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  1. An intermediate to advanced student could (Along with a nice graphite bow) have years of fun with that. I bet your luthier recognized that. Its the appropriate tool for the job.
  2. I actually think he liked the violin, I think there is good respect for the basic french workshop violin in my area. It's nothing special, but would be hard to replace. I play OK, they handed me a Bergonzi and a Peccate while I was getting some work done...
  3. After having one of my violins worked on, the shop manager looked at me and said of my early 20th century French workshop violin, "very nice fiddle, don't ever sell it " I hoped that meant that it was a great value for what it was rather than its so bad it would be best to keep it with a mediocre player like you...
  4. This is true. There are some differences between parallel braced and X braced archtops (w/Parallel braced having more punch and x braced guitars having more warmth). I had a '37 Gibson L7 (X braced 17" guitar same body as a L5 with less decoration.) Flat-top guitars have more sustain and many sound a little more bassy and muddy than a comparable quality archtop. You might also want to consider a OOO body martin style instead of an archtop.
  5. Likewise, softness in a bow might be the over-muscling arm or stick noise, the hard pinching in the fingers...... guilty as charged. I just got a great teacher after a long time out of lessons. She's working me through a whole bunch of tension issues. I may need a thumb transplant, as the one I have doesn't seem to follow directions to relax.
  6. That is beautiful. The recording sounds great, and he is happy. I can only wish to do as well in my future. You are a good son.
  7. Nice... We sometimes have a rabbit problem in my garden, and my dogs like green beans and tomatoes. I put up a small fence around my raised beds, and will occasionally get the air rifle out if something really important is getting munched on by the rabbits. Lately, the cats and coyotes take care of most of the rabbits. If you put the work into the beds, you take it personally when somebody else gets them.
  8. Nice garden. A deer fence with a watchdog ?
  9. This year, I was not able to play violin in church for a very long time due to COVID. Peter, I miss many of the same things that you do, but I was blessed to have my daughter's boyfriend over (both of them are grad students). We were able to play Christmas music (voice, violin and guitar) for his mom and family halfway across the world. In a couple of hours we will do the same for my mom in a nursing home. Those tiny little moments of making a connection are priceless. While you can miss the Christmas eve service, I encourage you to not miss making the connection with others. Blessings to you and your family Scott
  10. smf

    T Grabenzee violin

    Your logic is the same as what I thought. There is a lot of unknown about the violin, besides the fact it came from my old violin teacher's estate. If I plan on pursuing it, I'll post some pictures. Thank you
  11. smf

    T Grabenzee violin

    my teacher had passed away and I'm in no hurry to buy it. I'm around the Chicago area, so there is no problem finding a place to take a look at it. It's an older violin, so unknown condition issues are a big deal. It does have Sotheby's appraisal from about 5 years ago.
  12. I am in the beginning process of perhaps purchasing a violin that used to belong to my old violin teacher. it is labeled T Grabensee circa 1858. I am not at the stage where I can get a lot of photos, but was wondering if any Grabensee violins have crossed your paths, and what you thought of them ?
  13. #1) I would like to own the Lamy violin bow that I tried several years ago at Eric Swanson's shop in Chicago. It was a beautiful bow owned by a CSO violinist who was thinning his bow herd. It drew such a nice tone out of my violin. I will not make the same mistake if another bow like that one comes up. #2) My late violin teacher's italian violin he won from the Renenyni Competetion in Budapest. I miss the man and his kindness.
  14. I worded my short response too quickly. Of course the violin was made by many people, It's just that the Scroll and neck looked even more out of place on my violin. I'm familiar with the information in your link. My violin is a trade instrument, and I am happy to have it. I have a nice WM Lewis and sons German trade bow to go with it. Lewis and sons imported many many violins and bows.
  15. I have a similar mougenot made for the American market in the 1930s. The scroll and neck were obviously made by a different set of set of hands than the body. I’m on the road but will try to post some photos of mine tomorrow evening
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