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    Amber varnish

    Hello, I am still trying to figure out if there are differences between copal and damar. I just got email from the supplier of my copal, the certificate says that is Shorea Javanica, which is damar. But I thought that copal and damar are different resins, and copal is a hard resin, unlike damar. I found some information about resins here: http://www.faculty.ucr.edu/~legneref/botany/gumresin.htm But I still would like to hear from you if you ever made copal varnish thank you, and sorry, my messages are posted 2 days later, because I am new here
  2. elenab

    Amber varnish

    Hello, thank you for your replies. a. I am aware of all the varnishes and mediums in art supplies store. b. because amber/copal/oil varnish has the properties I need as a medium : viscosity, transparency, drying time, etc c/d. I paint enormous paintings ( they mostly displayed in office buildings) e.g 14'x20' and I use make thick layers and the last thing I ever like to do is to think about saving money. I understand now how tricky amber cooking could be. I think it's going to be very hard for me to achieve a good result, I will drop amber from my options. Now about copal I bought. I tried it to dissolve in 50% alcohol, it didn't. Neither dissolved damar resin. What type of alcohol do you use to dissolve? does alcohol evaporates fast? that would be very interesting if it does. and another question, what are the differences between copal and damar. So far I don't see any differences.
  3. Hello, please, help. I bought amber powder to make solvent free varnish (amber & walnut oil). I am an artist and wanted to try varnish as a medium. Anyway, I cooked amber in walnut oil, and nothing happened. As I discovered after amber has a high melting point. I also found here some instructions how to do it right way - first amber is melted, then after some cooling oil is added. Question about melting - what heat did you use? gas or electric stove? And about cooling - wouldn't amber crystallize when it's off the heat? e.g. damar resin crystallized immediately when off the heat I would also like to ask you about copal resin. I bought copal resin after my failure with amber. I cooked it with walnut oil in a deep frier and copal dissolved within 4 min. And because I have damar resin at home, I found that copal looks very much like damar. Copal I bought and damar have the same melting point ( tried to melt them together) both crystallize after and both crystalls dissolve in turpentine immediately. I thought that copal varnish is hard to dissolve in turpentine and , although, I didn't try to dissolve my copal varnish ( the sample of it is not dry yet) I thought crystallized copal should behave as dried varnish. Any thoughts, please? very informative forum. thank you so much, Elena
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