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  1. Saving the mold

    Mr. Sora has a good video on how to do this. Its the way I do it. Both sets of linings glued in.
  2. New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    Mine came via fedex
  3. New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    Received mine today. Love these books. Cant wait to see which one is next and have time to digest this one.
  4. Frog first rehairing question

    I usually go with something like the length of the mortice. 5-6 mm depending on the bow and the season. To the back side (frog side of the knot) thats the way I have been doing it, however I am always willing to be corrected. That is with the hair wet.
  5. New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    Waiting for mine with baited breath!!
  6. Anyone know of a good bow rehairer in SW Missouri?

    Sent you a message. Sounds like you are in Springfield. I am in Flippin, Arkansas, if its not to far I could help you out.
  7. Almost Hopeless Violin

    I have noticed some of the ones with no corner blocks have through necks and some have neck blocks? Same camp different time or different camps altogether?
  8. Almost Hopeless Violin

    Great! Read the info you had shared from a previous discussion. Makes sense to me. Was there a school or style of making that at one point used an outside form and did not use corner blocks? While nothing is always certain but is it a pretty good bet then that no corner blocks most always is built on back without form?
  9. Eat your Heart out Stradivari

    Believe the website says New Jersey.
  10. Almost Hopeless Violin

    Possibly, my understanding has been that it usually means outside mold.
  11. Eat your Heart out Stradivari

    While reading the latest issue of The Scroll, I noticed a full page add with the above words as the title. I briefly visited the website, not much info but some pretty bold claims, with of course a book to sell. I must say the instruments are uniqe looking and as a search on here and via google turned up very little, my curiosity has gotten the best of me. He currently has a violin and Viola listed on the Violin Channels marketplace. Has anyone seen and or heard in person an instrument made by Marc Cicchetto and if so what where your thoughts?
  12. Homemade Spool Clamps

    I just used short sections of clear tubing 2 pieces per clamp. Maybe 5-10 mm tall. Makes em removable, I have had to use my spool clamps in other situations where I needed to be able to remove the tubing for a smaller clamping thickness.
  13. New Violin String Products

    Tried the Evah Pirazzi Titanium E, the initial consensus for the Violin it was used on was it was on the shrill side when compared to a Evah Gold E or a Warchal Amber E. Results may very...... Not new but have several folks who have violins that like and work well with the Warchal Ambers, with or with out an Avantgarde A and also the Warchal Amethyst set.
  14. Cello top wavy on lower bout edges

    Hard to say without seeing it, but, first thing that jumps to mind is possibly its just tool marks from making the channell that where never cleaned up and smoothed out?
  15. We have been using our soundpost setters incorrectly!

    I started out doing it from the bass side, I eventually switched to the treble side, most of the time. I say whatever works and gets it right. Guess they figure you will bend it anyway, but they sure didnt make it look that way.