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  1. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    Nothing to add sadly, but this is a cool thread. Thanks Tula!
  2. Musician Needs to have Violin made for him

    Sounds fun! Rosewood is darn heavy, but I'm sure one of you maestros could make it work.
  3. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    Gangly ol' Nicky Paganini played without either, and so it's worth investigating (with expert guidance). There's a lot about the way most of us play these days that is potentially unhealthful, and sometimes I worry that modern contraptions can be used as a crutch or a quick fix to playing issues that might best be approached through being more mindful of what our bodies are saying as we play.
  4. PegHeds....

    So sorry, E. Yes I think it's best not to reinforce that kind of behavior with our dollars. No matter how good the product, if you treat a client like that, you deserve whatever you get (or rather don't get - our business).
  5. Perry Sultana...

    I, for one, am following this with significant interest. I doubt I'll ever make such an instrument, but there's still lots of gold in here
  6. Baroque bass bars

    I'm also a bit confused by that. You can't move the bridge very much along the y-axis without dramatically changing the string height over the fingerboard.
  7. plate tuning specs ?

    She sounds like a real character! You're lucky you got to know her. I would like to have heard some of her stories.
  8. Swedish scroll gouge set

    Yeah, I think the Mastercarver line is fishtail only.
  9. Baroque solid ebony fingerboard?

    Looks nailed to me, but I'm very curious as well to read Ben's answer.
  10. Baroque solid ebony fingerboard?

    Nice gear on that Chappuy!! Tailpiece looks a lot like the ones I've been making actually. Feeling better about that design already! As for the rest, I admit to having only anecdotal evidence - my wife is a student of Stanley Ritchie. He's known, among other things, for advocating chin on the treble side. The loaned reconverted instrument she uses has a very heavy ebony wedge which caused some discomfort initially, but after all this time of playing upwards of three hours a day she seems to have adjusted. Edited slightly for civility - sorry, Ben! It was the Tullamore Dew, I swear! One last thing - Stanley himself played (he isn't currently) for many moons on two reconverted violins with full ebony wedges, a Maggini and a Stainer. So it can't be all that bad, once you're used to it. Of course it was issues with his left thumb that caused him to stop playing, but only at 82! Considering what ballet dancers go through it's probably not worth worrying about.
  11. Straight Gouges or Bent Gouges?

    I'm with Ken here. I was taught to arch start to finish with planes, working from a jack down to tiny flat and curved finger planes. Inside, I start with a Stanley 100 1/2 and go smaller from there. I do use a gouge as part of the edge fluting, however. Whatever gets you to a good end result seems ok by me. Gouges will do it, planes will do it, sawzalls will do it...
  12. Swedish scroll gouge set

    As an option for those on a budget, I found the list of gouge sweeps and sizes that Davide Sora uses (it's here on this forum in PDF) and bought the seven that I thought I needed most. They are Mastercarver brand, made in China of some pretty gnarly hard steel, and cost me $20/gouge. They are not gorgeous, but they work very well and hold a keen edge for quite some time.
  13. Curious about this grain pattern in spruce violin top

    I feel the same way and I've never met him. The man is highly credible.
  14. Baroque solid ebony fingerboard?

    If you choose to make a veneered board, Salve HÃ¥kedal's tutorial on his website is very easy to follow. I had better luck getting the ebony to curl by passing it through steam coming off a pot of boiling water, but your mileage may vary.