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  1. Re. how to prevent poaching, I keep waiting for someone to point out that, if enough more of it were planted (which is being done), after a while the increase would outweigh the loss. I think it's slow growing, particular about its environment, and small. As if nature has told it to go eff itself, really. Maybe it's not so great. Trust Mother Nature
  2. For dead pets, your local animal shelter For raccoons, check the trash cans. Shoot if dead preferred, or bury alive
  3. You could sell it on ebay saying it's a violin that needs varnish, then use the money to buy a new violin that needs varnish
  4. There are always teachers that say hold the fiddle flatter so the arm is more level and you can get more from the E string. Then you go listen to somebody holding their fiddle practically vertically who sounds better on the E string than them. In the end it's probably about cultivating a feel and it feels the same on any string at any reasonable angle, and it's hard to characterize what is actually happening in terms of weight, say. I say cultivating but I don't know if a teacher could do something with your arm and instantly implant it or not. If so, then it doesn't have to be cultivated
  5. 62 grams of cocaine would be about $10,000 (I had to look it up). So the price of the finished products is about the same? Cost of raw material for a bow is probably a lot higher than raw material for cocaine (whatever its raw material is). So cocaine maker wins in the value added department
  6. I've heard none can sometimes be too many.
  7. Very enjoyable except for the synchronizing clap which made me jump.
  8. The poster looks like one you'd put in a showroom as a sales aid. First bullet says have your instrument maintained, third bullet says buy the expensive bow not the cheap one.
  9. ^Well, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now and it seems to be winding down, with the truckers and everything, who are also some serious guys.
  10. Easy. Offer a 5 million dollar reward and when you get the violin back say somebody stole the 5 million.
  11. It's an electric viol da gamba with a bad bridge. Not wonderful though
  12. I'd guess Bam would supply the whole latch assembly meaning you wouldn't have to deal with any pins holding parts together.
  13. Good idea. Didn't I read on here Lyon & Healy sponsored and brought over Italian immigrants to make violins for them? Maybe not, don't know.
  14. Me too. I would buy the chin rest from it.
  15. Add to them the cost of somebody less anonymous to do a decent setup, for starters. If cost is your object, find a violin shop (legit one) and buy whatever in your price range, since everything there will be at least playable. Trust them a little bit because at your stage there's no reason for what you want to be the same as what you need. There's no reason to do a "frustrated search"
  16. That's known information. They start with the ankles from what I read.
  17. It would probably be better as-is than fitting (actually 'making') one yourself from a blank, or using self-fitting ones. Could actually be better or worse than a new one fitted by a professional. String instruments are funny like that. MD above knows what he's doing, is a genuine big deal in violin world, if you have no way of knowing. I would definitely try his advice, following exactly
  18. It's the way you play when you want your parents to buy you a new violin
  19. I did, but I can tell he's doing his best to make the markie sound bad. I can almost hear him speaking listen how bad it sounds
  20. This might be a starting point for makers really wanting to understand physics. "Calculus for Beginners and Artists", from MIT. Strange title I suspect what usually really goes on is something close to "follow the science". But I'm not sure either would give much improvement in results in reality. I mean I can easily picture artists beating scientists in violin making https://klein.mit.edu/~djk/calculus_beginners/
  21. You've missed this somehow I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yIl0oKt5Ek
  22. I wondered what microphone Joe Rogan has sitting there on his podcast so I thought ok, this is going to be the most famous current microphone, so I looked it up and Shure enough, it's your 7B...
  23. I'd hate to see the price of a Snap-on bow.
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