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  1. What is the thickness of the top of the bridge? It looks chunkier than most.
  2. Not satire: they have a deep love and respect for American 'roots' music.
  3. WRONG! He was clearly happy to reminisce about it: http://frobbi.org/slides/berline-rr/index.html
  4. I'd be curious to try using persimmon (same genus as ebony: Diospyros).
  5. I think maybe you are referring to Maclura pomifera, or osage orange? I made a nut for one of my fiddles a few years ago out of this wood, and it seems to be holding up well. But the grain was relatively coarse, so not so easy to get a nice smooth surface.
  6. Another video of Beiliang Zhu, including a performance of Bach's *violin* partita in d minor on the cello (yes, including the chaconne!):
  7. The thread you posted to is from the year 2013.
  8. Yes to the first: Mersenne did experiments using weights (and from these experiments derived his laws relating frequency to mass per unit length, tensile force, and string length). Leopold Mozart , in his Violinschule, described verifying that adjacent strings would sound at a fifth when tensioned using equal weights. He was dismissive about players and makers who would trust their eyes to determine string gauges.
  9. 2 hours ago, gowan said: In fact Bach approved of the pianos made by Gottfried Silbermann.
  10. Andres, I agree with you 100 percent. Another clue would be Tremulant effects in baroque organs, again showing that a continuous vibrato was not anathema to everyone in the baroque period. However, it is my opinion that Bach did not care much for vibrato, and only employed it rarely as a special effect, where he indicated it with a wavy line, as found in one place in the violin solos, and one place in the Brandenburg concertos.
  11. I have no personal experience with this, but I have read that many of the strings sold through Amazon are fake.
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