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  1. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    Thanks for your reply. My teacher says the same thing, but it seems to be a minority opinion.
  2. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    Does this mean you suggest that the varnish be put on the bare wood, without having first sealed it or applied a mineral ground?
  3. Duram's Water Putty for purfling filler?

    I read somewhere that on the decorated Strads, the fill around the shell inlay is "black mastic", which I take to mean some mixture of proper chios mastic and asphaltum/mineral pitch. For something white is agree with the above suggestion to fit shavings or scraper dust of the same wood in there.
  4. Model number of Audinot Violin

    I'm afraid Audinot anything about it.
  5. Violin From Floorboards

    What an inspiring fellow!
  6. Old "solarium" for tanning wood....

    Cool, Julian! Do you make use of the ventilation ports also? I bet it gets toasty in there
  7. Perry Sultana...

    I'm guessing because he used the torrefied neck. It's already burnt!
  8. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    Since fiddle players tend to be more accepting of alternative materials, I'd jump at the chance to try something different for the back and ribs. I encountered a dark, rich sounding fiddle with a slab alder back in Eugene Oregon once. Looked really cool too.
  9. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    I'd be happy to start a new thread for discussing the Federation, if you like.
  10. Caption this...

    I guess they were going more "Birth of Venus" than "Eve in the Garden". What an incredible pain it must have been to make.
  11. Perry Sultana...

    I'm sure you can use the other for something else, you'll just have to bush the holes.
  12. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    I'm thrilled! Three cheers for the Ann Arbor gang! Thanks, fellas! I'll work hard, I promise.
  13. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Works for me! There's a heck of a lot I could learn from him.
  14. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    I hope not. We fully expect that, if the program survives, it will be with some modifications. For myself and the few other students who are studying seriously, all we want is the opportunity to continue studying with a skilled instructor and to render aid to the community of string players. I think the model you propose could accomplish that. I have placed myself at the service of the administration, and hope to work with them to find a solution.
  15. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Right there with you, Jeffrey!