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  1. ^Insightful question. If all I had was the ribs, I'd definitely start over. There's lots of work yet to do and it won't be much fun doing all that knowing your result will be fundamentally messed up. Btw, a Kun shoulder rest wouldn't fit if the width of the lower bout wasn't on the money. Probably the most common rest.
  2. Did you fake while leaving too just to be polite?
  3. I always liked the beginning of this for Persian-sounding music. It seems to be a guy flick though. Women say "Guys like that?" Guys like that?
  4. Are you saying adopted-out children are finding their birth parents and having sex with them?
  5. The first one would make a great clock.
  6. If I had the fiddle in my hands it might be obvious it was most likely made by some American and not Euro factory work at all. Your pictures are decent but it's still hard to tell. I think that's why ppl are saying it's interesting. I shouldn't have said anything; it was just my first impression of the pictures. One thing you can do, you have the city name Altoona, so you could take it to violin shops in that area. Somebody might have seen them before.
  7. Haha. I'll try. Note how neat the purfling is. Lots of skill shown, like somebody doing it a hundred times a day. Very right. But the edges themselves, not remotely classical and you could say wrong. Edges appear unfinished actually. Wouldn't you expect a single maker to have everything more equally right or wrong? For the record, I'm no connoisseur and I don't necessarily know what I'm talking about.
  8. That last pic looks like something the varnisher might have done. Maybe it's just antiquing from hell. Or was owned by an alien that sweats sulfuric acid.
  9. I would have until I realized Courtney Love probably smells like a rotting skunk. You aren't virtue signaling are you? You can't pick up girls on here.
  10. I'd vote mass produced, and maybe labeled here by a store. Its skilled work and its idiosyncrasies don't jibe with each other.
  11. After I read this I got the DoD to write me up a prescription for 30" and I sent it to Zenni to put in a $6.97 frame. Curious to see how it goes. Price was right at least.
  12. It's useful to study counterpoint, incl. fugues. But in violining, style is nowhere near as important as it is with keyboard. Just get the usual fundamentals of playing right and the fugue will be okay.
  13. Maybe steel wool or something else that didn't leave scratches then. Can't picture a string cleaning going that wrong But might be an attempt to fix? If you had a microscope you might be able to look at the boundaries and decide whether it's rubbed away, melted away, etc...
  14. I have a hard time believing violins are made so perfectly that humidity change throws off their perfection... Might make it perceptibly different, not necessarily bad. But, high humidity can throw off your hearing. Similar effect to a large fan in the room...