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  1. Hi George, I've been looking for those same replacement cushion grips for my Glasser carbon fiber bows. Where can I get some from, and how much do they cost? Thanks, Steve quote: Originally posted by george behary: The new Glasser carbon fiber bow comes with an oversize cushion grip. I ordered some relacements. [snip] george
  2. Hi Bob, please put me on to your supplier. The Tonica is my favourite string, and I buy them frequently for myself and customers. I presently pay $23 a set (medium gauge), so your $17 price is most attractive. Thanks for your assistance. quote: Originally posted by Bob H: Responding to a supplier'sale'a few months ago,I bought 15 sets of Tonicas ($17 per)...
  3. Hi Carl, I've been using Tonicas for over a year now, and have had a D string break only once. Before I replaced it I lubricated the nut grooves with graphite from a soft pencil (7B), and I have never had a problem since. Provided your string fits properly in the groove, a little graphite lubrication might be all you need. BTW, the Tonica is my favourite string, and I like it as much for its tone as for its resilience and durability.
  4. Hi Duncan, I know of few violin makers who still make their own bridges. Most simply purchase a high quality blank, like the Aubert Deluxe, and fit and tune it according to their individual needs. Of course it's not impossible to make your own bridge (provided you have suitable grade maple), but since high quality blanks can be had for less than $10 a piece, it makes little sense going to all that trouble for a $10 item. Instead you can spend that time on fitting and tuning it to the instrument. quote: Originally posted by Duncan McRoberts: If you are disappointed with the Despiau bridges I suggest you make your own.
  5. Hi Jon, how much money do you have to spend, and do you prefer wood or carbon fiber?
  6. Hi Violinchick, here's just a little practical advice to add to all the wise counsel you've been receiving. I would suggest that you either get a shoulder strap for your case, or get a case with a shoulder strap. There are even cases with dual straps that allow "backpack" style carrying. Also, if you use the single shoulder strap it's more secure if you place it over your neck (diagonally across the body), rather than simply slinging it over one shoulder. I'm much older than you, and have been carrying instrument cases much of my life, but in certain environments I feel much safer with my instrument strapped to me. It might not look as "cool," but it's much more secure. [This message has been edited by Steve (edited 03-18-2000).]
  7. Congratulations longshadow; I'm happy for you. I know exactly what you're talking about because I've been experiencing the same thing recently since I've started reading Ivan Galamian's "Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching." Things are just falling into place.
  8. There is a short tribute to our late friend Al Stancel on page 88 of the April issue of Strings Magazine. It's written by his close friend Keith Davis.
  9. Thanks for your assistance Jeffrey. Will email you privately as requested.
  10. Hi Pat, in what way does the G string sound inferior to the others? Can you describe the tonal difference?
  11. Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for your informative response. I was about to chuck the remaining Despiau bridges, but what you said gave me some hope. Therefore, what "few minor changes in design" do you recommend to yield this improvement in the sound of these bridges? Thanks in advance for your assistance. ...Steve
  12. Hi Mark, your're right on the money. International Violin Co. is my wholesaler. When I checked with them up to a few weeks ago they still hadn't gotten any Deluxes back in stock. They said something about the batch still being seasoned in France, or something like that.
  13. Thanks viola-mom for your very encouraging posting. I'm going back to my violin coach from next week.
  14. Hi bcp, maybe if you gave us some indication of your present tastes we could be a little more helpful in our violin recommendations. For example, how about telling us your preferences in things like period (baroque, classical, romantic, etc), scale (solo, chamber, large-scale orchestral, etc), even your favourite composer. I'm sure we'd be able to find something to suit your tastes.
  15. Hi folks, I'd like recommendations on the best "wholesale" source for reasonably priced Aubert a Mirecourt Deluxe bridge blanks. My regular wholesaler has been out of stock since last year, and I'm not willing to pay $16-$18 for a blank. My vendor sells for $11. Thanks for your assistance.
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