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  1. It's the way you play when you want your parents to buy you a new violin
  2. I did, but I can tell he's doing his best to make the markie sound bad. I can almost hear him speaking listen how bad it sounds
  3. This might be a starting point for makers really wanting to understand physics. "Calculus for Beginners and Artists", from MIT. Strange title I suspect what usually really goes on is something close to "follow the science". But I'm not sure either would give much improvement in results in reality. I mean I can easily picture artists beating scientists in violin making https://klein.mit.edu/~djk/calculus_beginners/
  4. You've missed this somehow I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yIl0oKt5Ek
  5. I wondered what microphone Joe Rogan has sitting there on his podcast so I thought ok, this is going to be the most famous current microphone, so I looked it up and Shure enough, it's your 7B...
  6. I'd hate to see the price of a Snap-on bow.
  7. I like this story. Nobody gets covid, but it's good anyway.
  8. The only difference between it and kittens is ...well, no significant difference
  9. When I was a little kid, we'd shine up silver dimes by rubbing mercury on them. Quarters too, if we could get our hands on one. Makes them real shiny. We didn't drink it, but it was considered perfectly safe to be around and handle
  10. ^To a singer, Handel is probably as hard as anything else. I don't see why it wouldn't be. For an orchestra, including the conductor, there are sections that sound right at any speed. Sections that will never sound too fast. A fundamental requirement of orchestra violinist in general is to be able to play really, really, really fast
  11. I don't know of any civilizations that failed because of their environment's inability to sustain a larger population. Shortages from overpopulation is old thinking, like the coming ice age Today's problem is shortages from slowdown of innovation that leads to famine in poor countries, low birth rate in rich ones, increasing age, decreased industrial output, and other problems, ending in the collapse of civilization...
  12. The human population is falling steeply, heading below the level needed to sustain civilization
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