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  1. That thing's going to Twinkle like a bitch. That's all it's gotta do.
  2. For the Romantics among us. That would be everyone.

    What begins as romantic is guaranteed to end up macabre.
  3. George Neikrug interview about Dounis

    I've never heard it pronounced, actually. None of my teachers used his books. I think DOON-us is probably close enough Best as I can remember my first teacher taught me shifting by leading with the wrist like you describe, to sort of load up the finger for flicking it where it has to go. At this point I don't know what I do but it works and looks okay. One thing that I've heard of recently from reputable folks and have been trying is a fast shift at the beginning followed by slowing down into the note, inaudible or barely audible but theoretically more sure I think. Why do you not use a rest? With a simple one like a Kun, everything is the same, but just much, much easier. Made a world of difference with me. Lots more freedom. If you look around today, certainly no shame in using one. Violin playing today is leaps and bounds ahead of what it was where no shoulder rest originates.
  4. George Neikrug interview about Dounis

    What was most interesting? I'm a Dounis fan too (not pronounced doonwah).
  5. Tool marks

    Every human tool mark after 1925 = minus $1000. Not so with beavers.
  6. George Neikrug interview about Dounis

    You'll get a kick out of this if you haven't found it already.

    Not here, but in Germany at least.
  8. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    Everybody you meet there will be trying to figure out how to get what you already have.
  9. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Launching big words, maybe, and staying hi and dry
  10. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    Right. Before they freak out they should be sure mold is actually present, and then still not freak out... Not sure what we're coming to...
  11. Basic Acoustics Resource

    On the other hand without some ideal, random would be fine. I remember you quoting Z. something like it takes the best wood to make the best fiddle. I was wondering what part the best wood would play; maybe allow ideal arch and thickness.
  12. Basic Acoustics Resource

    Is ideal wood defined as a density that lets you use an ideal thickness and arch?
  13. Dealbreaker Violin Damage?

    ^The cost of restoration is pretty flexible if you shop around. You shouldn't let your markie go unglued just because so and so in New York City charges a grand an hour to fix breath marks on Le Messiah.
  14. Use meat tenderizer to dissolve hide glue

    The exact same thing crossed my mind. The answer is a protein dissolver dissolver such as DirobloHydrochloric123-OxyHydrocanabionol-nucleic-diethylamide.
  15. Mad Money

    A little sleuthing turns up she "operated" "Things In Strings repair, sales, and rental shop in Lakeland". I'd guess she ordered the violin for the shop and it arrived thinking she was its maker so she fixed it by crossing out the word "luthier" and adding the "Made expressly..." Sounds like she helped found a couple of orchestras and school string programs and at some point made supplies and services available.