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  1. Thanks for post Martin. I took a photo of the label which seems generic.
  2. Does anyone recognize the brand on the back of this violin? It also has a fake graft on the neck but, overall a nice fiddle. Thanks for your help.
  3. Can anyone help ID this bow?
  4. This bow came with a violin purchased on eBay so, I don’t know anything about it’s history. I’ve had it for at least 15 years and a friend took these photos and has been encouraging me to do some research so, I wanted to start here. I seem to recall that either the screw, or button or maybe the eyelet was missing and I had to find a replacement. At the time I didn’t know that much about bows and just wanted to get it ready to play. If this bow looks to be worth the investment I would send it to one of the experts.
  5. Adding a couple more photo's. Is the consensus Markneukirchen? I would really appreciate any opinions.
  6. I'll add the end pin and saddle photo later today.
  7. I’ve had this violin since the late 1990’s and have been told that it is Markneukirchen. Even though it has an Antonius Comuni label on the inside I’ve always thought that it was added later. But just as a players instrument it is fun to play. It has a big dark sound on the lower strings. I would appreciate any comments on the violin about where it could have been made and the quality of the work. Length 357mm updated Width Upper Bouts 170mm Middle Bouts 112mm Lower Bouts 213mm.........yes, and it don't fit most standard violin cases Rib Height 33mm
  8. KStott

    Violin ID

    Hello, Any help identifying where and when this violin could have been made would be greatly appreciated. I’ve had a couple of folks say that it looked English or Scottish.
  9. If this fiddle is real deal then someone got a real deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/162139715368?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  10. I've been reading and trying to learn for a long time now. Today is my first post. The Tarisio auction ended today and I noticed that 1 of the 4 Hill bows was in a bidding war and the other 3 didn't sale. Could someone point out to me what I'm not seeing? Was it the weight?
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