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  1. Has there ever been an experiment with repeatable results in the whole field?
  2. "What would you be looking for? A chip designer? A software engineer? A radar array designer?" Somebody with a background in amplifiers with specialized physics knowledge of mechanical analogies who makes a peanut butter sandwich using differential equations
  3. Would you want your aerospace guy doing the nuclear research? The nuclear guy making sure your wings didn't fall off? But their signal processing is tops I'm sure
  4. No. Well, yes, if you want the violins to fly or undergo fission. It's a signal processing problem, quite a specialty
  5. I wouldn't trust the testing. Even when you'd think a researcher should be qualified, the field attracts eccentrics and he's likely as not to discover the secret of cold fusion while violin testing. Just an impression. The best bet would be some disinterested, music hating if possible, signal processing PhD hired away from the semiconductor industry for a month
  6. Two wizards throwing lighting bolts at each other from distant mountain tops
  7. ^When a player makes everything sound the same how are VSA tone awards made?
  8. Thanks for spelling it right. What I wrote was some Microsoft product. For me it's like when you read a story and picture the scene going on in your head. Take that but change it to involuntary shapes and colors that go with some sounds, particularly violin sounds
  9. Could be my eyes and ears are both just really bad and that's what was going on.
  10. I have a mild touch of synthesia. I kind of hear partly with my inner eye or imagination. I might go to a recital and the violin has produced a purple cloud over the stage in my mind's eye, or maybe a shower of sparks. Would a different violin do the same thing? A different violinist certainly might not... Perlman didn't do anything except play great that I remember, while a Tchaikovsky competition also-ran was a light show...
  11. It's well established that guitar players hear with their eyes, or at least it's a well-established joke
  12. Maybe it was his brother who had the restaurant. Main thing I want to know now is how did the story with the Guadagnini end? Robertson's is still in Albuquerque I think
  13. Ok, he exists. You're in the clear I was just wondering what the maker had to say about it really. I know some of them like to take care of their babies and make things right
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