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  1. Bow Holds???

    Why not just hold it in a way that feels natural to you?
  2. This may be a genuine "Holy Crap!"

  3. Doing the unthinkable!

    Thinking the unthinkable...
  4. Tarisio October Cello!

    Hahaha that was expected....
  5. Tarisio October Cello!

    I'm not big at all, actually. But I do play a 16.5'... if it does sound good, I don't mind it being small, certainly, but will it have that dark nutty lower register sound? I do get your point, though; unless you find the exception it's usually a compromise. (If you find a small one that sounds like a da Salo, up to maybe 5k, send me a message... )
  6. Tarisio October Cello!

    I'd love to hear it. I bet it sounds lovely regardless.
  7. Rachel Barton Pine plays Happy Birthday

    Damn, I was going to say Haydn right after Bach too... Forgot. Well, no wonder I didn't get the last ones either, they aren't attributed to specific composers. :/ That was quite fun.
  8. Tarisio October Cello!

    Lot #18 viola looks quite nice to me. Bit small...
  9. Rachel Barton Pine plays Happy Birthday

    I'm thinking maybe Beethoven before the 4th minute and Brahms after. I mean, 5+ is basically the Sextet No. 1. Is every variation by a new composer, supposedly, or are they grouped 2-3 together? Around the 8th minute there's Dvorak... Is the 11+ something like.... um... Webern? Although, I guess these are meant to be more well-known. And then there's Monti at the end.
  10. Gasparo 'da Salò' violas

    Well.... me neither.
  11. Gasparo 'da Salò' violas

    Oh, I thought Spirocore. Karneols have the same all-red winding?
  12. Chinrests - where is your chin supposed to go?

    Weirdly enough, I think my viola sounds worse without a chin rest. I've tried a few times, always the same weird sound. Even though the thought is appealing, and I'm pretty sure at this point I could ditch the chin rest as well. But it just doesn't sound good!
  13. Gasparo 'da Salò' violas

    Oh, you, you got me.
  14. Gasparo 'da Salò' violas

    @christian bayon You're a gem! Thank you! There's that weird, transparent chinrest as well...
  15. Gasparo 'da Salò' violas

    Well, there it is! Thanks! Do you have photos of it? *wink wink*