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  1. I can't find the rest of it, though.
  2. @Stephen Fine, you keep introducing me to amazing music...
  3. thirteenthsteph

    Don Noon's bench

    Did you record it?!?!
  4. thirteenthsteph

    Rosin recommendation

  5. thirteenthsteph

    Ergonomic Viola Idea

    I don't think there is any point in trying to create a different kind of viola to maximise its output as it would no longer be a viola, for which music has been written for centuries and people love for the sound and shape that it has. Is the violin the perfect, most efficient vessel to produce the range of frequencies it's supposed to produce? I don't think so, nor is there any reason for it to; it has a violin sound and the viola has a viola sound. Also, none of these instruments are exactly easy on the body, not the violin, nor the cello. But one can learn to play in such a way as to avoid injury and play with ease, it is definitely possible, and there are plenty of makers that make violas that are perfectly playable without being a completely different shape. Plus, I never understood people who only focus on the sound; for me it is also a thing of beauty and I'd hate to see a tradition change so radically only to turn into that ugly thing. Now, me, poof!
  6. thirteenthsteph

    Another violin ID quiz

    My first thought was a nice Chinese, mostly because of the varnish, but I'm no expert.
  7. thirteenthsteph

    Don Noon's bench

    Please post a clip of the viola too when it's ready!
  8. thirteenthsteph

    Rosin recommendation

    One rosin to rule them all, huh? I used Bernardel before trying Kaplan Light (on the viola). I switched to Kaplan because I hated getting my fingers all sticky by touching the Bernardel cloth, but the little plastic Kaplan case got all sticky as well so now it needs a cloth to hold as well. I'm very satisfied with my change soundwise, though, as the Bernardel seems to produce a scratchy sound, whereas Kaplan seems smoother. But maybe that means that Bernardel produced more high frequencies, so it might suit someone else.
  9. thirteenthsteph

    Test drive with one of my violas.

    Pretty sure I have, but, well, I could be wrong in this case.
  10. thirteenthsteph

    Test drive with one of my violas.

    Pretty sure the bridge has slightly come forward while tuning the C string (and gone unnoticed).
  11. thirteenthsteph

    Hahn Pizzicato

  12. thirteenthsteph

    Hahn Pizzicato

    Trust me, I'm a detail freak, too, but in this case I don't think it's that complicated. Just bring it into the palm in a way that feels secure and gives your index more freedom to pizz. Whether it's the 3rd phalanx or knuckle is not important in my opinion. You can try it and see which feels best.
  13. thirteenthsteph

    Hahn Pizzicato

    No, no, this ancient knowledge should have never been released to the public! Now everyone will be able to hold the stick with the rest of the hand while doing pizzicato!
  14. thirteenthsteph

    Hahn Pizzicato

    You have to be kidding!
  15. thirteenthsteph

    Curious1's bench

    Yep. It sounds excellent.