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  1. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    To bring it to one sentence; There is a difference between thick top and harsh (over tone rich) and thin top and harsh.
  2. Andreas Preuss

    Luiz Bellini

    I wouldn't worry too much about the increase of the price. It will go up because there are not too many of his instruments around. When I visited him long ago I think he said he can make 4 violins per year. I admire his work because it has a great personality.
  3. Andreas Preuss

    Is this an interesting violin?

  4. Andreas Preuss

    Quittenbachtal in winter: workplace of the Hopf family.

    Only fjords are missing in Quittenbachtal. I have many good memories from Norway when my family went there on vacation during the summer.
  5. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    From the top of my head it worked like this: he dried linseed oil in a the sun. The result was a rubberish granulate. This was then treated in a hot water-potassiumcarbonate (here I am not sure) solution where some reddish mucus would float up. This was the alcohol soluble linoxyn. He blended it with shellac but warned of keeping it in solution. He would dry it again to make chips of lynoxin shellac varnish and use always only enough for a violin.
  6. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    Sounds to me like the Lapo Casini recipe. He wrote a whole book about how to make alcohol soluble linoxyn.
  7. Andreas Preuss

    Quittenbachtal in winter: workplace of the Hopf family.

    Interesting. Are the houses there similar as well?
  8. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    Yep, he is repeating an outdated view.
  9. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    How hard? And more important how thick??
  10. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    Maybe the solution to control the outcome is reversing the process. Right now we are discussing how to match the varnish to the wood and its thicknesses. Wouldn't it be smarter to adjust the wood thicknesses to the varnish or at least the ground? In practice this would require a ground which reaches its final properties within days (unlike most varnishes) so that thicknesses can be finalized thereafter. It would as well give some advantages when coping with damping because with trial and error you can fine tune the ground in its composition and thickness.
  11. Andreas Preuss

    Quittenbachtal in winter: workplace of the Hopf family.

    You destroyed my beautiful theory! Would be interesting to line up some pictures. If it was made on purpose it could be that it was made by 3 different people.
  12. Here are some pictures of the Quittenbachtal in winter taken 20 years ago. (Strange thing is the Tal (valley) is up in the mountains.) This is the place where the Hopf family had their farm. Unfortunately the house is not there any more. Back then thw historian of Markneukirchen violin makers, Mr. Zoebisch, could only tell me that according stories from hearsay it was close to some plum trees still standing there. Supposedly the Hopfs started violin making because there was no farm work in winter quite similar to Italian makers in the Marches (Celani and others). So the pictured landscape somehow illustrates how it looked like 200years ago. The first picture shows an old farmhouse which gives an impression how the house of the Hopf family might have looked like. Interesting thing I heard from Mr. Zoebisch as well was that he looked for the birth record of David Hopf and didn't find any. There are however some members by the name of Christian David. Another thing worth mentioning is that there are two different brand stamps by David Hopf all made with single letter stamps. DAVID HOPF and dAVId HOPF It took me a while to understand that the second stamp had the lowercase d because they must have lost the uppercase D. They solved the problem by reversing the uppercase P to make the lowercase d.
  13. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    The lesson learned from my test looks easy but is difficult. How to make a top with just the amount of damping that the varnish (or rather the ground) can reduce to achieve optimal sound quality? in my test I just went too far somewhere.
  14. Andreas Preuss

    shop lights.

    Maybe then I would need for making copies candle light?
  15. Andreas Preuss

    The importance of varnish

    Can't agree here. Violins with thick top plates sound harsh in the white, meaning with a lot of 'noise'. Violins with too thin top plates sound dull or damped in the white. There are a lot of varnished harsh sounding violins around, especially in cheap instruments.