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  1. I was doing some internet search to find out what sort of maple is correctly called 'Oppio'. In short there was nothing. The wood database doesn't mention anything, From a general search in Google I just learned that the Italian word 'Oppio' means 'opium' in English. So where did the term come from to describe a certain type of maple and why (despite it is quite different from other types of maple) botanolgists didn't create a name for it?
  2. Here I have a question for those who are regularly using spirit varnish. How to know that the varnish is dry enough for the next layer? (Or how to be sure that the varnish doesn't crack after a while?)
  3. Thanks DoorMouse The fiddle I am holding is a replica of the Heifetz DG. We got a bunch of interesting instruments together. It was just a pity that there was only one cello by Mr. Omori. Here is his picture which wasn't on the FB page when I started this thread.
  4. Well, I guess Tetsu would be more than happy to take the order. During the exhibition Tetsu and me talked varnish! (It seems we suffer the same addiction)
  5. Jim, thanks for looking at the post. The Nakanishis are a nice couple and make very nice instruments. He actually made a copy of the Heifetz DG and she another DG model.