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  1. ^Interesting story. What classes do you teach at the university?
  2. ^if you watch carefully you'll see where she's blinded by covid and then cured
  3. whatever you do guys keep all of all of your fingers. if you think it's hard testing your violins now... the smartest guy i ever knew was missing parts of fingers and if it can happen to him it will happen to anybody. he was a dual degreed mechanical and electrical engineer working for ibm.
  4. can you handle a an 8x10 glossy of von K. on a closed piano? oh, and also a hair bun, mom jeans and daring tank top from the dollar store? i've saving all the covid tapes faster than they can disappear. never in the history if music has anything been so informative and instructional and honest
  5. ^to me she's great where her charlie chaplin character can apply. maybe she's too inhibited, ironically. or maybe not. i was listening to neveu recently and i noticed she will often end bows with a little crescendo when she's changing bow. not connected to this except i guess she unfortunate;y never recorded this. something different to listen for next time. cannot imagine pat kop making a girl lay their head on their boyfriend's shoulder in the audience like in the vid. it's not something that happens in a charlie chaplin movie. actually it might, but only in a real one
  6. so your testimony is it's not the surface that fades, it's the entire depth...
  7. i feel ya. maybe faded appearance depends on how deep the ink soaked in. or some chemical dropped in and preserved that area somehow
  8. same pen, gush of ink, fountain pens were funny like that, and date eighteen niner one.
  9. somehow i'd never heard of this tune. it's a nice little singing short piece like traumerei. if you want it on cd you should be able to find it on amazon. it could be attributed there to either paradis or dushkin. lots of interesting ppl playing it on youtube. you can use that to find a version to order. sheet music is on
  10. is the preference now that we don't mention auctions until after they are finished?