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  1. Get it from Brian. His hand written receipt alone is worth the asking price. cheers, Cosmin
  2. Howdy, I'd like a free copy of "Rudolf Hopfner's Streichbogen: Katalog : Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente und Sammlungen der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien" along with the plans inside, but short of that, I am willing to spend money to get it. Let me know. thanks in advance, Cosmin
  3. So I grew up in Romania, and I have some relatives that were in the forestry department before retiring, and one of them was somewhat involved with the old Gliga's spruce harvesting. There is no easy shipping route from the harvest/processing place to a port. I keep wondering how anyone makes money selling Romanian sourced tonewood in USA. cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  4. The hand written receipt from Brian Derber is worth paying full retail. cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  5. Just a public service announcement that Kremer has 20% off today, December 6. I have no affiliation with Kremer. https://shop.kremerpigments.com/en/ cheers, Cosmin
  6. Is it same as this, or something else? https://www.ebay.com/itm/About-600-Lbs-of-Violin-Cello-Bass-Bowmaking-Wood/202465656794 cheers, Cosmin
  7. Howdy, From what I have seen with respect to woodworking items, piecemealing will net more money but will also cause more headaches with boxing, shipping, dealing with all sorts of people who want all sorts of sets of items and who have all sorts of changes of heart when the entire set of items they want isn't available any more. I am sorry that you have to let go of the stuff you've collected. My personal advice would be to start with a list of items that are shippable and somewhat high end/boutique/collectible. Those items just need to find their buyer and that can take time. Post those on the forum for a few days. If you get no bites, list those on eBay at fair market value plus some (because you will lose 15% between eBay and PayPal fees). A lot of people who are searching for that special something on eBay have notifications set up to be alerted when those rarities show up. For rare and collectible, that's the way to go. eBay waives the listing fee for the first 50 items per month that you list, so if you don't make a sale, no money lost. Also, once you go to eBay, MAKE SURE you remove the items listing from any other place where they have been listed or posted (because eBay has some rules that cost a friend of mine $300, so just remove those from other places when you list on eBay). Also, I hereby commit to not call dibs on any item until everyone here who actually needs these goodies has a chance to get them cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  8. I digress, but I might as well while we all wait for the list of goodies I frequent quite a few forums, I am not sure why I also come here because my plans to start work on an instrument are at least a year away at this time (I was hoping 2019 would be it, but I don't want to lie to myself). But on the other forums closer to what I do now (aquariums, drumming, woodworking, some machinist work), nobody is really a working professional in the field of the forum. It's hobby people who need a way to connect, while professionals are too busy cranking out product to do the online thing. It seems that this forum is a bit different, and a lot of people make a living off lutherie. It also seems that not all the luthier shops in the world are fully tooled and supplied, which is another surprise for me. Alright, what's on your wish/need list? If I have something I can spare, I will. cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  9. You guys are taking my post the wrong way. I don't wish anyone be in a position where health dictates liquidation of goods. All I did was admit that I have a general weakness for acquiring tools. I wouldn't rush to cut in front of anyone who actually needed them. The suggestion to list the items in this thread was simply a suggestion to help with the sale, and ironically, a hope that the seller doesn't get screwed on prices in private deals. I didn't make a request for the list to be sent to me alone, I would have sent a private message if that was it. And despite having a sufficiently well stocked woodworking shop, I still find myself going to flea markets, and to Woodcraft, and still click on Rockler's emails, and still order from International Violin when they have sales, and I did buy some wood from Simeon when he was going out of business, and I still look on eBay, you get the picture. None of this is screwing people over. Some people smoke, some drink, some gamble. I like tools. I like to see them made, sold, bought, restored, used, etc. As far as folks needing and not having, I've been there myself and I know quite well what it's like. I take no joy in screwing needy people out of a good deal. That being said, I would like to reiterate that tools are fun. cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  10. I have more than I need, but always ready to buy more of the stuff that I don't actually need. A public list of goodies and prices will probably be all that it takes to liquidate items. I sincerely hope that your health will eventually improve. cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  11. All I can think of: https://alaskawoods.com/product-category/carved-top-instruments/carved-top-instruments-double-bass/ https://www.oldworldtonewood.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=28 Sometimes, Bruce will have some: http://www.radiofreeolga.com/tonewoods/ cheers, Cosmin
  12. I have the Tormek toy and there is an overlap in the leather on the stropping wheel. It may not be everyone's luck, but that's what I got. cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  13. OK, which one of you got the bass bows book for $600 + fees? cheers, wm_crash
  14. You would be surprised how fast sandpaper stops cutting metal. It takes lots of sheets to get a sole flat. If you have a friend with a machine shop, have him surface grind the sole for you. Also, the theory that you have to have the blade under tension while you flatten has theoretical merits. In practice, it doesn't really matter. cheers, wm_crash, the friendly hooligan
  15. Hi, I have some Strad posters for sale because I have duplicate copies. I am trying to unload them as a bundle and most probably just turn around and spend the cash at International Violin. If selling as a bundle won't work, I may split them or just make paper airplanes. I would really hate to have to chase down 6 sturdy shipping tubes. Here is the list: Mateo Gofriller "Schneider" cello 1693 Brothers Amati 1592 viola Gasparo da Salo double bass c.1550 Domenico Montagnana 1717 violin Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty" 1739 Mateo Gofriller violin 1700 The posters themselves are in excellent condition, but if you look carefully, you can tell that they were rolled and stored upright. They are not pristine. They also have a very strong mind about wanting to curl back into a roll. Please note that not all posters have complete measurements on the back. I am asking $120 shipped USPS Priority anywhere to USA. I don't ship international. PayPal only. First come, first serve. The posters go to the first person who commits to buy them. If the posters have not been spoken for, and you really REALLY just need one, talk to me. cheers, Cosmin UPDATE: Posters are now sold. Thank you.
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