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  1. Intonation of Double-Stops?

    This is a good rundown on intonation: Don't let anybody tell you you're to old for something about violin. My problems were from being too young. You might not accomplish something and you might be old, but it wasn't because you were old that you didn't accomplish something.
  2. Bow Holds???

    Musicianship is a lot easier after mastering Dounis than before. What "musical context" would you put it in to keep 99% of trouble from starting?
  3. To new or not to new.

    Eventually both lines were imported from China.
  4. J.S. Bach, a temperamental guy?

    ^Sometimes I think I could be hearing more than one composer; probably the easiest example being contrast the Orchestral Suites to the Brandenburg Concertos. Maybe he was the master of many musical styles, but with most artists there's a single overriding personal style that identifies them.
  5. Bow Holds???

    What about it? I looked for it on yt just now. I think I've only heard him rock out on mandolin.
  6. Bow Holds???

    I used to think the same thing. But you notice that little changes in hold make a big difference, so you consider more possibilities. Includes things like even not keeping the thumb bent, from Dounis. In that same train of thought, some terrible hold might feel most natural to a beginner. What feels natural is obviously pretty trained-in.
  7. J.S. Bach, a temperamental guy?

    Do you know of any research into the possibility of Bach's output being the product of more than one person, even it it was just someone fleshing out scores at his request?
  8. J.S. Bach, a temperamental guy?

    They're right; write it so the harmony makes the best sense. No good reason to write E# as F in C# major unless you make a reason. But an actual puzzler is the G minor sonata with the D minor key signature
  9. That thing's going to Twinkle like a bitch. That's all it's gotta do.
  10. For the Romantics among us. That would be everyone.

    What begins as romantic is guaranteed to end up macabre.
  11. George Neikrug interview about Dounis

    I've never heard it pronounced, actually. None of my teachers used his books. I think DOON-us is probably close enough Best as I can remember my first teacher taught me shifting by leading with the wrist like you describe, to sort of load up the finger for flicking it where it has to go. At this point I don't know what I do but it works and looks okay. One thing that I've heard of recently from reputable folks and have been trying is a fast shift at the beginning followed by slowing down into the note, inaudible or barely audible but theoretically more sure I think. Why do you not use a rest? With a simple one like a Kun, everything is the same, but just much, much easier. Made a world of difference with me. Lots more freedom. If you look around today, certainly no shame in using one. Violin playing today is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was where no shoulder rest originates.
  12. George Neikrug interview about Dounis

    What was most interesting? I'm a Dounis fan too (not pronounced doonwah).
  13. Tool marks

    Every human tool mark after 1925 = minus $1000. Not so with beavers.
  14. George Neikrug interview about Dounis

    You'll get a kick out of this if you haven't found it already.

    Not here, but in Germany at least.