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  1. So finally the violin came a week and a half ago. Today I got the violin from the violin maker in Israel. The violin was given full set up that includes new bridge, new sound post, new pegs,new strings and new tailpiece . The set-up cost me $ 150,new strings - $ 80 and the violin cost me $ 500. http://www.ebay.com/...cvip=true&rt=nc The violin maker said that in his opinion the violin worth more than $ 2,000!! It sounds very warm and mature but has a slightly weake tone, of course I'm not complaining haha I got something much better than I expected Overall I am very satisf
  2. I think that it's none of my business. The thing that might interest me is why he could not give me information if you claim that he understood the violins and knows things that he does not tell.. I asked for information, he did not give me information So I turn to the Forum to learn
  3. I do not believe he wants to hide something from me, he said it was a violin that he himself won an auction and just sell it.
  4. Thank you, I believe that at least two to three weeks. I'd love to get information about the violin if someone can give me, the seller knows nothing..I suppose it's the "usual junk", but the question is if someone could tell me anything beyond that
  5. Now I bought a violin! It is likely that you say as last time "worthless" I paid $ 500, hoping to hear a good violin, I have found on $ 500 only Chinese violins that look like they are made of plastic in Tel Aviv. I just want it to look and play better than them. Not a big expectation http://www.ebay.com/itm/OLD-4-4-VIOLIN-/201697584498?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=wjcpTN%252FG%252FNw4BikmopuAe%252FYLo2k%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  6. Sounds good! I'm ready to show you where the best hummus in Israel, good shawarma can be found in almost every big city in Israel. And bonus you did not specify - excellent falafel! now Let me bring you real dealbreaker - we have an amazing philharmonic orchestra in israel, my violin teacher Plays the viola in the orchestra so I always have free tickets to all of their concerts
  7. Sounds like a tempting offer Define "tour in Israel" please Old churches in Jerusalem and exclusive restaurants will not be part of the menu with me the tour may include private parties until the morning in Tel Aviv you can get to know the hottest clubs in town
  8. I have a great violin. The problem:I also teaches violin in elementary schools in groups. I dont want to teach with my Expensive violin - so I should have also a cheap violin.I am talking about a lot of little kids that are naturally very curious.. I do not want anything to happen to my precious violin and bow
  9. That's what I did with my violin bow. I was on vacation in Italy and I checked a lot of violin bows after I could not find anything matches to my budget is israel. I bought a fantastic bow from a man named walter Barbiero The violin bow cost me 2500 euros When I came to Israel everyone told me that this kind of bow is sold in Israel for at least 3500 Euros http://www.walterbarbiero.com/joomla/it/archi/moderno/violino * I bought a silver mounted, not gold..
  10. There is an option to ask the seller about shipping to Israel because it offers international shipping. Delivery will cost me 35 euros
  11. I'll have to miss work and go specifically to Holon. I can not send him in whatsapp because is not holding a smartphone, he did not even know what is a smartphone I thought to get help here but if this is not possible I will go to him and show him
  12. The prices of instruments is very high in all Israel, where there is a high VAT to traders and a lot of taxes. If you go to luthier in Tel Aviv and ask for the most inexpensive violin (made in China), he will ask you to pay NIS 4000-3000 There is a very old luthier in Holon (the periphery of Tel Aviv) that I know through my teacher. he is very cheap in relation to others and doing a great job but - it does not have a studio (he does everything in his house) he can not give receipts and still a lot of good players with expensive musical instruments that I know are going to this person. eve
  13. The question now is what instrument I can buy? , In a local store all the instruments under 500 euros a terrible sound. I played quite a few old instruments in good condition at the same price that sounds much better. Does anyone have a recommendation for me? I thought about the following instruments: http://www.ebay.com/itm/geige-Nr-5-mit-Zettel-Nicolaus-Amati-/232087819656?hash=item3609831588:g:tEkAAOSwwpdW8WOS http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nr-46-geige-mit-Zettel-seraphin-uhnensis-Venetijia-ann-1742-/331966551074?hash=item4d4abf9422:g:zC8AAOSwezVWvy-O I sent a request to cancel the purchase, t
  14. Will it be really evil of me to ask whether it is possible to cancel the deals a few hours after I sent the "Buy Now"? I did not win the auction. This is regular buying.. It is important for me to hear your opinion if it is not good of me I can not cancel the deal
  15. German violin ID Hi, everyone, I bought a violin on eBay at 300 euros and I'm not really sure the purchasing was wise , I thought that this violin is be better than the Chinese violin at 300-400 euros and saw that he was no cracks - but the fingerboard detached from the violin, he will have a new bridge and new sound post, also new strings and has already arrived to more than 500 euros after the set up,I want to know what do you think- the usual junk as saying "Jacobsaunders"? Or is it cute German violin that worth the amount of money? on the label - "Johann Uhlrich Fichtl in Mitten
  16. http://www.interload.co.il/upload/6444132.jpg http://www.interload.co.il/upload/3063843.jpg http://www.interload.co.il/upload/7855575.jpg http://www.interload.co.il/upload/2963325.jpg http://www.interload.co.il/upload/7187742.jpg Are these images more useful?
  17. http://www.interload.co.il/upload/6823685.jpg Thank you all for your help. Last question - Can anyone tell me what language it was written / What does this say?
  18. I did not determine that this is a Tyrolean violin. I just asked
  19. The violin sounds amazing. Very warm and full, but I probably will not buy it because I am afraid of the amount of the cracks. the violin cost 5000$. What do you think?
  20. sounds amazing!! Unfortunately I never played this viola because my teacher will not let me
  21. I was told that The scroll is irrelevant because it is not authentic