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  1. Will printing the mold on the US legal paper come out to the same size in real life, or will I have to resize it?
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently in the market for a new violin. Hoping for a step up from my $1000 infinite strings master build violin. I saw infinite strings' new private stock violins and wanted to know how they compare to the Jay Haide (special and non-special edition violins), and the Scott Cao STV-1500. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much to all of you who have replied. I will definitely try to go to a summer music camp/ immersive music experience as suggested. I will also try to post a YouTube video by the end of the month (somewhat busy at the moment, sorry). Thank you for the kind words and helpful advice, Shyam
  4. Dear violinists and friends, I first started the violin (with a private teacher) halfway through the 6th grade, when I was about to turn 12. At the time I was not very serious, and did not practice very much. However, ever since listening to maxim Vengerov live a few months back, I have been practicing seriously (4 hrs a day). The materials I am currently working on is as follows: Carl Flesch (just started this week), Czardas by Monti (just finished this week), Mazas (working on No. 3 this week), 2,4,6 positions by Harvey Whistler (I know how to play the positions, can't sight read in them yet though), Melodious Double Stops Book 1 (almost finished, I am working on No. 25 this week), and Sevcik Op. 2 Volume 1 (the one with bowings for the chords, we skip around in this one). I really love the violin, in its entirety. Given my current level, do you think there is a possibility for me to minor in violin performance (as in would I pass the auditions). I am currently in the 10th grade. Thx
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