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  1. Hello Rue, thanks for your reply. I'm just buying this violin for myself to play for the next few months when my own violin is undergoing restorations. Therefore I am planning to resell this violin afterwards and hopefully it will worth the price. That's why I am mostly interested on the price as long as the violin reasonably playable. Many thanks.
  2. Hi guys, just wonder if anyone can give some thoughts on this violin? I’m looking to buy this as my second violin as my primary violin is currently having an extensive restoration which could be months. Therefore, I just wonder if this could be a suitable alternative instrument for the next few months. And it will be great if you could give some thoughts on the prices. This violin is labelled as SCHUSTER & CO and seems to be authentic. The workmanship looks fine/clean although it seems to be a bit too “big” as expected on some German violins. Just wonder how much would you normally pay for this violin? And will it be a good investment as a second violin? Any thoughts will be appreciated!
  3. That’s great, Melvin. It’s rare to find a Gordge violin case in good condition nowadays. I had a friend who also had a gordge case with Beare’s tag. I guess they cost quite a lot now. I bought this case for 220£ without the key.;( So I am looking for replacement cover and lock. But seems like Timm don’t do that anymore. I hope it won’t cost more than 100£. Any suggested violin case restorer in the UK?
  4. I brought a gordge violin case recently and it looks a bit suspicious. It does not have a traditional sliding lock, which seems a bit suspicious. Any ideas?
  5. Thank you for the replies! My friend has tested the neck by dipping small fraction of it with alcohol. Nothing happens. Besides,I am thinking Danish oil. Could that be an alternative?
  6. Hello,I have a violin with the neck graft done by Hill's. I wonder how the Hill's finish the neck? It has passed 40 years and the neck is still intact with a glassy look. I have heard that the Hill bow maker finish their bow with boiled linseed oil. Is that the thing they used in finishing the neck? Any ideas? Some image of the neck https://s13.postimg.org/4ad3bz1br/Whats_App_Image_2016_08_23_at_14_59_05.jpg https://s15.postimg.org/8bpybugob/Whats_App_Image_2016_08_23_at_14_59_05_1.jpg
  7. Hello, I was looking for the frog as I want to find one to match my bow. The bow itself isn't of any great value as the head is metal pinned and repaired. Therefore, I would like to keep it and play violin with this bow. Besides, I think it is a good collection if the frog and stick are matching. Therefore,it would be great if there is a Hill frog with letter stamp (. Thank you!
  8. Hello, I am looking for a Hill violin bow frog with stamp "B" to fit my bow. Let me know if there are any for sale. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I have a piece of maple one piece back for sale. It is a nicely framed maple for violin making. It's stored in the storage for a few years. Please feel free to have a look and give an offer if interested! My email is laustephen498@hotmail.com
  10. Thanks for the replies! I can do some simple repair including opening a violin top and repair cracks.However,I have never done any advanced restoration like arching correction and chest patch before.Therefore,it would be great if there are any guides or estimates.
  11. It was a violin made by Jacob Ford (London) in 1760. I think the restoration may raise the value if I want to upgrade my violin. I have attached another image here. What's your idea? http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=20fbwd4&s=9#.V4O85_krLcs Thank you!
  12. Hello, I am curious how much will it cost to do a arching correction,cracks cleaning and reglue, chest patch. Cause I have a violin that needs a professional repair. However, there isn't any workshop near to my place. Therefore, it will be great if i can get some opinions here. I have attached some images below.Thank you! http://i63.tinypic.com/28in6og.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/2eol7hd.jpg http://i66.tinypic.com/i43jgw.jpg
  13. Yes, thank you very much Jef.! I have a another question on recolouring the repair work or studs. I did a soundpost patch before and I wonder are there any ways to antique the fresh wood? I have heard of staining with tea. But are there any better ways?
  14. Yes, thank you very much for the advice! I have glued it tight with the G clamp method mentioned by the strad. Sorry for the old photos. Previously, I tried a wood filler (carpenter glue and fine wood dust). After filling the cracks, I put some retouch varnish on top.However, the wood filler is melt and softened by the retouch varnish. Probably I did something wrong? Cause I was worried that if i use the spirit based filler varnish, the filler varnish will be melt by the alcohol from the retouch varnish. Is there a way to separate the wood filler/filler varnish and retouch varnish?
  15. Hello, I am repairing a violin front with a few cracks. And some of the wood on top of these cracks are missing (i.e. varnish side). However, the bottom wood still remains.I was thinking to use wood filler or cut away the wood to insert a new piece of spruce. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you! Top (varnish side): https://postimg.org/image/5kr0x6nr5/ Bottom: https://postimg.org/image/mwrdimh8h/
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