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  1. Bruce et al -- thank you! But I don't have a certificate from Gadda, so I can't use it for toilet paper, even in China, where it's generally BYOTP, and woe to the unprepared! Photos -- I'm afraid the instrument's already in the shop, so I can't oblige. If a fancy label inside doesn't make a whit of difference, what about his famous MG stamp? The instrument has that. But maybe it IS a fool's errand to try and figure this out -- after all he could have started it and had the workshop finish it. Generally everything I take up seems to be a fool's errand.... I need a two-pointed hat and harlequin tights.
  2. Holy caboodle! I've never had a problem before.... routinely travel to UK, Europe, China, and had no idea one might encounter such a crazy situation. As for the story about being detained by US customs--what a nightmare! Maybe the TSA mentality has spread to the customs people.
  3. Hi everyone, I just got back from Russia and had a few surprises there so I thought I'd pass along what I learned. It is a huge pain to take a violin into the country, even though it's your own instrument. You will need photos of the instrument and you will also have to present 2-page custom forms filled out in duplicate with info about the instrument including maker and value. You cannot cross out an error on the forms or they will not be accepted; you have to start again. Go through the Red customs door (they will turn you back if you go through Green "nothing to declare" and you will be scolded for not knowing the regulations) and be prepared for about 30 minutes of delay. You must keep all these forms and photos, then fill out new duplicate forms when you leave the country and once again go through Red. A very grumpy official (at least in my case) will examine everything exceedingly carefully and send you back if there are any errors or cross-outs. (I had to fill out the same form 3 times! They were in Russian and I kept guessing wrong). They compare the new forms to the old forms, keep all the forms, and send you on with a separate document in case you get stopped. You will have to open the case to show the violin/bow/whatever, and it will be matched against the photos you present. Again, plan an extra 30 minutes of delay before your flight. Also, the maximum value that you can take in/out is $10K. I don't know what happens if you declare that your instrument is worth more than that, or if the customs office suspects that it is. I was glad I was traveling with an instrument that no one has been able to identify. I asked if professional musicians had to go through the same procedure and I was told yes. Perhaps carrying your Strad in a paper bag and sticking temporary happy face stickers on the table would be a good idea! :-) Lily B.
  4. Er-- OK! Any names in particular? Would Chris Reuning be someone who knows about Gadda's output? Or Jim Warren?
  5. Awesome! Thank you so much!!! These are really helpful.
  6. Hi all, I have a Mario Gadda violin, and an interested party wants to know if it's by his hand or from his atelier. How the heckahoo could one find out? Is the distinction in the presence or absence of the MG stamp? The kind of label? Fingerprint analysis?! Or is it impossible to know? I've done some internet research but haven't found anything helpful. Provenance was Brompton's or Skinner, several years back.
  7. Thanks, Blankface -- I read post #46 three times and think I understand better now. Almost ready for first grade! Does the comment about the Gagliano mean that some Italian fiddles were built on the back, then? It would be so great if someone could post pics of the insides of the three kinds of construction! (I was going to say, "topless pics" but that sounded wrong). Or is there a book on violin making that I could buy to better educate myself?
  8. I think I'm flunking kindergarten :-(
  9. Looking at the ribs there seems to be no overlap on the bout edges, and so that's outer form rather than inner form? And is outer form synonymous with "built on the back"? Which means not Italian? More often French or English? And would one say the scroll fluting stops at midnight in the example above? Going to kindergarten on Maestronet.... Apropos of nothing, here's an interesting snippet from Michael Darnton on the early Turin school: "Charles Beare has suggested that Gaspar da Salo used a form that held only the c-bouts. Apparently all of his violas have the same c-bouts and different sizes resulted from changes in the sizes of the outer bouts, only."
  10. I have a violin labeled "Goffriller," and it's had a scroll graft to imitate Goffriller scrolls, but the rest of it isn't Goffriller-esque. Is that what's meant by "fake scroll graft"? or is that when the instrument is made to look like it's had a graft but hasn't (but why would one do that)? If there's something massively non-Tecchler-like about this instrument, couldn't one just point it out to the owner? Most of us who think we've got something great on our hands generally yield to reason.
  11. Palousian, I have way too many violins! I have to stop indulging in instruments that look interesting and get ones with certs instead. BTW, I took the "Venetian" to Charles Beare (quite a trek) and it didn't ring any bells with him either, so I've exhausted my last possibility. Someone else briefly thought Dom Amati but then decided against it. Addie, thanks for the clarification. I suppose the English were known for wider and more upright f-holes? But I still can't find anything quite like this (no label). Here's the scroll, by the way.
  12. Hi Chris, I want one too! I'll contact your store. Lily B.
  13. What I meant (I wasn't actually looking for mockery) is that the top wings on the f-holes -- little stubs that come to an end without much curl -- seem unusual to me and I wonder if anyone has parallels. It's a small violin (351mm).
  14. Hi all, as soon as I get someone to take a professional pic of the back, I'll post it. I found a collector with another Mezzadri back! So all I have to do is attach the two backs, add a bridge and some strings, and I'll have a whole (albeit made of 2 backs) Mezzadri! (Hahaha)
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