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  1. Finally you came to valuable conclusion! You deserve a medal of honor!
  2. Martin will be able to do a sniff test of this beauty:
  3. Aivars

    violin ID

    Whom you try to fool with 10k price tag? Small amount of love invested within that flat, roughly created violin. Is there some mafia, where some of you involved?
  4. If You want to know a correct tune, go outside in the apropriate time, when cuckoo bird sing his song. It is usually Mi - Do notes in tune. Designer, Who designed that bird, invented sound too...
  5. I have no plans for it, just a scientific interest of the origin.
  6. Good day or night To me it looks beautiful. What is it?
  7. Pay attention to Artur's ability to change bow direction (2:56-2:57) almost invisible. This ability is a very big plus to the violin playing. Not all can do that, because it depends of the hand structure too.
  8. Artur reminds me another Master - Michael Rabin. Meditation by Him: Click Listen
  9. (56 GRAMS MY GOD WHO CAN USE SOMETHING LIKE THAT, DOES IT MAKE ANY SOUND?) Best sounding and handling bows usually weight 56 grams (Maybe they get lighter over 100+years) it is interesting number. If the wood is with a good speed of sound parameter, then stick can be lighter and it produces more sound (allows violin strings to dance more freely, because both horsehair endings interacts with better response ) than standard weight bow with not so good wood. I have one very good bow with these specs.
  10. Why not to try to add some extra weight (some silver wire, or other well ringing material - around the stick where needed) to the old good sounding wood, if you need it heavier? Because no one invented that? So what.. Probably in the same way with appropriate material - you can strengthen some weaker places on some bows, for example at the middle - for the bows, that are bouncing too much. Just theory.
  11. Aivars

    Violin Tailpiece ID

    Congrats for Your new toy : I recently bought mine for the same price at auction :