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  1. Looking at "See other items" for the seller, I'm surprised Goodwill didn't pitch that one in the dumpster. Maybe they didn't know if the neck is off it's broken.
  2. Haha. I wish I was there, or maybe not. I wish I was there for the views of the bay and the salt in the nostrils. Covid has been an existential (they say that word on TV lots now) disruption in some places, and it was all ignored in others. It looks like the medical result was about the same either way. Whatever was being existentially threatened probably fared pretty badly though
  3. How would it look if there wasn't a link for donations? I hope next time you call the Police the operator just says you're being cynical
  4. He can't seriously think he's going to save the world, so it means he's exploiting the situation.
  5. I've been looking for an underpaid luthier for a long time!
  6. ^Maybe that explains it then. I was just asking how it got named "da Vinci" in my own way.
  7. I think I know what you're describing would look like but I'm not sure. Make part of your practicing playing an open A string for five minutes. Up and down, at normal speed, using the whole bow.
  8. Go across the border to a WalMart and shell out $5 for a gallon of denatured alcohol. If you're stopped at a military checkpoint on the way back and the dogs sniff it out, tell the jury it was planted it on you and your papers are all in order.
  9. jmaya, one of the links you posted had this suggestion down at the bottom. I've always been interested in stuff from the Anton Krutz shop but never played any of it. https://reverb.com/item/31894076-krutz-artisan-500-series-violin-4-4-xmk-w-case-bow But having said that, Michael I know has heard every violin there is to hear and has a reputation I've heard of and I would take his suggestion
  10. ^It breaks out playability and sound, which the OP wants to know about. I guess the first practical value to him is it satisfies his curiosity. Which practical value are you thinking of, food, shelter, or sex?
  11. ^Ysaye was conductor of the Cincinnati Orchestra around this time.
  12. How could a piece of wood look like that except by having something dark partly sanded off then a shiny clear coating put on?
  13. Here are some good things. From Keith Hill, and talks about playability. Not the exact thing I was trying to find on the site bur similar enough. Look on the page for "BEHAVIORS AND PERCEPTUAL SOUND QUALITIES IN VIOLINS, VIOLAS, AND CELLOS" http://keithhillharpsichords.com/new-page-3 Here is some holding the fiddle flatter for high on the E string. Nice sound, might be as much about weight at the tip. Whatever works for you for the time being is ok (if it works), it will change and improve anyway, is my philosophy. About 1:05 https://youtu.be/V3oUE2hKcpA?t=65
  14. ^I didn't speculate that. If I was going to speculate, I'd speculate the opposite, that he grew up with standard measurement and adjusted to it in his own way as he grew.
  15. ^Good for you. I never said anything to the contrary if that's your worry. Go for four?
  16. Is two times not enough? Is two times of what not enough for what?
  17. It's an unusual website in that likely as not somebody here is the person who works on Perlman's fiddles, not just some bored random dude like us.
  18. Totally. The usual thing is struggle with stretches. That's exploited in Paganini, the reason it's considered hard. Never heard of anybody struggling with half steps, except Perlman said on video half steps in the highest positions are difficult, or something equivalent to that
  19. I picked up this trick; make the first loop around the peg on the head side of the tail end. Make the second loop around the peg on the other side of the tail end. Then start winding toward the head. It guarantees the string wraps over itself, without a lot of bother
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