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  1. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    When it's worth $5000 or more then "Miss Prissy".
  2. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    If you can hear it, that's most of the battle. You can get used to your own out of tuneness and not hear it. Strange phenomenon. There are lots of students who can tell when anyone is out of tune except themselves.
  3. What is it about E strings?

    I don't like the instructions for putting on a string there. The best way is after it goes through the hole, do one loop around the peg on the knob side of hole, then one loop on the other side of the hole, and then start the main winding that goes toward the knob end. That absolutely forces it to cross over itself once
  4. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    The violin I'm borrowing at the moment seems to want to guide you to playing in tune to a tonal center pretty often. Some of it is feel -it makes me think I could play it in tune if I was deaf.
  5. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    Logically, the more complicated the test required to tell a difference in sound, the less difference there is in sound There's your answer to the test wasn't complicated enough.
  6. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    You'd have to assume the procedure goes make it almost the right length, adjust it, and then cut it to the right length and try to get it back in the same place. Then if you're a real Italian it won't fall down on its own + you can squeeze the sides and make it fall w/o squeezing hard enough to break the fiddle. 3. Put it back in the same place again.
  7. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    I think a good analogy is two brands of paint. One might be watery and the other thick and the colors of one might have some special quality that makes it better than the same color from the other brand. Then the painter or player is superimposed on that. He can do lots of things but he can't escape the fundamental quality of the paint, and he wants a really good paint (in his estimation). Yawn.
  8. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    Something that starts with a "Z" and is impossible to spell is always good.
  9. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    You need an agent. First thing is we'll change your name to something glamorous.
  10. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    One maker's perfect setup is another's nasty one. The trend implies that anything is good enough! I've never even heard of a violin made by Duane88. You must be a real nobody
  11. Guns and violin making

    I used to think bad kids came from bad parents, but there seems to be ancient and revered wisdom that says that is not true.
  12. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    There are as many good theories as there are good makers. Another well-known maker on here said fit is singularly important to sound, I don't know how to reconcile a lot of the stuff I read here.
  13. Guns and violin making

    I wouldn't want the toddler around scissors either. I don't know whether picking on guns is a phobia born of ignorance or something more nefarious. Probably the latter exploiting the former truth be told.
  14. Guns and violin making

    Unless there's some local ordinance (no pun intended) all Wallys carry guns. That would be about 95% of them maybe. When a certain failed presidential candidate was on the board, she or he forced them to quit selling ar's to appeal to her or his base. But they still sell hunting rifles. If I was going to be shot I'd much rather get shot by an ar than a hunting rifle. It's like when they went after "saturday night specials", cheap weak pistols that would misfire or break. The void they created was filled with real pistols.
  15. Guns and violin making

    There's such a thing as responsible violin ownership too