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  1. ^Quality recognizes quality. Back when I was a "good player" I tried to play every fiddle I could get my hands on. Actually I still do, as a rusting player. But of course it has to be interesting for some reason. If you convey an impression that you know what you're doing, as I'm sure you do, then the proposition of playing your fiddles is interesting. The reason I mentioned inviting an orchestra over was I knew a maker who did just that, and a few members loaded up in a car and drove a couple hundred miles or so round trip. I don't know what made it interesting, because the violins were really medium quality -- my judgment at the time; I wish I could reevaluate a lot of instruments I tried a long time ago.
  2. It's turning into a violin birther conspiracy. If the buyer got a certificate from the maker saying it's genuine, then it is or else it's good enough for the maker to want to claim it... Why it went for an 80% discount, you need to ask the seller to know for sure... I'm curious about the statement that all violins under $10,000 are made on an outside mold and have "quick varnish". The way I understand it, outside mold would only be beneficial in a high volume environment where all the backs and tops needed to fit all the ribs. I picture makers like the OP maker as almost part-time, as opposed to I can sell everything I can make for $10,000; and inside mold and more interesting varnish would be a benefit and add little if any cost.
  3. What do they do with old goats?
  4. ^It's known as issue #3434. I think this is its offical bug fix request page that I bookmarked a long time ago, but you have to sign in to Google to read it now, so I'm not positive. If it is, there are pages and pages and pages and pages going back years and years and... I encountered it one time when I thought I would make a free hearing aid for the poor using this common inexpensive hardware. I got about halfway into it and was surprised to discover there was going to be an unavoidable 1/10 sec. delay; and when the original sound bleeds through, not to mention conflicting with lip reading, it's worse than just being deaf... Issue 3434 - android - Add APIs for low-latency audio - Android Open Source Project - Issue Tracker - Google Project Hosting
  5. Something that might be useful to know about Android is that there is built-in a lag of up to a quarter second that can prevent real-time audio. It's worst when you need to listen and then output again as sound. It's been a big complaint from developers since day 1 but is still there unless it's changed very recently. There have been continual rumors that it would soon be fixed, also since day 1.
  6. ^Who reached out to who? Best I remember you were often lamenting lack of players to evaluate your instruments, and I would respond with just invite orchestras over to the house... Then this situation here pops up. I also remember a few months ago you offered on here choice of fiddle for $5000, to make room in the shop. Now you can't make them fast enough (need elves).
  7. ^No that was a just a bad proposal.
  8. That's not good because it complicates things for the buyer, who doesn't want some "involvement", but just wants to buy something. The seller and consignor are the ones who should logically have the involvement. And how is the buyer supposed to prove the seller has been paid by the consignor? LOL That sounds like how it works in the U.S. Interesting twist, once I put something on consignment shortly before I moved to another state. A few months passed and I hadn't heard from them so I called them and the item had been sold but since I wasn't there in person they were claiming I wasn't who I was claiming to be, so they couldn't mail me a check. I discovered later they were in the process of going out of business during this. Eventually I got the check, but I was telling a salesman there details of an hour-long conversation we had, to prove who I was, but it wasn't helping.
  9. In a world of speech defects, the man who speaks the best has the worst accent.
  10. The piece is Ysaye's Ballade. I actually like this recording style a lot because it sounds more natural or live. Some big competition recently had two recordings of each performance to listen to, one mic'ed from somewhere in the audience, maybe binaurally, and the other traditionally mic'ed. Big difference in impression of realsim.
  11. That's the same auction, not a different one. BTW the shop the seller apparently got if from is in bankruptcy which could explain how there's so little in it while it keeps getting high appraisals.
  12. ^I was expecting yodeling.
  13. There's a recent thread where where someone paid $2000 for a fiddle on ebay and the ebay seller got the fiddle via the shop being discussed here. The new owner had it appraised at $12,000 by the shop that originally sold it.
  14. Something's messed up. The seller had papers saying it was worth $11,000 so why would he take $2000? On top of that if Lee said it was worth $12,000 he could have consigned it with him. The only honest explanation is the seller assumed it was fake. Semi-honest explanation I guess it would be. But his username is violin something, so he's not ignorant. Could easily be worth what you paid for it as a player though, if it's not worth $12,000/.
  15. Is it possible it started out in China and got re-worked by the maker on the label, instead of being made entirely by him? The rib corners look like the joint is in the center, and doesn't that mean not inside mold? The head reminds me a whole lot like my fiddle dated 2002 which was started in China and completed here.