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  1. Oh, I didn't know.
  2. I just wipe rosin off the body with a dry cloth.
  3. I agree with Will. It is good to compare violins. Bring your Cremona with you and compare it with what you're buying.
  4. Are you happy with the sound? Why would you get it appraised (out of curiosity)?
  5. I agree with the above suggestion, but it's hit and miss. I've definitely had luck with craigslist, but it's not easy to find what you want. This could just be my area, though.
  6. What do you plan on doing with this violin? Selling it? Playing it?
  7. I would try a variety of violins in-person in this price range. Money doesn't always tell quality, and every human has different tastes for sound.
  8. Gligas are okay overall. I just find them to be too dark-sounding for my taste.
  9. An attractive-looking violin might not necessarily sound good or be easy to play. Sound and playability do not exactly equal price. You cannot judge a violin by info on the internet.
  10. When I say "good shape," I mean an instrument is ready to play and sounds okay. There should be no cracks, and it should be well set up. Even if the instrument isn't in the greatest shape but can be set up to play without too much effort, the player would go crazy. A luthier could tweak the setup and fix any issues.
  11. Man, why are you so concerned about the visual beauty or the maker and origin of an instrument. As long as it's in good shape and sounds good, I don't see the point of worrying, unless you're curious.
  12. Is it in good condition? Does it sound okay? Fake labels don't mean bad violins, right?
  13. Okay, fair enough. What's so special about a wooden tailpiece? I'm just asking out of curiosity. Both would work perfectly fine.
  14. Use a metal tailpiece instead.
  15. For your own practice, it doesn't really matter. For ensemble with piano (or other rigidly-tuned instrument), follow that. Otherwise I don't know much.