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  1. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    To me live is the most interesting. It's rare that I hear the kinds of things in a recording that I have live. Thankfully grooves don't wear out on mpegs An interesting thing about live is ppl will hear really different things. If you get into a conversation. By ppl, I mean other musicians.
  2. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    The assessment is how it works in various halls, and non-halls, with various players, in various mediums. But I think success is success and it will make a good impression regardless -- like I was saying you can tell a bit about it under less than ideal. I understand your position; I might not want anything out there that showed it in other than what I thought were ideal circumstances. But those occasions do pop up anyway
  3. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    It's not fake vs. original, but rather how many ways original can succeed.
  4. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    That reminds me a little of people who wait until everything is perfect before they do anything, and it never is, except in your case you know it won't be. Good work of art has got to succeed in different environments. Da Vinci print might look better in person, but it can handle being a print
  5. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    He's still the most prolific contemporary maker, but quality may be dropping..
  6. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    Дэвид Берджесс is supposed to be pretty good, just going on hearsay.
  7. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    Actually I was referring to the sound itself. I guess there's no accounting for taste, eh? At any rate in general withholding information is not good.
  8. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    I doubt that's possible. We enjoy the sound of some violins on YT recorded on phones more than some major players in a studio. In fact often as not we enjoy the major player recorded on his phone more than his studio recording.
  9. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    It's really a shame that it isn't easy to hear some of them on the web. The response is usually you can't hear it right on a recording, but really it's not a lot different than different players and different acoustics and different music if you're hearing them in person. You can hear some things. And if you can't they could at least give us some good pictures. I guess you really have to see them in person too. The logical conclusion to draw from it is they're not so spectacular.
  10. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    Tasia Johnson.
  11. Bill Merkel

    F-hole fails?

    There was a busy local repairman who I let make a bridge for a fiddle once. Later I was over there looking at bows or something and he said he was making his first violin and showed me the top for it. The f-holes were the most ungodly looking thing I ever saw, including on Could not unsee and never went back for any reason. I'd call that an f-hole fail.
  12. Bill Merkel

    Best contemporary luthiers

    Lewlkrtkjer Aksadfk in Kwekrr, Kazakhstan is quickly becoming recognized internationally.
  13. Bill Merkel

    F-hole History and Reasons

    Draw something prettier here, and maybe it'll be adopted.
  14. Bill Merkel

    Digital Sheet Music

    You can use a foot mouse to turn pages on a laptop (if you really need that). I've discovered not being able to mark up music conveniently can be a good thing. Especially not writing in fingerings.
  15. Bill Merkel

    Old leather violin case

    Yes. It's embossing.