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  1. It's the Adagio from the first Sonata of the Sonatas and Partitas for violin by Bach.
  2. Oh, oh, no... see the name on there?
  3. @Bill Merkel There is wear in the thumb leather, but the varnish is intact where the pinky touches. The frog is ebony, not plastic.
  4. Thank you @fiddlecollector, @The Violin Beautiful and @PhilipKT, I will use a piece of tape on the brand. @Bill Merkel and @Deo Lawson, it's not so much a problem with the pinky alone; my whole hand becomes sweaty and I find it hard to feel comfortable with the bow as it tends to slip and my hold constantly changes (usually goes higher, towards the tip where it feels lighter), so I thought that a bit of friction there would help the overall stability of my bow hold. I definitely don't grip it too tightly or press too hard. But I will try practising colle, thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Great! Therefore, I will cut the leather piece properly and use a glue like Titebond. Thank you all!
  6. Even with the term I can't seem to find an image of it on Google... I'm certain I've seen it, though. Thanks!
  7. @Brad Dorsey I mean the area I've marked in the image. Thanks!
  8. Hello and Merry Christmas to all! I was wondering how one might install a bit of leather on the bow so that the pinky doesn't slip; I have pretty sweaty fingers and I think this might help a bit.I'm pretty sure I've seen some old Hill (?) bows that have that, leather that covers the spine of the bow right above the frog. I have access to suitable leather and can cut it however I need, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be stuck on (and if so what glue would not damage the varnish?) or wrapped somehow. Thank you and happy holidays.
  9. @Bill Merkel Well, maybe this is not the right place for a discussion. PM?
  10. Indeed! I'll take a look into that. I used to read up a lot on Dounis' ideas, but I'm not sure any more that I can agree with him on many things...
  11. That's an amazing video. I remember watching it in the past, but only now am I appreciating the wealth of information in it.
  12. Yes, you can feel the vibration and control the speed as you see fit, there is no need for additional pressure. The only part where you would need to exert a tiny bit of pressure would be when you're going towards the tip in which case, with the elbow at the same level, you turn the right palm so that it looks away from you in order to sort of... get more into the string using your index finger, just to maintain a consistent contact with the string and consistent sound along the whole bow. Good luck!