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  1. i was asking these questions in another thread and someone suggested i start a new one. what are the physical characteristics of a good violin bow -- what should you look for, and what would a competition judge look for in its execution? also, what are the playing characteristics of a good bow, or prize winning bow? for example how do you know if it is too springy, or if instead you should learn to control it and rise to the occasion? how do you know if it's no good, or if you should adapt to it, or even learn from it?
  2. i stumbled onto this the other day. i love the violinist especially. i try to find and absorb every snippet i can of bach NOT played "historically informed". modern use of original instruments and bows is expressionless and counter to what was really happening, which is what always happened up to that point. the sound of an original bow left to sound the way it sounds is not expression, and bright and zingy to sound good on a dull 1960s stereo is not original. warning -- bad acting.
  3. a very few of the more obscure pieces of bach sound to me like they were written quickly, but nothing is ever wrong or bad, or uninteresting in its own way. an interesting thing is it's not untypical for it to be a lot more difficult than it practically needs to be to do the job. those moments remind me of the story of him being attacked by the bassoon player (was it the bassoon player?).
  4. I have a cheap, well-made one that's loud as dynamite. i'll temporary switch for one of yours if you'd like the experience...
  5. if you hadn't posted about removing a gamba fingerboard i'd think you were a big deal cellist
  6. ^what up wit this bullsheit? Inty传媒 on Twitter In China ,If you complain about polices on.mp4
  7. there's nothing there but a bare naked lady taking a shower and ruining a violin. trust me on this
  8. the last pic shows the cell structure well. besides being seen in some expensive bows, that is common in low end brazillian bows, but not chinese in my limited experience. the tip plate shows remains of colored finish that would be cleaned up in a higher end bow. kind of chunky appearance, but if it works it works.
  9. it's the only thing good about her is she googles up idiot good
  10. the traditional symbol (other than turkeys...) is the cornucopia
  11. ^they were probably very similar to today's uncontacted natives of s. america. the firsthand accounts of jamestown give that impression. in the early 1800s they're still being referred to as "children of the forest"
  12. very interesting...i've been looking for palindromes and such in it... seriously, it's pretty revealing and reveals what i'd have expected. i'd also have several other questions for your friend: males singing female parts? the lutherans never had any prohibitions against female singers that i can find. and there are cantata movements set up as metaphorical male/female dialogs such as the duet bwv 32 dot 5, even so far as having a partner dance quality. one per part choruses? i think bach had more resources. is it possible magdalena didn't do any copying, since her script is literally indistinguishable from johann's, except to people who seem like cranks, and there's no explanation for that? what's the latest scholarly opinon on who's buried in st. thomas church? just off the top of my head...
  13. Weinkrantz was Shar south when I was a kid. Situated in the Republic of Texas, much like yourself. They were the two mail order biggies as far as I knew. Looks like they might have moved to Californy back in '77.
  14. ^Did you intend to insult vic's wife just then? anything you can say will offend somebody, so the only reasonable way to think is no offense intended, none taken. standing in the way of that simple solution is being offended is now a virtue.