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  1. That characterizes my current favorite violin. It badly wants to scratch, wolf, howl, squeak, but when you get on top of it (which isn't hard) very rewarding.
  2. ^Are you able to understand that the motivation for the research is irrelevant, and the research itself and its finding is the significant thing? The motivation could be a bunion on the latest fired Russian conductor's toe and it wouldn't matter. What are you a Dr. of? Not something involving life and death, I pray.
  3. I went to the original source, which wasn't "hearsay from a child" (WTF), and it says the absence of this is a factor of 10 lower in professional string players. Claims that you can compensate, etc. are irrelevant. The bottom line is the incidence in professional string players is significantly different. What does it mean? Does it even mean that in fact you really can't compensate? Don't try to sound exasperated with me because I will exasperate you for real until you get real, or i write you off, which is really what's next.
  4. What are the grounds? I'd say unless the study's flawed, there is some significance, just because the absence is quite lower in musicians.
  5. As far as I've noticed Dounis never mentioned this, and he was a not only a violin teacher but a physician with a special interest in the left hand, especially finger independence. I will look more...
  6. It looks like it could be playable enough to learn on. When it comes time to get an unbroken cello, then some shop good enough to replace a rib section might give you something for this one
  7. ^I have to think he knew what he was doing, which makes it a naive question. I can think of possible reasons why it wouldn't have been a good idea. But for anybody who likes the way I think, I'm available as consultant for any violin purchase over 15 million dollars. Any purchase of anything over 15 million dollars, actually.
  8. Should he have bid just a couple hundred K more so it could become famous as most expensive strad?
  9. I doubt this. I think you could make a passable vibrato with a stick taped to your hand for a finger, w/ enough practice. Vibrato originates in the wrist, and maybe ideally further up in the hand, and the finger just transfers the movement.
  10. Entitlement in spending means government spending required by law. Not to be confused with any other usage, such as we're entitled to half their grant...
  11. ^I've never heard the piece and my fingering might be really stupid for it but it's typical romantic fingering. Re: the 4th, if you can reach a normal 4th now, then with some time and smart practice you can reach 4th and a half eventually.
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