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  1. Bass bar tuning

    There's only so many ways to play wee-de-lee. But the longer it is, the more combinations there can be. But then it's longer.
  2. Bow Purchase Indecision/Regret

    As someone once told me about a piece of equipment, don't worry about it -- it's better than you are... But what someone said about swapping if they came from the same dealer sound like a good possibility. It's probably a matter of bow control on the slow pieces. Very slow scales using double stops, whole bow, paying extreme attention to intonation and to not letting the tone break. I've thought I've had bows that could do anything with no help from me, but it was probably because I wasn't demanding enough at the time. Don't get fixated on "stuff".
  3. Video about "maintaining" Willie Nelson's guitar

    Rumored to be his house in Austin. Center, on top of hill.
  4. Whose face is this?

    ^I vaguely remember that about the WSJ front page, along with the pointillism portraits. Haven't had a paper paper in my hands in a long time. It's hard to believe that kind of publicity was ever free, but that is always the story.
  5. Whose face is this?

    What's the story behind the article? I notice she's a violin player.
  6. Sharpening Bridge Knives

    ^I'm not a woodworker but it seems like it would be a frequent problem. I think if I was making a violin part I'd do it from hardest part to easiest so I could scrap it sooner...
  7. F-hole finessing hacks

    I do everything better since I watched this.
  8. Sharpening Bridge Knives

    Hoodlum bust into violin shop looking for drugs. Seal training kicked in. Did you think I cut myself with little microknife or something?
  9. Sharpening Bridge Knives

    Are there any good tricks for removing blood from wood?
  10. Bass bar tuning
  11. Bass bar tuning

    Only in the spring.
  12. Bass bar tuning

    Actually, 3.14 cones.
  13. Bass bar tuning

    Or the thing you're swinging around your head...
  14. Bass bar tuning

  15. Bass bar tuning