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  1. It was ok, just long.
  2. I would not trust consensus until its value has been demonstrated by the world being a much better place Since consensus rules our lives.
  3. You win. I died of asphyxiation, smothered by words.
  4. Martin, w/o going into a bunch of detail, letting a child choose his own violin is like letting him choose his own bedtime and meals. But if the point is just for him to have fun, like you are thinking, then let him choose between a bunch of $100 violins, and spare a bunch of samolians.
  5. That's what matters. More so than whether your child likes it, I would say. Hey, did you know my mom was a violin mom too..
  6. Symmetrical, it's comparatively boring
  7. It's good to play scales staring with 1,4,5,8 only. Then add the 3 and 7 (very tight to the 4 and 8). Then add the 2 and 6, salt and pepper those two to taste
  8. A similar trick for the lazy is just make sure the 1,4,5,8 are in tune and people won't run out screaming for the most part. https://youtu.be/Kbdf7BYoSg4?t=116
  9. It's 10 grams heavier, or 20 or 30. One night the TV was on with the sound off and they were advertising old records or something, and something made me look up and there was a fiddler in a bluegrass band using what was unmistakably a cello bow.
  10. lol. Another trap is to get used to hearing notes out of tune, so that they sound right. Because of that there are people with excellent pitch discrimination away from their instrument who play so out of tune the deaf could hear it. This stuff doesn't take long to work out, just takes the right attitude and approach.
  11. Me too and that's usually how ear training is taught. But in my opinion that only teaches you to sight sing... I think ear training should be taught in terms of your instrument. You should be able to hear something simple and play it by ear and through that know what those relationship on the staff sound like. But learning to sing (the intonation aspect) will develop an "inner ear" that you can apply to your instrument. I don't think somebody who can't sing in tune can play in tune. An important thing is where it's possible you should have a mental picture of the sound of the note coming up and immediately adjust your finger if you didn't hit it square on. There are advocates of not adjusting...but that's a different can of worms... Of course it's best if you didn't have to adjust. And you need to develop your ear rather than develop your ability to use a tuner. Learn to hear with your ears instead of your eyes
  12. those big flattish corners are real characteristic of violins labeled "Eduard Reichert".
  13. https://youtu.be/sZeqHamjyjU?t=865
  14. Do these earliest Strads look like Bergonzis to anyone?
  15. Pretty sure they were originally shiny.