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  1. cjankowski

    Worth Repairing/Restoring?

    You can’t be serious?!!
  2. cjankowski

    Worth Repairing/Restoring?

    Not really sure what Violin world some live in. In mine this is an average run of the mill every day violin. Lots and Lots and lots of them. I only wish most of the ones I encounter where in this good of shape. These violins can be good, decent instruments for beginners and are also very popular with the fiddle crowd. Some of them sound awful, but most can and usually are a much better introduction to a beginner than than the $1-300 VSA's that some start on. For $30! Id spend a few hours or more getting it up and running, if it sounds half way decent for what it is, would have no problem finding it a good home. My humble opinion.
  3. cjankowski

    PLEASE Help Me Find a Fine Tuner!

    Assuming a Ball A... (pretty sure they don't offer a loop A?) something similar to this style would be the best way to go with out changing your tailpiece. If you want to take the ball off and use a loop fine tuner (not really the best way to go) I would recommend the Gotz over the Wittner. Wittner does make one similar to this, believe its called a uni tuner for ball or loop, haven't used one, someone else can probably comment on how well they work. The other question is why is the A proving so difficult that you need a fine tuner, but not the G & D?
  4. cjankowski

    B&G Viola Cradle

    Yes, I made two for violins. I am being lazy and just want to buy one.
  5. cjankowski

    B&G Viola Cradle

    Thanks. Shipping from Italy is a killer. Dov Music has the Viola one in stock that is similar to the violin one International has. Will likely go that route Was hoping to find someone who had one of B&G's they never use, not likely but you never know.
  6. cjankowski

    B&G Viola Cradle

    Anyone have a Bogaro & Clemente Viola Cradle they would be willing to part with? Howard Core is out of em, told me likely be a couple months before they have one.
  7. cjankowski

    CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    Anything that will allow you to perform basic geometry functions and print to scale should work well. Its all lines and arcs. My opinion on handy functions to look for: (no idea if every drawing style program has them or not) Ability to crop a circle to create an arc segment, ability to offset arcs and lines at specific values. Being able to pick or snap to intersections and draw perpendicular lines. Being able to enter metric values really helps too. I use a stripped down version of autocad since I already have it for my day job as a Professional Land Surveyor. Wouldn't necessarily recommend autocad, but the principles are all basically the same. Often times different function names, commands or steps, between different software to accomplish the same thing.
  8. cjankowski

    VSA magazine The Scroll

    I love the scroll! You are doing a great job. I do not have the knowledge, wisdom or experience to be able to contribute to it, but, I sure hope that those that do, continue to.
  9. cjankowski

    Saving the mold

    Mr. Sora has a good video on how to do this. Its the way I do it. Both sets of linings glued in.
  10. cjankowski

    New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    Mine came via fedex
  11. cjankowski

    New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    Received mine today. Love these books. Cant wait to see which one is next and have time to digest this one.
  12. cjankowski

    Frog first rehairing question

    I usually go with something like the length of the mortice. 5-6 mm depending on the bow and the season. To the back side (frog side of the knot) thats the way I have been doing it, however I am always willing to be corrected. That is with the hair wet.
  13. cjankowski

    New Book Arrives! Tuscan Strad

    Waiting for mine with baited breath!!
  14. cjankowski

    Anyone know of a good bow rehairer in SW Missouri?

    Sent you a message. Sounds like you are in Springfield. I am in Flippin, Arkansas, if its not to far I could help you out.