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  1. JacksonMaberry

    Peg shapers: Alberti v Herdim

    And that is pedantry.
  2. JacksonMaberry

    Weird faux flames

  3. JacksonMaberry

    Weird faux flames

    Kinda looks like a four piece back, with large plain wings.
  4. JacksonMaberry

    Peg shapers: Alberti v Herdim

    I'd love to try the albertis sometime. I coughed up for the berbuer and like them a lot, but one always wonders how that grass on the other side of the fence tastes...
  5. JacksonMaberry

    Andreas Preuss Super-Light-Violin Project

    @Andreas Preuss any new developments?
  6. JacksonMaberry

    Tonewood storage & mould advice

    I'm very sorry! I would sun them if you can, to help kill the surface mold. Then you've got to store them somewhere well ventilated. When you begin to process the billet, if there is staining you could try a preparation of oxalic acid to bleach the stain.
  7. JacksonMaberry

    Heating rosin to make it soluble in alcohol (denatured)

    Yeah, after Amber undergoes pyrogenization it is a different animal, yet still produces the hardest (and least flexible) natural resin varnish around. It seems that the violin community forgot how to make it for a while, but the knowledge of how to fuse Amber and use it in varnish is ancient and has a long history of documentation. The Amber varnishes I have made and bought are gorgeous, but given the findings of B&G and Echard, it seems like the wrong tree to bark up.
  8. JacksonMaberry

    New Auction record for a Wilf Saunders Violin

    The openness of the c-bouts, effected by the inside upper corner radius, is very striking. I can't say I have seen that much, but I like it.
  9. JacksonMaberry

    article on detecting fakes in the art maket

    Let's try to get ahead of the game and start forging Burgesses.
  10. JacksonMaberry

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    Even with maple, I'd be leery of toothing or roughing the joint surfaces at all. The last think I'd like to see when carving down an arch would be a hairline void filled with glue appearing along my center line.
  11. JacksonMaberry

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    I hadn't seen that one. I'd be surprised if that was the case, but I've been surprised before.
  12. JacksonMaberry

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    Hargrave's "Case for Casein" and Jacoby's posts here about center joints were enough to dispel the notion that hide glue is the only option for joints, for me.
  13. JacksonMaberry

    CT Scans - Costs, Crowdfunding, etc

    I second this. I'm currently developing a small viola model from the Giovanni Maria.
  14. JacksonMaberry

    CT Scans - Costs, Crowdfunding, etc

    I'm a shameless Stainer enthusiast. The 1679 thar Hargrave profiled for the Strad many years ago, as well as the 1668 in the NMM would be an incredible pair of scans to have, being that they survive in practically unaltered condition. I'm also quite interested in the earlier instruments in the Hill collection at the Ashmolean, especially the Carlo IX Andrea Amati and the Giovanni Maria lira da braccio. In general, my interest lies with pre - Stradivari violins.
  15. JacksonMaberry

    CT Scans - Costs, Crowdfunding, etc

    Really cool, Francesco! Thanks for posting here. Do you have a favorite Venetian fiddle? Maybe a Peter Guarneri?