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  1. ^Maybe the best case is no case -- nobody would lay a naked violin on the ground to start with
  2. Sora is just a kid! I assumed he was older. Super write-up. Thanks.
  3. The soldier/artist who was killed, a friend of the violinist kid, the violinist kid thinks his soldier father sent the guy off to be killed. Later you learn he volunteered, which allows the reconciliation with the father. Possibly what they're handling in 1959 style is a gay affair, and the ending is the kid deciding not to be gay anymore, symbolically smashing his violin to applause. If that's not what it is, it's so bad that could be what it is Or it could be just art vs. military. Personally I never associated violins with gayness. And the old pioneers around the campfire definitely enjoyed the violin playing, so they'd have to be gay too...
  4. ^Everything is really a website. Facebook is a website like this one except it's on PCP (the drug, not a protocol)
  5. Here's a better and more pertinent analogy then. There are virtually infinite variations within violins. Why do we need other instruments in the world to complicate things?
  6. ^If there was only one word people would be happy just using that one word. I would choose asdfjsjdfjd, and its meaning would be "everything".
  7. ^The Invisible Hand ensures there's something for everybody. Can't think of a way another system could do that.
  8. ^Here is how it works and looks. I've seen them on several channels. Don't know how you would know one was coming up or if they're saved to the channel. https://influencermarketinghub.com/youtube-super-chat/
  9. Isn't violin husbandry your business though?
  10. Look for his Mozart video on yt. He demonstrates some phrases that are like the difference between life and death. Amazing knowledge and skill. I think the only violining on yt in the same realm is Antal Zalai, equally amazing
  11. This came on an old Westerns TV channel I was watching, and of course it's on YouTube. Just a hack TV episode, but interesting... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z6xyRp_BUE
  12. Probably. On youtube they have "superchats" or something, where ppl send the presenter money during a live chat. One I caught with them had a fortune coming in. $20, $50, $200, $500 coming in, a check coming in about every ten seconds. A fortune just right there.
  13. A couple Christmases ago I took my mom to see Messiah in a church. She was starting to lose her hearing so I sat up front. After it was over she was laughing at how they had blasted us. I was expecting light and precise but it was like a Slayer concert. I think the trumpet player was playing with a tuner on the stand because the couldn't hear. Crazy.
  14. This is a good video by Augustin Hadelich discussing a wolf note in the area you're talking about which validates everything being said here (and how to handle it in software ). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgg8PeVBYss My favorite violin is like every note would like to be a wolf note. It's controllable and modulate-able and combined with being loud if you approach it right it causes a very vibrant and rich sound on the higher strings, especially. It totally changed my thinking about violin sound and what a good violin should do. Reinforced by having heard good luthiers say don't suppress the wolf, try to bring everything else up to that level. What Melvin and Nathan are saying is kind of the same I think. I have decades plus good training but haven't played a lot of violins
  15. I don't know how long it would be possible to capture a listener's attention. I've sat at rapt attention to whole performances sometimes. The idea is to "cast a spell", not my words but the words of superior beings putting it into practice. Aaron Rosand told me to get an audience's attention, play quietly and make them lean forward
  16. But all of the above are better than sounding sickly weak though. It could sound like a cat throwing up a hairball while air is coming out of a flat tire of an uber stuck in the mud
  17. You could spend $1000 for tailpiece, bridge, and strings and its best sound could be like a weed eater getting run over by a diesel locomotive while wolves are howling at the moon. I hope you were lucky though.
  18. You can't even see the website unless you click the get owned cookie agreement button, so even 4-4.5 million is a fantasy. There's always craigslist.
  19. TLDR x 1000. The answer is no. It's important for it to be captivating. If you can't be captivating, at least be in tune.
  20. "To be valued, or to be ignored?" To be burned for heresy.
  21. white lab coat with extra bits so it can double as a straight jacket. prison orange would look nice on some luthiers
  22. if the thumb is abnormally low (toward the nut), it can cause the pinky to be straight, which causes trigger finger and makes you have surgery in an embarrassing attempt to fix a violin technique problem. best case, gripping the neck and cramps in the ball of the thumb which is as bad as trigger finger, so not really best case i guess. better than to try to justify bad thumb position is to fix it.
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