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  1. Yes that is easily.believable! But there must be an efficient way to collect it otherwise it wouldnt be worth the trouble of those who send it onto sowden before he redresses it. The hunt continues...
  2. Haha thats actually very true! It completey slipped our mind to compare tail length with other horses! Doohhhh!!!
  3. I just want to say thank you to all those that helped me in my other "rehairing" thread. It was so much appreciated!
  4. Hey guys, So i went to collect some horse hair at my friend's ranch as i mentioned earlier in the week. However we were lucky enough that one of his friends rang him up and told him that his horse had recently died, and the hide with the tail still attached was sitting in his yard. So we went and checked it out and were greeted with a whole tail of horse hair with the tail bone still attached. In my excitement, when we got home, i just went at the horse's tail and removed the tail bone. Then i was left with a huge bundle of hair that my wife and I spent the next two to three hours sifting through to pull out any hairs that were at least 32 inches. However this was an intense effort and we were left with two hanks. All the pictures can be found here: http://celloadventurer.blogspot.com/ Those who are a little afraid of seeing a bloody horsetail bone, i suggest viewing with extreme caution. As i mentioned above, in my excitement to get the hair, i didn't really follow the advice given before about tying off the hair at one end and tracing it to the dock. This is probably why it took such a long time to extract the hair. We are going to visit again soon and try taking it from one of the alive horses at my friend's ranch. However, seeing how difficult it was finding just such a small amount of hair in a whole tail, i am a little apprehensive. I have since watched many youtube videos of people who show how to take horse hair tail to make jewellery etc, but i cannot say i am brimming with confidence. If you have any other good advice how i can collect horse hair tail without having to spend hours sifting through all the small hairs, and through a lot of the tail, please let me know! Thanks again! Luke
  5. Pulling the hairs out at the root sounds painful! That seems a surefire way to get kicked in the balls by an angry horse!
  6. Is it possible you can tell me the measurements of the gauge please? How thick the slit is, and also how many mm's depth each type of hair was. I.e. 6mm deep for a violin etc. Thanks, Luke
  7. As you know i'm about to try and take my own horse hair. To straighten them all up, do you suggest i use a flame? I was just going to use a pair of scissors.... but was interested by your "flame" comments!
  8. I'm currently looking to make a rehair gauge. However i won't be taking my bow with me when i go to my friends ranch, so i'm not sure how much hair i should take exactly. Is there a rough guide as to how many hairs there are in a bow (I know each bow is different etc though), or maybe how many grams of hair (I saw on Sowden's fathers website that he sells his hair like 9g for a Cello) etc. Just trying to "gauge" how much is enough hair to cut off the horse etc. I don't want to be left with too little, but also i don't want to take too much that the hair is just sitting around idol, when it could have stayed on the horse's tail! haha.
  9. Hello guys, As you may know, i have been recently talking about learning how to restring my own bow, and i would like to make the rehairing guage you guys have made above. However, i don't know how thick the slit in the wood needs to be. Can you recommend a size for me please? Also, when i draw a ruler along the side of this, can you please tell me how many mm thick i need for a violin, viola, cello and double bass are (Sorry i only play Cello, but if i start practicing on other old bows i find, it would be great to have all the marks on there already). It looks like FiddleDoug already knows how many mm's so i was hoping to take his advice, and to use his markings if he is happy to share? Thank you very much for all your advice, Luke
  10. Do you think it is possible to coil a bundle at all? Even if you just try and fold it or coil it in half or something? I've never tried before, so i don't know how easy it is to effectively space save if i take a bundle?
