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  1. I could be wrong but FWIW it looks like a viola to me - and the bow frog has the curved back of a viola bow as well. Not that this has any bearing on the value or the origin.
  2. A violinist friend of mine uses the Etymotic ones and likes them a lot. I just ordered the EarPeace HD ones, in the smaller size - hopefully they'll fit and work well. They have lots of good reviews online.
  3. Boyd uses a model 4400 - with the 17" travel.
  4. My bowmaking mentor has a Sherline so that's what I use when I'm at his shop. Easy to use, seems precise enough for this kind of work.
  5. FWIW this is a great performance of Winter!
  6. Just bought a Bobelock "half moon" case - it is very compact, and was only $175. It is not the lightest case I've found, but appears to be very sturdy. Despite the compactness, it has plenty of room inside for a full-size shoulder rest (velcro'd under the violin neck) and a decent-sized compartment at the other end of the case. The zippered nylon outer jacket has an accessory compartment area for strings, pencils, etc. and has room for some sheet music.
  7. That's a good goal - there is nothing better than playing great music with like-minded people. Keep up the good work!
  8. Keep at it! It does take a long time, a lot of patience, careful practice, and as others have said: a good teacher. Starting when young may be easier in many ways - the body is still growing and is more flexible. But as an adult you can comprehend more complex instructions. The challenge, I think, is that as an adult you know how you want it to sound and yet realize how far away you are from that. Don't let it get you down - just look to solve one issue at a time, and keep at it.
  9. Thanks for the tip! I was not aware of this ensemble but I'll watch for them.
  10. I think it is absolutely reasonable for a student to as "why" when something a teacher is asking them to do doesn't make sense. This is particularly true if a new technique, exercise, hold or position causes pain, fatigue, or other problems. That said, there are students who think they are "big shots" (being, say, a big fish in a small pond) and don't understand what the teacher is saying, perhaps they think they know better, or simply don't realize how much work it really takes to overcome bad habits or even just to learn new ways of doing things that will ultimately lead to better playing. Some students want to ask "why" about everything, which can waste valuable time when the truth is, they should at least have some faith that the teacher has their best interests at heart. Of course there are those teachers who immediately want to change everything, and I don't agree with that either. It's like the plumber who comes in and trash-talks the previous plumber's work. The best teachers are able to help the students figure out what will work best for them as individuals. So, I think it is a fine balance, and both teacher and student must have flexibility, desire to teach/learn, and the willingness to work through some tough spots to get to the greener grass on the other side.
  11. I've never run into any problems with carrying on a violin or viola in a standard case, for a domestic (US) airline. I carry a copy of the TSA regulations for carry on instruments with me.
  12. Like Dean, I'm a viola player so I worry less... that said, my viola is the better instrument (compared to my violin) although that may change soon (and not because I'll finally burn the viola...) I generally take either the viola or the violin with me on vacation, since I really do enjoy practicing and playing. Maybe not every day on vacation, but for a good portion of the days. I have on occasion left one of my instruments with a friend, or at a shop that agrees to keep it for me.
  13. Klarissa Petti http://www.kpetti.com/