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  1. A really beautiful finger plane. I only use my own which I made a few years ago - made of ebony, bubinga and pau ferro. In this photo - my set.
  2. My own experience - the best filler is the flour of horsetail (lycopodium) mixed with oil varnish. Lycopodium has unusual properties, beautiful wood color and powder form. There is nothing better to fill small cavities also. You can see and compare - spruce and lycopodium
  3. Hi Peter. This ground is from lime and curd? In what proportions?
  4. I am not a professional luthier, I am a teacher of Polish language and history, but making a violin is my life - right after my Wife, of course :)

  5. But if I understand correctly figure 1 on picture = wedge 2 on excel?
  6. And what is your opinion about these two pieces? The biggest difference is the frequency. Which piece will be better? Besides, I am asking for information - what is the factor in C19?
  7. Yours results are very inspirational! My short movie - the are three layers of Oldwood varnish with my alizarin in a weight ratio of 1 part pigment for 4 parts of varnish. The results - a very thin coating, a yellow to amber deep color. But next time I will preper my own varnish according your recipe.
  8. Hello Friends, I have not been to the forum for a long time. This is my yesterday's varnishing
  9. Peter, do you add siccatives to your oil varnish? If so, what amount?
  10. Grazie mille e buon anno!!! - as Stradivari used to say. If you visited Poland in 2018, we invite you to Poznań. It would be nice to meet and talk about our passion. Pax
  11. Bravo Peter, excellent parameters, very similar results! I can't do it. I never measured the density of wood before work. What is the best top and back density ? I have a maples from the Carpathians - for 4 instruments - and this wood gives me a weight of about 111 grams / 355 Hz averaged values for 1,05 stifness.
  12. Peter - very good preparation for Christmas Eve supper !!! I glued the back plate and ribs during free moment helping my wife in the kitchen. Peter, how are you doing such beautiful deep flame? Beautiful neck! Beautiful colour and violin. Give us a sound sample in the new year.