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  1. Richter was the exception. He was so talented he could know and forget at the same time. Which Richter are you talking about?
  2. The rule is or at least has been for all instruments use music for chamber music, incl. sonatas and don't for concertos. Concertos are for showing off, or for showing your skill. If somebody uses the music for a concerto it's usually (or has been...) because they're afraid they didn't know the music well enough to avoid memory slips
  3. I don't mean letting her hair down, I'm talking about a mode where it's like an impish, Chaplinesque character she's portraying is making the decisions. For better or worse, listening, her playing stands out from the pack and is more enjoyable when she's doing it like that. There are examples of her playing not using the imp character on Fazil Say's piano channel.
  4. I would try Amazon, I guess. Maybe simultaneously with ebay. If takers are few, donate them to a library. They may keep some and put others on twenty five cent sale. If it was a really extensive collection I'd contact a conservatory library and let them have the last word on them, just to avoid responsibility myself
  5. If you listen to the stuff where she's not acting apeshit it's a lot less standout than where she's doing it. Listening, not watching except to see which mode she's in.
  6. This is interesting reading. One interesting thing is where he's talking about balance, the middle of his good range is close to most every other author's upper limit of good range.
  7. Mr. Tchaikovsky, nice to finally meet you. There are a billion things that factor into what an instrument is like. Probably more like literally infinite. The horizontal thing you see goes into the mix and nobody can say how it factors in. The instrument is what it is. If you like the viola, then think of what you see as a plus. Your teacher is right that every instrument is an individual, some more apparently so than others. I would think of it as a beautiful woman with a scar on her cheek from a knife fight. Some guys might not like it, but I'm kinda into that sort of thing, myself... Hot Mossad operative, like Ziva. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.
  8. Is that your nuclear option? Nothing is anything until it's perceived and processed.
  9. I can't afford to work for you on commission anymore.
  10. There are plenty of universal and objective criteria. I think they would be ignored here as they are there.