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  1. JacksonMaberry

    Anyone here in Portland Oregon?

    I'll be back in Walla Walla, WA starting in July, 4 ish hours from Portland. Let's meet up, my place or yours.
  2. JacksonMaberry

    shop lights.

    Yes, I've found that quite interesting also. I have noticed the strobe you describe, but don't find it as maddening.
  3. JacksonMaberry

    shop lights.

    In addition to color temp (K), CRI or Color Rendition Index is a good number to note, with higher being better. High CRI (95+) LED bulbs can be had in the $20 range.
  4. JacksonMaberry

    Here's yet another "new" stringed instrument!

    There's a Finnish maker who produces a very clever theorbo, in which the neck folds backwards in such a way that allows the bourdon strings to be left at pitch, obviously making it significantly safer and more convenient to travel with. Silly looking though it may be, the development of the theorbo/tiorba/chitarrone was pivotal in the genesis of the experimental attempts to restore classical Greek musical drama that led to the Baroque era.
  5. JacksonMaberry

    Toothed blades

    I do something similar, but with a small flat bottomed plane equipped with an ordinary blade, then a progression of three thicknesses of scraper. Going straight from the furrows of curved fingerplanes to a scraper is not fun, I agree.
  6. JacksonMaberry

    Toothed blades

    Aside from thinning ribstock, I've not tried toothed blades - though I'd like to try it out on fingerplanes and see if it speeds up my workflow.
  7. As a reformed conductor, i used to have batons made by Chris Blount. Outstanding batons, beautifully made with great materials. I asked him how he managed the taper on his birch sticks, and he said in a drill with sandpaper as you described. I think you eventually develop the feel and they come out just fine. I tried it myself on a lark and was not able to get as good a result.
  8. JacksonMaberry

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    I've been called a lot of things, but "Boxy Honky" takes the cake. Happy New year from the central Pacific!
  9. JacksonMaberry

    Beautiful 1 pc back sale

    What's the density like? Are there matching necks?
  10. JacksonMaberry

    Placing chinrest in unorthodox places

    My favorite place to put the chinrest is in the trash
  11. JacksonMaberry

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Thanks for joining, Andreas. I've enjoyed your contribution and style. Merry Christmas to you also.
  12. JacksonMaberry

    “You can build a Stradivarius violin”

    Sure! Thought if you like you can reach out to him, he's a very approachable fellow. Here's a link to his page: https://newworldschool.cc/the-manual-of-violin-making-book/ His book provides very detailed step-by-step instructions with excellent photos. It goes into great detail, and provides significant depth where necessary. It's also got a good sense of humor, and you can tell that the author is a very well read fellow.
  13. JacksonMaberry

    Are violins the most faked objects ever? Seems super crooked.

    I just hawk a loogie right into the bass f-hole as soon as it's ready to go out the door. Hard to beat DNA!
  14. JacksonMaberry

    “You can build a Stradivarius violin”

    The J&C is a useful book, but in my estimation it is absolutely dwarved in importance and utilitiy by the Derber manual. If your only option is to learn from a book, you can't afford not to buy Derbers book. It will save you money that you would otherwise waste buying unnecessary tools and damaging wood through ignorance.
  15. JacksonMaberry

    “You can build a Stradivarius violin”

    You can't be serious!