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  1. Guglielmus Carinius

    Searching Maestronet Forums using Google

    You can use the same syntax on the search engine, and avoid being tracked by Google.
  2. Guglielmus Carinius

    Light color varnish examples?

    Well, I am not as handsome as you, so I didn't want to post a picture of myself.!
  3. Guglielmus Carinius

    Light color varnish examples?

    This is frequently seen in paintings such as this one:
  4. Guglielmus Carinius

    Playing in Db?

    Yes. You could also consider tuning the top 3 strings down a semitone while tuning the G string *up* a semitone to provide a nice drone and added resonance in that key. (ADAE tuning down a semitone).
  5. Guglielmus Carinius

    French violin mislabeled

    Nice center mounted tongue rest on that violin!
  6. Guglielmus Carinius

    Happy St Paddy Day...

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> A little musical accompaniment: the stupendous fiddling of John Doherty:
  7. Guglielmus Carinius

    Fiddles shmiddles! Look what we made today!

    The first Irish music session in an igloo:
  8. Guglielmus Carinius

    £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    Did you 'sink' the string into the bridge, or did you also shave off the top of bridge so that the string is partly sticking up above the top of the bridge (much better)? It's certainly challenging, but do-able to do this yourself, if you are good with tools.
  9. Guglielmus Carinius

    Minimum size plane for making centre joints

    ...and make sure that the side of the plane makes a perfectly right angle with the sole of the plane.
  10. Guglielmus Carinius

    Baroque bass bars

    Not disputing your statement that the bass bar is original, just wondering why you think it is?
  11. Guglielmus Carinius

    J.S. Bach, a temperamental guy?

    Bach admired the organs made by Gottfried Silbermann, but he hated Silbermann's temperament. It's said that Bach used to troll Silbermann by pulling out all of the stops of one of his organs, and then playing in one of the more 'out-there' keys.
  12. Guglielmus Carinius

    Buying fingerboards

    Have you tried the ones from International Violin? The last one I had from them planed nicely.
  13. Guglielmus Carinius

    Where can these Japanese mini saws be found?

    These cheapo saws (like the one linked to) often have a bit of blade that extends beyond the last tooth; this is easily removed with tin snips if you want to use it for such a purpose as cutting a mortice in the top block for a neck-- you can get right up to the button.
  14. Guglielmus Carinius

    J.S. Bach, a temperamental guy?

    Yup, his wife and kids are known to have helped with writing out parts.
  15. Guglielmus Carinius

    Perry Sultana...

    Maybe bark inclusion?? --Bill