  11. Great, thanks for the advice. Can i ask what it is about Sowden's Canadian hair that makes it so good? Also, where is your "regular" hair from? What is the difference... apart from having to cull the 10% of it? I had a little look on Sowden's website, and as far as i can tell, he receives horse hair, and then he dresses it (more washing, and refining it to remove the incorrect sizes and damaged hair) to a state where you could put it straight into a bow without needing to redress it at all. Thanks for the advice too, regarding 1. Being supplied with too much isn't so bad, at least you can be selective over the exact amount you want, and aren't left with too few hairs. 2. My only concern when i tie a knot around it is that i damage the hair if i pull too hard... or is horse hair resillient enough that i don't need to worry about pulling the knot around the hank too hard? Just keeping it dry is the biggest problem right? I don't need to worry so much about it being coiled. The reason i said about the hermetically sealed bag is because i read that the humidity of the hair is very important, and that the change in humidity can really effect the properties of the hair? But is this less important than just making sure the hair is kept dry from the time i have dried it from washing, until the time i need it for the bow? Thanks again
  12. Thankyou very much for the feedback. It is interesting you talk about buying hanks. If i buy some if my experiment doesnt work, then what do you suggest is something i look for? Are there certain things i should really be careful about? Such as how it is sent to me? I saw one guy hermatically seals his hair packaging when he sends it. If they send it in a straight packaging etc, so it reduces the risk of coils. When i looked for a hair source before so many pictures appeared of hanks of hair in ziplok bags, which i found a little strange... this was generally coiled, so thats why i thought maybe it was ok to coil it very finely.
  13. Hello everyone, thank you so much for all your great feedback, it is going to be an exciting experience for sure! Re Fernando.f - I heard it was opposite, that actually stallions make stronger hair because they don't pee all over their tail, unlike the mares. However on the otherhand, i heard some people prefer hair from a mare because the urine stains actually help to grip to roisin better. I don't know if there is any fact in this, or if it is all just myth. Re: Mat Roop - Thanks for the feedback, what does the glycerine do? Is the wash three times over just to make sure you get every little piece of dirt out of the tail etc? When i look at buying hair from the internet, the hanks look like they are crimped at one end, and the bundles are tied together using a specific type of string. I understand the crimp as a tying mechanism, but does the string have to be exactly that type of string, or is that traditional? What is the reason behind that? Any other suggestions as to what else to use? Also, I wont be going straight home after my visit, so i was thinking to keep the tail hair fresher, i could use my friends vacuum sealer. Several questions with this... has anyone tried this before? Also, if i roll up the hank to keep it in a small as space as possible, then do you think it will still be ok when i unroll it... or do you think it would retain its curliness and not be usable anymore? Again, i was thinking that if i can take enough, i will send one hank to a friend of mine who is also a Cello player. I was worried that if i roll it up (obviously not into a ball as this will just matt the whole thing together, but roll it up like a sleeping bag instead (if that makes sense)), then when it is unrolled later it might be too curly to use, or whether it would just bounce back. What do you guys think? Thank you again for all your assistance in advance. I really appreciate it. Thanks, Luke
  14. Hello, I have been an avid Cello player for almost 10 years now and i am getting to the stage where i am becoming curious as to how my playing is effected by the instrument i use. I have always had my bow rehaired at my local luthier, but now i am trying to play around with it myself with a few old bows i have lying around from my early days. Anyway, i have been trying to use some different strands of hairs, synthetic and natural, and this weekend i am going up to my friend's ranch in B.C and i thought it is a great opportunity to cut some hair from one of his own horse's tails. (He has so far agreed to this!). I tried to do a little research on the internet about how i can prepare it so i can use it the next time i want to tinker with my bow, however the advice has often been vague (and largely relevant to preparing it to make jewellery). Otherwise the one or two places i have bought hair from before haven't really told me so much apart from it is washed before it comes into their warehouse. So far, what i have is that i must cut the hair close to the tail bone, and cut it from the underside so it doesn't look so obvious that the horse has had its tail cut. Then, the section i cut should be one with the longest hairs as possible. Once i have these strands of hair, i need to wash them in a detergent or soap that isn't scented (Not sure about conditioner? Should i use that too?). Then i need to brush it several times to identify the imperfect hairs (too long/short, knotted, twisted, curled, split ended etc). Finally, i need to even up the ends, cut them all to the perfectly same size, then use a measuring device to get my required thickness of hair. Then i can start to use this "hank" (spelling?) for rehairing my bow. If anyone can shed a little bit more advice on this, then that would be great. I understand "redressing" is a practiced art, but I at least want to give it a go. Thanks, Luke
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