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  1. Ok! Thank you very much for the info
  2. @ Paul Thanks for welcoming. Should I post an URL or Direct link when posting pictures here? When I use Direct link in pictures with higher resolution it looks awkwardly big (so I posted these = small ones), but when I post an URL it looks like there will be no picture attached. I will try to put these pictures again @Rue I've seen your thread right away and liked it very much, but I left the violin and camera at a friend's (150km), so that is why I apologized in advance. These pictures are the only one I currently have, although I could probably set a higher resolution. @uncle
  3. Hello everyone! I need help to identify this old violin. My friend and I found her when we cleaned his grandfather's attic. We found it in a pretty bad condition, so I wonder whether it is worth the investment, or to use it as a souvenir in our café. I wonder how old and roughly where it is produced. I apologize for the quality of images and the fact that they are not taken as it is proposed here in forum, but these pictures are the only one I have now. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.