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  1. I would say that's from the Hartford, Connecticut region and date it from the 1940s to perhaps '60s. The style of scope on this one dates it to the 1980s for me, international style generally but probably a NATO country.
  2. Is that a reliable rule? I have this that I always assumed was Chinese.
  3. The guy smashing the violin should learn how to play instead.
  4. Karl Richer's orchestra seems to have used steel strings, along with the concertmaster Otto Buchner (with a Thomastik tailpiece). And they were Baroque specialists! I think their popularity occurred at a time when steel strings were popular in general with orchestras.
  5. My understanding is that the Old Ones have been so beat up and rotted and repaired that whatever differentiating subtleties in construction and materials they might have had would have to have been swamped. I've also heard the attention they get in setup is second to none. I'm sure my own crusty VSO could benefit from a meticulous setup by a recognized master. Or maybe setup is fake too
  6. Showing it with pictures in the background, one thing I've learned is that decent violins look alike in the details but not in the details of the details... It's easy to match things if you're just looking at the first level details. Scrolls on great violins or at least expensively great look like they were carved by a sculptor, with all his power and knowledge of aesthetics, not just somebody who can carve a scroll
  7. Maybe all those cracks in the top are from the OP swinging it around and that practice mute falling off.
  8. You're talking about the trip; I'm talking about the culture. Jokingly. Kind of. But music pop star highest calling is to be killed in a drive by shooting by a rival star's posse, so there's hope.
  9. The two sides should look for what they have in common, like directing vitriol at Paganini
  10. "Some thought Paganini was still alive and directed a great deal of vitriol towards Paganini"
  11. legalized hallucinogens + instant communication explains a lot
  12. there would be a side benefit to certifying all pernambuco bows, and genuine pernambuco bows only
  13. ^Stripping off the tailpiece and the case before returning it is evidence enough that they were the fence. Would have liked to have seen them at least threatened with receiving stolen property charge
  14. ^Was I a little too harsh? Were you the second shop?
  15. The violin was stolen from you ("fraud") and was fenced by the second dealer. The violin is yours and the second dealer is just out whatever he's out. Report it stolen and while you're there tell the cops you know exactly where it is.
  16. The only reason I can't sell a '74 Dodge pickup truck as a Rolls Royce is those so-called experts.
  17. Buy my friend's violin and you can be in my orchestra that you want to be in is the best scam I ever heard of. Ok, not the best, but not the worst either.
  18. That characterizes my current favorite violin. It badly wants to scratch, wolf, howl, squeak, but when you get on top of it (which isn't hard) very rewarding.
  19. ^Are you able to understand that the motivation for the research is irrelevant, and the research itself and its finding is the significant thing? The motivation could be a bunion on the latest fired Russian conductor's toe and it wouldn't matter. What are you a Dr. of? Not something involving life and death, I pray.
  20. I went to the original source, which wasn't "hearsay from a child" (WTF), and it says the absence of this is a factor of 10 lower in professional string players. Claims that you can compensate, etc. are irrelevant. The bottom line is the incidence in professional string players is significantly different. What does it mean? Does it even mean that in fact you really can't compensate? Don't try to sound exasperated with me because I will exasperate you for real until you get real, or i write you off, which is really what's next.
  21. What are the grounds? I'd say unless the study's flawed, there is some significance, just because the absence is quite lower in musicians.
  22. As far as I've noticed Dounis never mentioned this, and he was a not only a violin teacher but a physician with a special interest in the left hand, especially finger independence. I will look more...
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