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  1. Have you watched Davide's Video? Find me one maker who carves the mortice 90 to the button.... Even better find one who says so in righting.....
  2. Still contend it doesn't matter what the Viola was, the naysayers would still find something to piss and moan about. Truth is everyone is pissed cause the Viola got press and not the Violin! Maybe thats what all the fuss is about.
  3. I really don’t understand all the negativity here and elsewhere about the whole deal. Complaining and whining because it’s not good enough, blah blah.. All I can figure is some are in a huff because it involved Trump, It was the US and not another country, it didn’t come from there shop and it wasn’t a name “they” recognized. For several of the reasons above it wouldnt have mattered who made it, a bunch would still be in a huff over it.. seams pretty silly to me.
  4. Its a perfectly lovely looking Instrument. Mr. Joyner made his post public and shared it in several places so I went ahead a copied it here for those that may not use facebook. Maybe some can stop squabbling about it now.
  5. So, you don't like large women... That's too bad, everyone knows all American Orchestra's are full of nothing but enormous housewives and violin teachers.. Your loss.
  6. Ahh the power of being able to vote yourself monies from the treasury. Is it Social Justice when you don't support or believe in the programs being funded? In order to do it right, tax rate needs to be 100 percent and everything gets funded.... Ahh Utopia...
  7. Why try to stop the very thing you put your hope and faith in?
  8. Pallets in this part of the country are made from all sorts of local hardwoods, mostly oak, hickory, gum, and whatever else... the nails leave nice gnarly black stains, folks love to do rustic design stuff with the parts, a lot of work to break a bunch of em down. Pretty sure it would suck for violins. Most people don't seem to actually care what the government spends tax dollars on or what the central bank does as long as they believe $$ is going to the things they support... A lot or most, also seem to think that they, "government" are and have the solution to all of our problems.....
  9. Yes, it smells like a wet dog on a summer day is inferior to traditional hot hide glue.
  10. Do you have the poster? The table of measurements has for with ruler and some from CT scans. The “qoutes” about the CT and photos are on the back of the poster by the table.
  11. I compared the Varnish pattern on the back along with the pegs and the scroll. Two part article by Terry Borman, in May & June 2018 of the Strad. Article states the back as 356 measured with ruler over the arch. I forgot Borman did the article and Coordinated the poster. "All actual size drawings are taken from CT scans", "the photo's of the body and back are printed at actual size" I would think the outlines should match the photo. But with measurements over the arch I would not expect them to match the drawings or the pics.
  12. These pics match the one on the recent stead poster. Also if I remember right the poster came out the same time as the recent strad article about it with Mrs. Meyers.
  13. Good old homemade just like grandma’s. Nothing magical just made by someone really good who has done it hundreds of times.
  14. One of my favorites by a “newer” musician.
  15. All is not lost. The first varnish attempts can be really tough... You will have to strip what is on it as others have stated. The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to start with a varnish product commercially available made specifically for the string instrument family. I would recommend an oil varnish over a spirit varnish for starters. (For reasons of application stated by others) What ever product or system you decide to use, practice on scraps or a inexpensive white instrument until you have some comfort with which ever product or system you decide to use. Notice I said "some comfort". Good chance you will still have many challenges when you get to applying it to your instrument. Good and proper tools for the job is often half the battle. I think a great deal of what you are fighting is just that, I have been there. Every product or varnish type is going to have a learning curve.