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  1. just turn down the passion and pretend it's only someone's life in your hands
  2. there's a technique that i think is called to "lampshade" which is a way to avoid accidentally coming across pretentiously. you just add a touch of humor. he quotes wagner wearing a lampshade
  3. successor to wagner, with john williams successor to mendelssohn
  4. that thumbnail reminds me that oboes were first seen in the west as cracker jacks prizes in the opium
  5. what wine goes with cat? denatured.
  6. i hope they hurry and make a southpark episode to save us
  7. she's getting her history from the history channel or npr
  8. cast them into the lake of fire?
  9. you're probably right. i thought i had found an example of a WFE arrangement of JC but it didn't pan out. I can't find evidence he's the brother of the violin maker though. Plus everything refers to the brother as william rather than wilhelm as in the worldcat link (who definitely is our arranger)
  10. one thing you can't do is just plop your money down and figure you have a winner
  11. you're misunderstanding a bit. being factory made doesn't make it crappy; rather it's crappy because it's factory made when people talk about quality they're talking about price (99% of the time). for violins, factory-made translates to very common, so not pricey
  12. which of them do you like the most? i like the one at 1:00 even though to my ear the note is a hair flat
  13. if it would help you to prove the truth, it would also help a scammer to prove his "truth" just as well if it was worth the trouble. i have my own strategies that involve evaluating the seller to start with and also making sure there's something you can hold over him. trustworthy people are pretty trustworthy, especially if you're holding a big stick. in the late '90s ebay showed how honest ppl are which was kind of a refreshing revelation. it was working right, with no safeguards initially. of course the maxim then as now is don't spend more than you can afford to lose
  14. enough genuine american federal reserve greenbacks with that big eagle grinning on it currency to buy them