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  1. Hey E, Karlssons are no joke. I just got in seven gouges and an incannel from them. When I ordered, they said they'd email when they had finish making them. Took six weeks, but was absolutely worth the wait.
  2. What does methylsulfonylmethane have to do with anything?
  3. Andreas, I value your insights! Its clear "approach" informs the end result, and the opposite is true in a way also.
  4. I studied your gouge list, then ordered the sweeps I needed from Karlsson. They are many thousands of times better than the Chinese gouges I was using until now.
  5. Michael, Thanks for cutting through the obfuscation.
  6. There appears to be room in the market for those who use CNC and those who don't. Given that, I have a hard time feeling too dogmatic about it. Personally and for my own work, I'm right there with Nathan to a great degree, but it doesn't bother me in the least that other folks are making great use of machines.
  7. I understand completely. I must share your addiction!
  8. Davide, speaking as a very serious admirer of your work, and having watched most if not all of your videos: I don't think you need to change anything!
  9. Thank you for filling in the blanks, Davide! I use the Berbuer shaver, which works rather differently than the conventional block shavers or the albertis, so my perspective is a bit skewed.
  10. If you insert the reamer into the shaver and try to wiggle it around a little, that will tell you if the tapers are matched. No wiggle means they are, wiggle means they aren't. If they are not, you can loosen the screws that hold the blade and adjust the blade position until the wiggle is gone. Best wishes!
  11. Like! Even Italian autodidact fiddles can fetch outlandish prices.
  12. Thanks to Jim for the info! I've had the pleasure to encounter two JBV cellos up close and personal, and I enjoyed them a lot. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about the violins, at least the three I've had in hand. So do you think you'll do it as is, or scale it down? I'd be inclined to go to the original geometry of the B form. Why copy a copyist?
  13. A - the Scarface ref made me chuckle B - what sort of geometry is at work in that JBV cello / who was he copying?