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  1. ^LOL. I grew up with "chicks", and the occasional "Earth mama". But I had a friend who learned a lot of his English from those old B & W movies...
  2. Not sure I'd trust a violin repairer who migrated from blacksmithing. I can match you all day I've been playing longer than you've been alive too. The thoughts about the neck aren't from playing experience, they're from human nature. You do realize 1/2" up the neck it's back where she can't tolerate it. Unless you plan to blacksmith it 22mm wide all the way to the bridge. As for referring to this gal as a girl, I have my own thoughtfully constructed rules to live by...
  3. ^It's all in the girl's head anyway, since if she moves up a half-position her finely tuned neck width is shot I just think 24.5 at the nut might be more relaxing in 1st position than something that scrunches your fingers. Hands differ in size but we are all used to handling the same-sized objects. My hand is not a giant one that needs some special wide neck... I don't know how much height would affect the feeling of size since you're rarely touching the bottom of of the neck. Don't like V-shape, kinda like flattish on the bottom. I guess the thing to do is copy what the most successful fiddles have (as usual).
  4. ^The neck I mentioned above is 24.5 on the nose.
  5. I bought a violin sight unseen and the size of the neck was a bit of a shock. Not what I was used to and I would have likely had someone change it, or at least would have chosen a smaller neck if I could have. But after some experience with it I couldn't be happier with the neck. Mainly it is very not tiring. Point being I wouldn't trust the player to know what she needed really.
  6. ewww.
  7. He makes good money impersonating me these days. 4:45 - 5:00. I would retire a long time ago with my millions and make model airplanes or violins. https://youtu.be/eQp3_EzqhRk?t=284
  8. There's a woman named Elaine Fine who has an interesting music blog. http://musicalassumptions.blogspot.com/
  9. Here's your guy doing it, btw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pKToAq2zwY
  10. I don't know. But one time I listened to it back to back with her and decided it was too different to be her. I think I did that. Maybe not. I like being able to just follow the music in the video.
  11. You're missing a lot then.
  12. That's a good lesson! Unfortunately it reminds me of this:
  13. This is the best 30 minutes of teaching I ever saw - she accomplishes something in minutes that 99% couldn't do in time infinite
  14. The most essential thing is to have every note sound in tune and you have to really firmly commit to that. http://www.theviolinsite.com/Intonation.pdf http://m_kimber.tripod.com/intonation_untold.pdf And work dilligently on: http://imslp.org/wiki/Fundamental_Technical_Studies,_Op.23_(Dounis,_Demetrius_Constantine) With vibrato!
  15. Carl and some others that it has rubbed off on are a bit negative around here. The business about what should be allowed to be called violin playing is a bit of a clue. A toddler playing twinkle we call violin playing as well as an adult doing the same. Personally I don't think the end result is much difference if you;re a good student at 9 or at 29. You may eventually pull off a passable Seasons, your chances are exactly the same as the random 9 year old, who has no guarantees either! I've known several adult starters who were very enjoyable, although they were all complete multi-instrumentalist types who were musical people. I would say you probably won't make it into the NY Phil, but only because I've never heard of such a thing... Carl might be reflecting what has been done to him, and he might have done better if he didn't work 16 hrs a day...