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  1. Should be though. Probably outlawed cosmically, as in its listeners go to hell.
  2. Ja. Go directly to smash the peasants.
  3. It is useless for shock and awe the peasants though.
  4. I don't know if it's a ducktail joint or a mullet joint but it's a clip joint doin it.
  5. A real good set of thread gauges would probably let you match it up close enough to a tap you could buy. If ppl here are at a total loss, I feel like it's ok for me to chime in
  6. Calling him "Christopher(oops) Maynard" in his only hit on the internet might not do him much good.
  7. I need to find out. Every time I try to weld it it catches on fire.
  8. If the cutting was accurate enough, even the slightest angle would bind it in.
  9. The fiddle I'm using came with Doms + a plain Tonica E. E seems very focused, while Goldbrokat seems big and broad and unbalancedly loud. I might try a Dom plain E with it sometime.
  10. What's supposed to be so bad about Dominant E strings?
  11. LOL! And you too. When I was a little kid it was right on the tail end of when ppl would still put on clothes to go outside. I remember all my little cousins coming in for Easter and us going out in the country, and the girls were in their fanciest little dresses and the little dudes were wearing little business suits with buttonhole corsages. At least mine had the corsage....Mom was like that....
  12. It's mind blowing to think of dinosaurs living a couple of hundred million years ago, many millions of years before humans appeared, and doing that for a couple of hundred million years. Heck, it's mind blowing to think of a million years. Or 2.9 million bucks for that matter.
  13. From what I'm reading here, it might be real interesting to see the interpretations of del Gesu. Sounds like he might have the guts to go out on a limb and the skill to pull it off.
  14. The only natural way to hold it is no shoulder rest, no chin rest, use 3rd position as "home", have gigantic hands, and don't play music that goes above 3rd position.