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  1. it doesn't matter. have you thought about the purpose of it? to me, the main thing you're doing playing them all without stopping is exercising the muscle in your head that gets tired from sustained concentration. i'd say use vibrato... also, use the circle of fifths, don't play them alphabetically. it takes more concentration and is more musicianly
  2. setup vs violin made me think of a way to solve this problem. you can make changes in a violin with setup. obviously bigger changes in a violin by using a different violin. a violin is always some form of violin, but a player can be a non-player. he can range from first lesson, or no lesson, to the dizzying heights billhelmus merkelli. so the correct answer is player, violin, setup
  3. in the past there was no shortage of bad violin sound too, no doubt most of it worse than a decent stereo. what would worry me is growth of styles that don't emphasize charm in the sound. without that charm, violin is a lousy instrument
  4. low-power power amps were fashionable for awhile. integrated circuit was the hallmark of cheap for awhile, since it was the way to make things cheaply. then in the '80s chips surpassed what you could do with traditional design, and from that time on you had in your home dohickey the same circuit as the best pro stuff.
  5. what happened was the development of great audio integrated circuits, plus of course chinese manufacturing
  6. my favorite cheap stuff is a grado ra1 headphone amplifier clone kit i got on ebay. the exact one i got isn't on there anymore, but there are still a few left. they are the exact same circuit. mine had surface mount resistors -- lots of fun! i think it was < $10
  7. it doesn't look like it embeds right here. but if you click on the logo and go watch it on youtube, you can drag the view around. unfortunately you can't walk around, i guess that's next year... i think yt has an option to search for stuff shot this way
  8. i'm a decent musician but don't try to earn a living from it. i think after a while, great audio gear can sound as horrible as most any other. you may listen to your new equipment and when the excitement wears off, go back to the stuff it replaced and like that just as much for awhile. i ducked into a restaurant once and the audio sounded great so i climbed around until i could read the make and model of the speakers in case i wanted to buy some sometime, and it was j.c. penny type stuff
  9. i think that's all true, but the overriding thing is if the audiophile doesn't have musical training, he has no idea what to listen to! but he has to listen to something, right?
  10. somebody always comes through somehow. maybe that's what you aren't used to. it can be immoral in a sense for govt to step in and preclude that. actually, i think it is the met that is getting paid for remaining performances even though they aren't performing.
  11. when your hand feels dry you can run your hand through your hair to get a little natural oil on it
  12. ^my apologies, mr. serious. carry on as normal...
  13. hopefuly the strings are about the right height. you could luck out and the setup could be not too bad. don't put much money into it, like having cracks repaired. it should be ok for a couple of years for a starter beginner. it's a life-long process... ... ... ... etc
  14. aaaaa! my legs are broken! i can see my guts! where's my arm! would you like a violin?!?
  15. wouldn't want to try that either. precision contraptions can be turned by hand. is it really necessary to go that thin? amen, brotha. i recently gave that exact advice using the exact same words to a woman with one eye, a couple of kids, a meth addiction, no education, a couple of abusive boyfriends, and a brand new menial job that she needed to keep. don't know if it took or how it turned out. yeah i do