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  1. How Often and How Deep Do You Cut Ur Fingernails?

    You're so Earthy.
  2. How Often and How Deep Do You Cut Ur Fingernails?

    You need to include biting fingernails off and losing your mind.
  3. Gordge violin case

    Jaegar was the standard pro case back then from what I can remember, maybe the only one. Saw them everywhere. From what I can remember. I was just a babe. Vastly more choices these days. And soon to be dropped on your head by drone.
  4. Gordge violin case

    What's the life expectancy of a piece of string...
  5. Mystery fog hole template

    Coulda been worse.
  6. Gordge violin case

    If someone took the important points of their design and just added suspension and velcro strap it would be an improvement, and that probably describes the average decent modern case, costing a lot less. Not saying a G or J case will get your fiddle killed exactly. I have a sentimental soft spot for J myself.
  7. Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    From what I can gather the secret is there's no secret. But I do think that every maker naturally sounds and plays a little bit like himself, to the same extent that painters and writers are recognizable.
  8. Gordge violin case

    What's the fascination with this case and Jaeger too? They're not good cases
  9. How to talk to students after losing compeition

    Show him exactly what was wrong, and exactly how to fix it. Should be obvious. Most teachers are way too unspecific. Also, next time make sure he's in a mindset where he doesn't expect to win, but believes there is a chance he'll win (unless he's just there for the experience). Expecting to win and not winning is the cause of disappointment.
  10. Don Noon's bench

    That test pilot definitely had the wrong stuff. Send it to me with a stick of Beeman's and we'll see what the mach meter will do.
  11. Trigger finger

    I had a severe rotator cuff problem in my shoulder that came from the way I was using a machine. A surgeon probably would have operated. I analyzed and corrected the way I was using my arms and the problem went away (completely, like it was never there). If I'd had surgery and then continued doing what I was doing, I wonder where I'd be. Just food for thought.
  12. Worn-down Bow Mortice Repair

    If it's a good player but not worth it to you to fix I'd play it until it breaks. Probably more likely it won't break. I've used lots of bows with cracks in them that were as stable as anything else.
  13. How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    It would be interesting if someone couldn't hear the difference with the > 6k removed, but yet could hear the > 6k alone with the < 6k removed. That might imply it was more about how to listen than physical hearing itself. People who've spent a life as musicians are going to have different listening skills I think.
  14. How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Don't use that word. It lost a presidential election. And if I don't like what you like it doesn't mean I'm crazy, stupid, and that Russians are involved
  15. How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    That is a good thought experiment. I first remember ppl talking about directionality of high frequencies in hi-fi land, where it would probably follow that the higher the frequency the more "directionality"... You can tell where where a mosquito ring tone is coming from by turning your head, because it makes the sound disappear. It is highly directional in that sense, yet trying to locate it without doing that is hopeless. So it is directional in some sense but not more directional in the usual sense of being able to point to a location. It makes sense that that kind of directionality would depend on where our hearing has evolved to be the most acute, in the midrangy region.