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  1. Wood porn

    I'd use it to copy Alessandro Gagliano,
  2. Wood porn

    Nice color!
  3. Wood porn

    This is really erotic wood!
  4. Andreas Preuss Super-Light-Violin Project

    Thanks for the advice, but what is 'glob of bluetac'? Yes, and additionally I will make two tops. One bent one carved. Yesterday I finally found an idea how to bend a top in a more convincing way than Fulton or Michetschlager. Stay tuned!
  5. ´╝Žirst violin maker to use guitar linings?

    Didnt answer my question, but was very interesting to read. One question out of curiousity: Is there any difference in the sound between those types of linings? Or is it rather, what I would suspect, a matter of how quick the job is done? Anyway I remember that during my apprentice days I got hold of a book explaining the technique(s) of guitar making. And if I remember correctly the distance between the crimpings or kerfings are important to the sound of a guitar?
  6. Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Lately I started to question all this tap tone stuff. Could it be that we are barking up the wrong tree?
  7. Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    I don't like the word 'better'. Different, yes.
  8. Wood porn

  9. Purfling Under Button Like This?

    Have seen something like this. Maybe a picture in Wenbergs American makers. (?)
  10. Stradivarius violin

    Can you show a frontal views for Christs sake??? And why no head shots??? From those angled photos it is impossible to say anything. Just going by the wood choice this matches late period Strads. Vengerovs Strad has a similar one piece back. But the verdict on violins shown on bad pictures is always FALSE to begin with.
  11. Andreas Preuss Super-Light-Violin Project

    Thanks, Jackson! Initially I wanted to beat the weight of those carbon things with the thought that a true craftsman can show technology guys what violin making is about. Now, partly through the discussion here on MN, I changed my direction a little bit. It seems that the violin needs some mass somewhere and I am thinking now to have some spots where I can put some lead weights to see how this will trigger the sound.
  12. Andreas Preuss Super-Light-Violin Project

    The finished ribs of the super light violin. The calculated weight was 38g and the actual weight came down to 30.6g !!
  13. Violin bow stamped Albert Nurnberger, is it genuine? here you can buy it.
  14. ´╝Žirst violin maker to use guitar linings?

    Sorry that my description was not precise. With 'guitar linings' I meant linings running over the blocks but not the type of original guitar linings (triangular, with cut ins etc.)