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  1. J.DiLisio's Bench

    Wonderful, especially the scroll, would love to own a violin like that. Truly curious what the da Salo will be like!
  2. Melvin Goldsmith bench

  3. J.DiLisio's Bench

    That looks really nice, hope you upload more pictures.
  4. Correct Way to Tilt the Bow

    Oh, so that explains the constant barrage of questions.
  5. Correct Way to Tilt the Bow

    I'd avoid anything involving tension in the shoulder, especially raising... Not sure about 'opening'. My guess would be it's more of a combination of the first two, probably fingers mostly.
  6. Starting viola

    Well, playing without a shoulder rest in the correct way (in my opinion) involves no raising of the shoulder as everything is done with the left hand and a bit of weight from the jaw. I find that it suits me best as well, being an adult beginner, albeit young, it's easier if everything is analysed and broken down into its constituents, to some degree... Best of luck.
  7. Starting viola

    Mistake - delete...
  8. Starting viola

    I suppose that other than getting used to the different size and weight of the instrument (I remember you played shoulder- and chin-rest-less, right?) and finding the right contact point to get a full, 'viola' sound, there should be not much difference. Not tilting the bow-hair as much would help too. Zukerman says he is also able to draw the bow at a slower speed on the viola as well.
  9. String recommendations

    Might as well delete my reply then, too.
  10. String recommendations

    That site looks awful to me. You say 'any string instruments', which one do you have in mind? Violin? Have you tried playing at all? And if you don't mind, how old are you? If you have no idea about playing and violins, you should preferably find someone who knows and visit a shop. Perhaps find a teacher first and then find a violin with their help. Visiting local, or not so local, shops and seeing what they have to offer... And also, do mention your budget; not much of a budget for someone else might mean a small fortune for me. If it's, say, <300$, then I guess you could try eBay, I've had some good luck with some Chinese workshops. They'll still probably need setting up by a good luthier. But it can be hit or miss, so take that with a grain of salt. Maybe.
  11. String recommendations

    It's been a couple of years, but I remember trying the Violino set. Supposedly, they are pretty similar to the Obligatos in the way they're made, can't remember details, but they are mellower. Perhaps their A could fit well with the overall sound while being a bit tamer.
  12. Favorite Online Violin Teachers / Pedagogs?

    There are many lessons that Pinchas Zukerman has had with several students available on youtube and on a dedicated site.
  13. String recommendations

    What do you dislike about the Obligato A?
  14. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    I agree with that, but many people seem to play from day one using a rest without ever getting trouble, pain, so they never think of playing without. I used to be in a lot of pain so I took it off, but it hasn't been easy. I am sure that the pain was partly due to my being more tense in general, so if the idea of playing without a rest wasn't so stuck in my head, I probably would have gone back to it. My current teacher can play just fine with or without one, but chooses to play with the rest most of the time. He is relaxed, he has figured it out, and he believes in not putting obstacles in the way of playing. What I am trying to say is that, you can probably find a way to play in a healthy manner whether you use a rest or not; in the end, I think, it's all about whether you believe it is an obstacle or a crutch. It can be both. A fascination with Kogan and Oistrakh and Milstein and the like tends to shape one's beliefs in a certain way...
  15. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    I might be wrong, as I can't remember exactly how a shoulder rest fits my neck, but wouldn't the violin still stay on the collarbone in the same place as it would without one? I mean, that distance, which is where you place your jaw, seems to stay the same in my mind. Or is it slightly raised too?... If you didn't use one, I would suggest a piece of cloth or pad under the shirt on top of the collarbone. That helps with the height, helps me, and also with the irritation, as my violin hickey seems to have transferred from my neck to my collarbone! Anyway, I suppose you could still try it.