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  1. I was under the impression that the OP is dealing with a one piece "finished back" rather than a slab or board. If so then planning would be very limited to correct the warping.
  2. Merry Christmas to all and the best to all in the new year !!!
  3. The spindle bearings on most drill presses are not designed to take side pressure like a milling machine. If you are going to use a drill press for milling / planning operations you should make very light cuts or you will soon be able to drill 3/8 holes using a 1/4 drill bit.
  4. LT Marvin M Rupp, pilot B-24, died April 24, 1944. Rest in Peace Father
  5. Has anyone used very thin cut of shellac to the insides? I read somewhere that somebody was doing that but it was a LONG time ago.
  6. We had a nice sirloin steak on the grill with asparagus and morels, and of course, a baked tater. Also, made a Blu Cheese sauce (not dressing) that was great with the steak.
  7. My Craftsman manual says: Minimum turning radii for blades are 1/8 in wide blade ....... 1/4 in radius 3/16 in wide blade .....1/2 in radius 1/4 in wide blade .......3/4 in radius 3/8 in wide blade........1 in radius Each blade, depending upon its width can continuously saw any curve having a radius as much or more than the minimum turning radius of the blade.
  8. Here in the Ozarks "dog legged" is a common term for that condition.
  9. Could it be that ammonia fuming was used to get that color ? A lot of old woodcarvers used that process. Just a thought.
  10. Has anyone tried Osage Orange or persimmon for bows??
  11. I used liquid hide glue on my first violin (before I knew better) and it held up fine for a few years in Colorado. When I moved to Missouri the hot and humid weather got it . It is now in pieces. The only thing I use it for now is to temp glue blocks and corners in the mold or when a little dab will do ya.
  12. Back in 2001 while traveling in Germany I bought a nice violin case for my daughter because of the excellent exchange rate. When returning to the US customs asked "what's in the case". When I said it was empty the bells went off as he did not believe me. I thought he was going to tear it apart then brought in the dog for a few sniffs. Finally they agreed that the case was empty. I think I would have been better off if I had purchased a cheap fiddle to put in the case than travel with an empty one.
  13. Linden


    Birchwood Casey makes a product called "Brass Black". Seems like a better way than messing around with eggs
  14. The most difficult thing for me is trying to remember. After taking a 32 year break from violin making I look at some of my past work and think "how did I do that" !! CRS is setting in I'm afraid. LOL
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