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  1. Stavanger

    Purpleheart fingerboard

    You have a finish on it, right? Otherwise it oxidizes quite fast.
  2. Tool marks, chipped varnish, tiny bit of glue on top of varnish, ripped fibers, varnish touch-ups etc. Use a loupe. If removed and re-installed ny a skilled luthier it can be almost impossible to see thou. Some times you can see a indentation on the very top edge of the ribs around corners and sides of bottom block, where tools were forced in. You can also try a UV-lamp to look for differences in the area, like touch ups. by using a camera on the inside you can also look for different types of glue, if the bottom and top joint to the ribs looks the same etc.
  3. Stavanger

    Ebay said destroy fake violin

    This one story about the paypal smashed violin is a old one, and I have never heard another one similar. When you open a dispute on ebay - or paypal, the seller always gets a chance to reply, agree on a return/refund etc. Even before it reaches ebay or paypal c/s. (Needs to be «escalated» after x days of not agreeing/not answering.) Makes me think there is more to the story than what is presented in the article.
  4. Stavanger

    Electrical question. !ZAP!

    If you run it on 110V you WILL zap it. Use a 220-110V transformer, or just buy a new one....
  5. Stavanger

    #that-feeling when...

    ... someone starts an ID-thread with «can someone ID this italian violin?»
  6. Stavanger

    #that-feeling when...

    Sounds like you uncontiosly just built yourself a leftie
  7. Stavanger

    #that-feeling when...

  8. Stavanger

    #that-feeling when...

    ... you are cleaning a nasty dirty instrument and just realized you double dipped the cotton swab in the saliva"jar"
  9. Stavanger

    #that-feeling when...

    ... finish the sentence
  10. Stavanger

    Little viola with multiple issues

    Whats in the box(es)???
  11. Stavanger

    Stavanger's bench

    It’s been a while. Some progress on the roof, but inbetween life - not much time for building violin. Got distracted with this beauty. Not all to bad, some top-cracks to resolve.
  12. Stavanger

    Got Worm? !!

    I have (luckily) not needed to treat any violin wood yet, but I have dealt with woodworm on other wood projects, and threated a few full houses. All the stuff I have treated, I have treated with permethrine. (sold here in 10l buckets as industrial wood insect/ fungal treatament.) Works very effectively, and seems to not leave any marks on the wood. (highly toxic when pulverized, use proper mask) The heat treatement can work, but like Nathan said, it takes high temperature and a long treatement period. Freezing is also a possibility, but some of these little "buggers" can go dormant, allmost like they have some kind of antifreeze. What I have heard is that they might survive one freeze cycle - but not two (if close enough in time, with a heat cycle in between). So if you do not want to use chemicals, the safe bet would be to bag the wood up, put it in a deep freezer for a week, then heat the wood up properly, maybe in a oven - and then do another week in a deep freezer. (yes, quite time consuming)
  13. Stavanger

    Extremely stubborn blocks!!

    That might actually give you the courage it takes to make one clean blow to your knife/spatula - just hard enough
  14. Stavanger

    Best contemporary luthiers

    For your amusement; you actually made me google that!
  15. I very often get a error200 or something. Then I crop the picture a bit, and it works.