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  1. Bill Merkel

    Chipped waterstone

    That's a violation of OSHA regulations.
  2. I'm not any kind of a Mozart fan, but once I was driving long distance and the symphony that has this figure in the slow movement I think, like 16th dotted 8th, 16th dotted 8th, 16th dotted 8th, 16th dotted 8th came on the radio and when that part came along it was like the most profound thing I ever heard. It was all in the performance. A couple similar experiences with other Mozart.
  3. Bill Merkel

    Chipped waterstone

    It's royally f*****. Send it to me since I am the only certified disposer in N. America, or face stiff fines and jail time.
  4. Haha. Sounds familiar but with a twist.
  5. You think Brahms has nothing to say... Have you heard the rest of the violin repertory?
  6. @PhilipKT I'll check out some of the stuff you're recommending. The Brahms violin sonatas are some of my favorite music. I've played some of the symphonies too, was probably too busy scrambling for notes to form an opinion. As for Brahms having nothing to say, I like to listen to Brahms 1st as Beethoven's 10th...
  7. To me S. is like Vivaldi; he only knows one tune, while T. is one of the most inventive.
  8. Maybe, but isn't the same level of skill as never making a mistake in voice leading, while being interesting.
  9. Sorta reminds me of William Balcom I think it couldn't matter less how popular something is, but Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, and the opening of the 5th symphony are about equally recognizable and the two most recognizable. But the opening is just four notes long. Point Bach.
  10. Bill Merkel

    How to set up AUDACITY for reliable sound testing?

    It's too bad musicians won't play for free like programmers. png format will let you repeatedly manipulate something and save it without it getting fuzzy.
  11. Carrying a protest sign doesn't make you better at whatever your profession is. I'd as likely play part of a cantata. But I've made it a lifelong goal to master the art of noodling in violin shops. Start with something scalar, leading into an arpeggio of some kind, leading into part of some piece it reminds you of, in the wrong key, and repeat.
  12. Simpler how? And Bach didn't create something new -- he did what was being done, just exceptionally well...
  13. Saying before Bach all music was the same and like folk music is pretty ignorant.
  14. Bill Merkel

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    Maybe Sanctus himself sat on it, like Manfio sat on his viola top.
  15. Bill Merkel

    Upscale Roth violin

    Regardless of what it was worth he would have low balled it in case you wanted to sell it. In case you wanted to sell it ten years from now even.