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  1. Violadamore had the best answer: no Get youself a 15$ wax-pot or something from ebay, and use hot hide glue instead.
  2. Haha, maybe deaf then! I think I would preffer blind over deaf violin thou - so I'll stick with eye
  3. No such thing as village idiot. Im not going to speculate on the origins of those two cellos from ebay, it’s not really my cup of tea. (I would be surpriced thou if they are anything remotely related to what they claim to be, both age and origin-wise.) Regarding my comments about Reghin, you obviously have a vast span of quality. Many skilled luthiers there! I was offered a set of three lower end, but decent looking cellos prior to setup for 1000€. Not each, for all three. Made by some random luthier. Add 100€ for a specialized scroll by one of those really skilled guys that only make scrolls, then slap in whatever label you have, et voila!
  4. The blind brother has been thoroughly discussed here btw.
  5. Yes - but did not really give it some serious consideration on what to put in there.
  6. Greetings from a (blind) brother!
  7. If you think it’s romanian, you should comission one in Reghin yourself instead, for 1/3 - 1/8th of the price.
  8. Wow, I would very much go if I stayed anywhere closer. I have some really nice spruce I purchased from Simeon some years back, this seems like a good chance to «learn from the best»
  9. In that case I suggest refraining from asking in a public forum which hand you should use for certain private matters, and also from sending unsolicited personal hate-messages to other forum members. Some of the trademarks of a good pedagogue are people skills, patience and self control.
  10. When you say it, I did get a renewed supply of gut strings lately... As for the cat, it was a cat my daughter was catsitting over the holidays. So it eventually went back home.
  11. Cats. You forgot cats. One knocked a violin of mine from the bench on the floor. Im convinced she did it on purpose.
  12. Until your fingers go numb. (Answering although the question was not targeted towards me)
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