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  1. The cost of a bridge depends on how much male privilege you have.
  2. If I was "privileged" I'd never have to hear that stupid word again.
  3. Didn't mean anything about your legacy, which I'm sure will be fine, but just to say I don't automatically do better than females because I'm male. lol. She had better opportunities than plenty of males had. If things hadn't been exactly the way they were, there wouldn't even be a Fanny Mendelssohn.
  4. She "left a remarkable legacy", so what's the problem then? Are you figuring her husband beat her up? She needs to be made more famous for the sake of affirmative action? Are you going to leave a remarkable legacy because you're male? Then what's your excuse? If only things were really as simple as they are during playtime.
  5. Hundreds of her pieces survive. How do they compare to Felix? Was she pushed aside by the oppressive patriarchy or does she just not compete? This is one that doesn't require any speculation, because the stuff is there to evaluate.
  6. Most names with the "uh" sound on the end are females. Because oppression
  7. ^Thanks. How did they compare with the other synthetics you use?
  8. There have been classical players incl soloists who used steel strings. I don't know what brand. Jargar has been interesting to me because the E string is one of the standards. If you'd rather have $20 synthetics instead, try John Pearse Artiste. I think they're as good as Dominants or Tonicas. Juststrings.com carries them. They get no press whatsoever. Maybe a string mafia
  9. But you were suggesting it to teach a feminist point, right? If not, then when did the thread get about LBJ? When I lived in Texas I read all I could about Texas history. It's really rich and I knew nothing about it and everybody I spoke to made some reference to history and I felt left out...
  10. That first comment, where it says he smelled like lilacs, I've been looking for it forever...I had thought I had read it on some blog somewhere
  11. The point about coal mining was to illustrate a daily danger men were expected to face that society did not expect of women. There are innumerable other examples, from soldiering to lifeboats, to office coronaries. Good grief -- we're supposed to stand up when a woman enters the room! It doesn't get any better than that. If I had a daughter I'd do my best to raise her to rise to all possibilities, to have no limits, to show her that responsibility is entirely hers, that in the long run her limitations are ones she imposes on herself. Warn her about --isms, so she doesn't become any kind --ist, so that her experience is firsthand, and not through those that would own and control her mind for their benefit. If you keep suggesting feminist books I'll have to suggest the author Titania McGrath to you. I might anyway...
  12. Best performance of it ever!
  13. You're trying too hard to win friends and be a feminist. Since you're talking about poor people now, go be a coal miner. Nobody was ever crushed like a bug by laundry. Historically men are disposable and replaceable in society, and women aren't. Point was society did terrible things to women, I countered saying society values women over men
  14. Yes, nobody cares about Jiri.... A mere disposable male I've seen that artist or at least that style my whole life. I think it's pretty cool. It actually reminds me of R. Crumb a little bit without the comix touch
  15. To be honest, she made her own choices and lived with the consequences. Nobody forced her to fall in love with a monster (if he was)
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