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  1. @PhilipKT looks like natural wear. If you would bring it to my shop I would diminish it to soften the contrasts, though making it invisible wouldn't be worth the effort.
  2. Philip, it would be instructive to see the whole picture of the cello. Bad antiqueing is mostly visibe from 2 meter distance because it looks unnatural. In any case if any antiquing goes into the wood, you should rather forget about undoing it.
  3. I'd say all strad. just from different periods in different condition. No 3 apparently very worn.
  4. Might be even cooler to make the end grain face up. For people who might not like the color, there are probably easy recipes for staining the finished nut.
  5. Did anyone here on MN try ironwood for the top nut? I was wondering if the self greasing properties wouldn't help the strings to glide better over the top nut.
  6. But maybe you are interested in buying the domain!
  7. One of the Amati brothers died of the plague. I think it was Antonio, Nicolo Amatis uncle. (Sometimes it happens that I mix them up.) Otherwise it seems that something like half of the Amati family died, people who are historially not recognized as craftsmen but directly or indirectly played a role in supporting Girolamo and Niccolo in their work.
  8. Nothing new. Thats the way I learned it at Tokyo Violin Making School.
  9. I think we first need to understand that violin making in the times of Carlo Antonio Testore and his brother Paolo Antonio had changed. They had to face a situation where clients didn't have so much money. (Especially the period until the peace treaty of Aachen in 1748) Carlo Antonio, who seemed to have received a proper training by his father, would produce a large number with speed working to run his business. Eventually his son would help him as it was usually in the 18th century. But to say who made what is always a tricky issue. (I once hypotized that the instruments by Carlo Antonio with short slanted f holes were made partly or entirely by his son Giuseppe, but who really knows?) Carlo Antonios younger brother Paolo Antonio however was too young at Carlo Guiseppes death to complete his apprenticeship. This was maybe the reason for which he chose as a main occupation to be a musician making stringed instruments only at the side. Likewise the overall workmanship of Paolo Antonio is rather rough, nevertheless the violas attributed to him seem to have a good reputation for sound. So if there are any instruments made by his son Pietro they are not likely to be any better than instruments by his father. Unfortunately many fakers and fraudulent dealers would use names of lesser known or dubious violin makers for their business and members of the Testore family were certainly on their radar. So in short it is wiser to mistrust any attribution to Pietro from the beginning. Otherwise I have massive doubts that the mess around the third generation Testore and Pietro in particular will ever be cleaned up.
  10. Simple advice for starting: Dont go for the most sophisticated. wear pattern. Simple is beautiful. Slight wear can look more convincing than overdone or wrong-done antiquing.
  11. Yes that's what I meant. Dowels usually don't hold.
  12. Just glueing on a piece replacing the hole with new wood is only doable if the whole is reinforced by a feather on the other side making sure that the joint doesn't crack open under the forces at the neck heel. Otherwise certainly what I would do for avoiding a graft. For the button: clean the dirt push it back and reinforce from the inside either with a tiny patch or a 2mm maple glued on top and anchored in the top block.
  13. I couldn't get a response neither by mail fax or phone.
  14. Trying to contact this company where I s usually got cheap indian fitting from. Does anyone here have information if the business is still running. If not. Any recommendations of a reliable seller for cheap indian accessories? Thanks