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  1. I posted which ones I got recently in a thread, I'll see if I can find it. I used Davide Sora's PDF of scroll widths and radii, and also examined the circle arcs of my own templates, and ended up with seven ordinary "scroll" gouges and an incannel. I can't remember who, but a well respected maker here has one of each gouge they make and says he uses all of them. The eight total Karlsson gouges, plus a tiny Japanese one, are all the gouges I use for a fiddle. Might have to buy more when I get around to cellos.
  2. I got mine from Karlsson, a family forge in Sweden. They were no more expensive than the dastra or stubai factory pieces (cheaper, in fact, by a little bit) and had perfectly shaped thumbnail edges, at a sharpness I would call ready to work. I've never gotten any other new tools that required no setup.
  3. I, too, would prefer not to repair or restore, and hope to reach a point in my making career where that's all I do. There are a lot of really talented folks out there who specialize in rehabilitating damaged instruments - I think of it as an art unto itself.
  4. Damn, Mike - that's a beaut. I do keep my eyes peeled on the regional Craigslist, and will restate that I am open to a vintage machine. My main reason for asking about the "greatest latest" is ease of acquisition on short notice. The aesthetic design of your Delta is so appropriate for it's time, and still looks (and I imagine works) great today. @Jim BressBress - yessir, I am in agreement on all points.
  5. Following up on my bandsaw thread (I'll be getting a Laguna 14Bx) - who has strong opinions about what the finest commercially available drill presses are for the trade? I'm not currently entertaining purchasing a vintage piece, unless I happen to find one nearby at an unbeatable price. I want to know what folks think about the presses of today from the big names - powermatic, Jet, etc. Thanks! J
  6. I like to use sepia watercolor inside the pegbox and f-hole surfaces. It's more a dark brown than a black. I'm open to using the same varnish as the rest of the instrument, however.
  7. The photos on Rikon's page for the saw show the saw equipped with bearing guides: https://www.rikontools.com/product/10-326. Maybe the dealer you bought it from upgraded for you? Looks like a lovely saw though. The Laguna 14Bx comes with ceramic guides.
  8. Can't seem to find that model number listed. Is it out of production?
  9. That's my philosophy for all tool purchases.
  10. I appreciate all the rapid input, folks. Bandsaw it is, most likely the Laguna 14Bx. Just have to drive to Spokane to pick it up.
  11. What do I need the bigger saw for? I have a dear friend, a cabinet maker, in town with two bandsaws, one of which is always set up for resawing. He's kind enough to let me drop in when I need to.
  12. I like what I'm reading - I've been wanting an excuse to get a Laguna 14 anyway
  13. Hey folks, Setting up my new shop in WA, and trying to figure out the last few pieces in my kit. At the IU shop, I had a bandsaw and a scroll saw. I'd use the band for plate and scroll outlines, and the scroll for roughing f holes. I don't see any reason I couldn't do it all with a high end scroll saw, like the Exalibur, larger Jet models, or Seyco. If I can get away with only one of the two, I'd prefer to spare the space. I'd appreciate y'alls thoughts. Thanks J