a real object instead of a picture. 2.: I do not have access to the instruments I would use as a model, other than in a picture. Therefor a model. A first generation plastercast from a strad or a DG would be great to have, yet unlikely that I would ever get one. A 3D-printed one however, is within reach!
  8. so ugly it's almost cool...

    I can get it.... But the owner wants 100$ for it...
  9. so ugly it's almost cool...

    Just came across this. So ugly it's almost cool...
  10. Wanted: CT scans of scrolls

    I just found out that I will be given access to a (good) 3D-printer at the university in my city. Did anyone get hold of any usable 3D scans/models for scrolls? If someone can get me a usable DG/Strad scroll scan - I will try to print an example for you too. The university also has a 3D scanner, so go ahead - send me your strads!
  11. Humidifying an instrument in a closed case

    I keep a cheap guitar humidifyer (2$ on ebay) in one of the pockets inside my violin case (so it does not contact the instrument). Keeps the hygrometer in the case right in the middle of "normal." Basicly a kind of sponge inside a plastic casing with holes in it. Needs to be refilled with water about once a week or so during winter. Maybe a more expensive in-case humidifyer would hold for longer, but it works for me.
  12. What does this tool do?

    Yeah, I have one too (allthou I rather use a rod burnisher) and it is indeed a burnisher, essentially just a hardened piece of steel to make burr on a scraper. Any edge can be used.
  13. Summoning@BassClef - here’s something to fill a hole in your collection. Oh yeah, it’s a steal - the seller is asking only 350$
  14. handmade violin

    Would you not think your clients would be rather unhappy if your started buying your raw material from Frank's CNC, and just took the final swipe with your gouges and scrapers to finish them up?