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  1. Dilithium mounted, with slide a hologram of William Shatner and Jeff Bezos.
  2. By the time of Czerny though, the dotteds are taken literally. https://youtu.be/K5-IqJZPxQY?t=144
  3. It has a helmet-shaped upper bout like lots of pictures of Klotzez. Don't ask me what kind of helmet, it's just what it brings to mind.
  4. Could it be Hu instead of Su? https://www.snowviolin.com/aboutus.php
  5. "Dammit Jim, I'm a musician not a carpenter."
  6. I like Catnip's idea of a thin, kerf-less saw. Slow, controlled, directional...
  7. BWV 1019a includes the Tempo di Gavotte movement from the BWV 830 harpsichord partita, arranged for violin solo with bass accompaniment. The violin part is lost, but reconstructed here. It's very playful, reminds me of children of various ages playing together, something Bach should have been very familiar with! Also, lots of triplets against dotteds to argue about like children minute 8:00 https://youtu.be/rXM5Pwm4FQ4?t=480
  8. I like all the suggestions that don't involve shock and force... The finely directed steam suggestion, that's standard procedure for guitar necks, which are glued with permanent glue, also as standard procedure
  9. You know from playing that tension and length affect pitch. Mass of the string is just the less obvious third component of the equation for pitch if you look it up. A "thin sound", sometimes that can be fixed by more speed and less pressure, the opposite of what I was told by more than one teacher...
  10. strange. usually the wayback machine will pull those up
  11. He really did drop an album, but it's not cheap either. Must have. https://www.ebay.com/itm/193377053679
  12. ^I'd think part of improving your work in the violin factory would be minimizing your tool marks. Seems natural.
  13. That's after they stole it and stripped it. Here's what it looked like before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SvfNhMlnBE
  14. ^A "derogatory" term for communists, did you say?
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