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  1. Hello Maestronet experts, Have anyone ever owned a Master (T21), T20 or T19 violin, viola or violin bow from this Shanghai based violin workshop lately? I am thinking getting a viola, a violin and couple bows from them but need to know if they are any good before taking a plunge. Please kindly provide me your honest opinion like quality of finish, set up, varnish and sound etc., Are there much difference between a T19 and T20, and how good is their Master violins (T21)? I am also interested in their bows, are they any good especially those Master IPE violin bows? Thank you very much for your opinions
  2. Hello, Is there any one who has any information on this violin maker from Washington, DC? Any information about this violin maker or his violins will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I acquired a full size viola few years back and the label inside was blotted out by ink. However the name penned by ink "Charles S Sweet" is still clearly visible. I presume he was the maker of this viola but I am not able to find anything on the web about this maker. Is there any one of you experts knows anything about who is this Charles S Sweet and like to share with me? I will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.
  4. Yes, I came across this viola listing along with a few violins including a Paul Bailley on 8 separate listings from different seller IDs on two or three occasions and on each occasions a slightly modified email was used to contact the seller direct. Due to curiosity I sent this seller an email to find out more and as expected an return reply arrive shortly plus a few more at a later dates at reduced prices. I am not sure if eBay has policy in place to detect, identify and stop scams like this before its being listed. In the recent months I have seen scams on Jiang Ming Zhu violins and violas on eBay with ridiculous shipping charges like $1898 then $188 etc.
  5. I believe this is the same listing. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/French-violin-Maurice-Mermillot-1896-with-fire-stamp-/282518558772?hash=item41c76b1834:g:33cAAOSw-29ZO9dx
  6. This is very interesting. I purchased a Master level violin from the Beijing Opera Workshop few years back and for the first 18 months I just love the sound of it. Gentle, sweet, clear and warm. Lately it has became a different violin, it roars and cries that I don't like to play it any more. I have no idea what happened. The same dominant strings are still on and even after I shortened and moved the sound post a bit closer to the bridge. This violin has became louder for no reason. I changed to an other perlon strings but did not calm it down. Are there any explanation why a violin violin suddenly changes from singing to crying? I am all ears. Thank you.
  7. Personally I have not seen this violin but have tried many places to see if that maker even existed. From my research there was no such violin maker anywhere so I presumed 99.99% that the label is fake. Are there anyone ever heard of a violin maker by the name of Zanetti?
  8. Here is the link to the second violin my friend just purchase from Venezia violin. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Fine-Antique-GIUSEPPE-ZANETTI-4-4-Old-ITALIAN-Master-Violin-geige-fiddle-/162497257937?hash=item25d59761d1:g:2MUAAOSw7GRZBdOZ He does not have the link for the first violin he bought more than a year ago. Thank you for all your opinions and comments.
  9. Yes I agree with what you have just said Franciscus. I will try to get my buddy to send me the eBay link of the second violin that he bought and post it. Stay tuned.
  10. Both violins my friend bought were described as "professional pegs, good set up with quality strings and quality parts" This was quite misleading as my friend just told me the second violin he bought the strings were not only basic but two of the 4 strings had no windings at the peg end, this means tuning will be difficult. The bridge was also improperly cut and fitted so a new bridge is required. So that violin did not have a good set up as described. I have been watching this seller for some time and on numerous occasions he has auctioned the same violins concurrently on eBay and Cremonae.com. I certainly avoid this seller and now my friend has learned his lesson. As far as my friend is concerned he would not have complained if only the strings were bad because he was prepared to replaced them any way, but with both improper fitted bridge and pegs It was something else. I asked him why he bought a second violin he answer was simple " I just want an Italian violin that plays good and my last one was ok and hope to get a better one". This will be his last purchase from the seller.
  11. One of my friends bought a violin from him on eBay because this seller described the violin was located in Venezia and the pegs were professionally done. Well, the violin was shipped to him from Hungary and the pegs were not properly fitted with different lengths and did not look that professional. My friend complained and this seller immediately compensated him for the cost of refitting the pegs. I guess this guy will not let anyone a chance to provide a negative feedback by compensating them, Also this seller blocked my friend from any further biddings. I would not dare to imagine why a seller will block any bidders from bidding on his instruments. Something is wrong here. My friend then used another user name to buy another instrument. The second violin was also described as in a Venezia location but again shipped from Hungary with same peg problem and get an immediate compensation. Again this seller blocked him right after. Something is certainly wrong with this guy. After the compensation my friend paid less than $300 for each of his two violins which is ok. By the way this sellers has used two separate eBay IDs before.
  12. I just come across two copies of Maggini sold on eBay, both made almost around the same time by different makers but sold at a different prices. Any comments? Thank you. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Fine-Antique-GIUSEPPE-ZANETTI-4-4-Old-ITALIAN-Master-Violin-geige-fiddle-/162497257937? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/332197302285?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  13. This same violin is now on eBay auction block. Wondering how much it will fetch at the end. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/112357818350?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. I managed to fix the case with few staples and small screws and it is pretty good for now. She took it to her youth orchestra tonight and her fellow players all wanted to play it. Thank you.
  15. Well I just received this viola and it is certainly a pleasant surprise. I am not a professional viola player but the sound of this viola is warm, bright and mellow and it is very nice to listen to. The bow has a stamp "Leon" and no idea what it refers to and it weights 70 grams a little heavy for myself but for a 16 year old it should be ok. The case is an older hard-shell case with normal wear and tear and a broken hinge but still in a fairly good shape Personally speaking I went to a few shops in the city and a viola sounds this good with a triangular case and a Brazilwood wood bow is selling for around $2000 CDN so for $150 USD it is a pretty good deal. There was a note accompanied with this viola says this is a non profit volunteer organization for a charity group so I believe all their sales items are donated so price is not really an issue. Thank you for your input and I cannot wait to hear my niece plays it.
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