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  1. My daughter's fiancé is currently in machining school and has offered to make me a Plate Jig/frame for fitting bass bars for Violin. Have been using a crude plywood version. Does anyone happen to have a pdf or even a .dwg or .dxf of the outline and dimensions for one they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance
  2. Well, what is normal? I tell myself I'm the only sane one I know....But I know it can't be true. Perhaps those with a Disorder or Mental Health issue, given the stress and Idle time due to the circumstances find themselves focused on things they would normally be too occupied to be concerned about. The situations with your case clients you describe, would make one wonder if there where pre existing conditions exacerbated by things being as they are. Honestly, every where I look I see really bizarre and "not normal" behavior. May very well be with us for a while I am afraid.
  3. I have only heard good things about them. I only asked because the name was mentioned. I actually have one of the newer violins on my bench in the process of being setup. Just curious why they where mentioned.
  4. Are Jay Haide’s known for being unusually difficult to open or stamped in some way?
  5. My honest and sincere sympathies for the stones and the watch. I tried using a bit type thingy in my drill press once to do the plate edge, scared the bejesus out of me.
  6. If everyone gets to laugh with you, it might help get over it sooner..... maybe... The bad thing about power tools is mistakes happen really fast.
  7. I just upgraded to the Alberti's. There is another brand of the adjustable one that is spoken highly of, but the name is slipping my mind, hopefully someone will chime in with it.
  8. When I purchased mine, I didnt really find a cheap or cheaper place to purchase. If I remember at the time they where all priced the same. Bought mine from Howard Core.
  9. Other than looking at pictures online, I have no way to compare them. Sometimes I purchase something or a tool and I like it, and I am comfortable with the cost, even if I havent had a chance to try everything else that exists. Maybe I am the tool? I really like it, like the build quality and how well it works for me. Wish I had bought one sooner. After having it and used it the cost doesn't bother me. Wish I had bought one sooner. Maybe I am a big fat goober for not trying the other one? But im happy..
  10. I have not seen in person the one from IVC. I looked at both, online of course, when I was shopping for one. I went with the B&C vise. Do it over again I wouldn’t hesitate to spend the extra $ on the B&C. Only wish I had bought one sooner.
  11. I use the 1000-3000-8000 water stones Lie Nielsen carry plus a leather strop for quick touchup for plane blades, and chisels. Use a diamond plate and strop for gouges. But at one point I broke down and purchased a wicked edge sharpening system for my pocket knives, so I use that for my bench knives. Think I have up through 1600 or 2000 grit and then leather strops with compound paste. Probably would just use the stones if I didnt already have the Wicked Edge setup.
  12. I am gonna have to run to the store, I dont have enough beverages and popcorn for this....
  13. https://www.npr.org/2019/08/27/754509680/musical-instruments-to-be-exempt-from-restrictions-on-heavily-trafficked-rosewoo
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