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  1. Yes, the later one I have found info on too. What leads me to think this belongs to the earlier one is actually an image burned on the back. It's a picture of a gypsy dancing and the date on the image says 1630 which would coincide with the 1700 century Henry Jaye. A friend found this instrument which was being sold as a piece of folk art because of the Gypsy on the back. The info I am looking on the LETE is from another piece that has his label in it and I was trying to research him.
  2. I should have added a picture to help. The picture doesn't show much. It was hard to get all of it and you can see more with the naked eye than you can in the picture. What I believe is the Henry and the J. It's very faint but you can see more underneath this.
  3. Two questions: Perhaps a few more.... 1. I am trying to find an example of a label by LETE who repaired violins in the early 1800's, as well as other biographical information about him. I have searched in google and they show many labels from early violins but none for a JH LETE, at least that I have found. Does anyone have an idea of where to look? 2. I also am looking for a example of the signature of a Henry Jaye, the maker from early 1600's. And I know he was known for his Viols and Cellos but little is written about any violin he might have made although I did
  4. I certainly understand what you are saying and what many of the others are saying. And I am more than willing and happy to make helpful corrections so people understand exactly what they are getting. I am currently working on some new language to describe what you are saying but in a way that will still appeal to our intended audience. However I will never stand for personal degrading attacks and over the top insulting comments. That is a fiddle played two ways. For those making honest and legitimate suggestions I do offer my sincere thanks for your thoughts and concerns. Many of
  5. Thanks for the arrangement notes. I'll take a look at that. I originally included the three stories because I thought they were interesting. My thought is if you are going to model an instrument after one of those three greats, then having a story to go along with your instrument will make it that much more interesting. But I have heard your comments and will continue to work the text and layouts. But you are correct about the difference between the copy and original. When I develop a weekend getaway package or even a month long violin building getaway package, the experience is always w
  6. Thanks for your comments. I will look at what you have written in detail. However the quote about the attic Stad, is quoted appropriately on our site as required, complete with reference and date. It sounds like you didn't actually read the quote. I have interviewed dozens of musicians who play the instrument they built and each one has something in common. They tell me without prompting, what the instrument is modeled after. Which is where the "own your own strad" comes from. Yes it's a copy as one without question would understand. So, yes, they proudly tell me the have built a c
  7. Sorry David, But I won't participate in a discussion as you insinuated. I would take some offense at your assertion. We do not nor have ever "hustled" vulnerable people. Don has spoken about this idea for years and we have talked at length about it. Don isn't a promoter, he often refuses to even speak about the amazing things he has done. If i didn't drag it out of him, no one would know what an accomplished individual he is. I actually resent your implication.
  8. Meastonet Members, Let me back track a few steps and attempt to revive the cadaver. I own the PineCrest Inn which will welcome the guests to Don's school. I wrote the pages on the site. I have never built a violin and am only "learning" to play. I wrote the pages as I would write copy for any project I would promote. If there was verbiage that you found questionable or objectionable, it was not due to Don Roy, but rather to my own attempt to write engaging copy. And obviously it was engaging, but not as I anticipated. FIrst: To set the record straight, we choose a photo foun
  9. Dear Mr. Moderator, Thank you for posting my comments. I wasn't sure you would. I did qualify my comments with the word "some". Not all the comments were those I took issues with. Some were fair and had good things to suggest. I was the others I took issue with. I happen to know Don and play one of his instruments. He has done more to promote the craft than most could do in a dozen life times. He create a fiddle orchestra that has grown to over 140 members. He welcomes those with 6 months worth of lessons into the orchestra, working with them to find a part they can play and then w
  10. I am finding this entire thread very disturbing. You do not raise yourself to a higher level by attempting to destroy that which another creates. You only sink beneath your very comment. Some of you understand what it takes to operate a business, start something from scratch, yet you carry on like an envious school children gossiping in a dark cloak room. Many of you have your own web sites listed for all to not only read your comments but see exactly who you are, where you live what you do for a living. That which should unite you is destroying any credibility you might have