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  1. Ask any singer why! For that matter, ask any player -- aren't certain figures more appropriate for certain keys, e.g. just easier? Imagine the E major prelude for violin in Eb. But on violin at least certain keys are brighter because of the ringing. You might want a somber section in a key where you don't get that, but in something sprightly like the prelude, bring it on...
  2. ^I guess if it rose to a conscious level it would be funny. My experience living there (mainly in Austin but a couple other small towns too) is that subconsciously they think of it something like their own country
  3. ^You posted some Handel opera before. It was unexpectedly good stuff, to me
  4. Houston is more like NY. Texans disavow Austin as being part of Texas. The thing about Texas generally is because of its history and probably its size everybody there subconsciously thinks of it as a separate country, which leads to being proud of living there, and other good things
  5. People from Texas don't say they're from the USA, they just say they're from Texas. That's what you're missing
  6. When it isn't in use loosen all the tension off the hair to keep the bow from getting weak
  7. That isn't so much of a problem if you think of it as an engineering project instead of something like drug research. If you start with two objects as identical as you can make them and give one a special coating and it survives some treatment a sample size of 2 can be sufficient. The real problem as always is in is trying to quantify the sound. I was listening to a recording this afternoon where the "tone" of the soloist was awful, on the record at least, not something many people would want to produce, yet it was a good and interesting experience
  8. Besides the usual suspects, this "tin-plated carbon steel" string Michael recommends is worth a try. It's kind of rare. https://www.johnsonstring.com/cgi-bin/music/scripts/violin-viola-cello-music.cgi?itemno=STVNDOM11_1TNB
  9. Mittenwald might become the new Italy if it isn't already. Old + Italian methodology somewhat + actual Italian anything too expensive to contemplate. As most desirable leaves earth orbit and proceeds into deep space, upstarts in low earth orbit fill the vacuum.
  10. Are you digging this, what's left of you Mr Haitink, sir?
  11. Biden said WHAT!?!?! No, not Joe Biden. Harvey Biden.
  12. ^They were appreciated mostly, almost exclusively, by other musicians, which has always been the situation. I thought I knew what he was getting at though, but after reading the whole quote, maybe not. Really though, I just wanted to say I disagree with Einstein "It was neither appreciated nor enjoyed by the congregation' lol
  13. "Goldbrokat strings are made exclusively by hand " Made without tools. Very impressive
  14. and the 100 best ones are carried on the shoulders of cranky bitches?
  15. Sometimes there's some charm. Last night on Youtube I clicked on a thumbnail of a little kid helping another little kid get on a donkey, and all of a sudden the algorithm filled my suggestions with music from the third world that I didn't even know existed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNWphFpwkaI
  16. That kind of thing is still part and parcel for keyboard players today I think. Plus what you describe is pretty cliche'd so maybe not hard. Toss in something from earlier in the program for the 1% to satisfyingly recognize and there you go... I don't think cellists ever had to improvise anything ever, but I could be wrong.
  17. I took a jazz improvisation class in the '80s for an easy credit. One thing I remember from it is the teacher said if you run out of ideas, just start playing "Shortenin' Bread". I haven't thought about it for years, but now it sounds like a racist joke. I don't remember ever playing it, fortunately Or maybe some jazzer famously does it on some record and it went over my head
  18. Improvisation is stringing together by ear a bunch of things you've practiced and memorized to string together. In jazz there's a secret trick -- if the harmony includes the 7th literally any melody note will sound consonant enough...
  19. That cartoon was probably not so much about German goods, especially since there was an embargo then, but just trashing Germany in general. It's interesting a couple of the posters feature the word "Kultur". It makes me think a German used the word, somebody on the other side made fun of it, turning it into something with a different meaning in the context of that time. On the poster map of America after the Germans take over, the artist snook Bismarck, ND there, so he had a sense of humor about it.
  20. Do you know what happened to the origin stamping laws? I see it on most packaging, but never on a Chinese instrument or bow, and not in the last 15 years on foreign-made hand tools. I picture members of Congress and pallets of unmarked Chinese cash
  21. I am. I don't see what trademark infringements has to do with anything. Please explain.
  22. Hempel, maybe you're a lawyer or a judge. All I am saying is a low opinion of another country (or another person) doesn't preclude you from wanting their stuff.
  23. Instead of showing popular support, It might just be showing his personal support so his wife won't leave him. He's transferred his wife into the crazy guy throwing stuff around
  24. A subtle message of the cartoon is there's a good demand (or it wouldn't be available).
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