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  1. This is honestly the best thread on the site. I love keeping up with your progress and love all of your digressions
  2. Nicely done, thank you for persevering! Now to Texas...
  3. Almost certainly not but... The OP did grouse about experts a little here...
  4. Dude, you 1. Need to be less thin skinned 2. Try the search function. Jacob has patiently answered questions here for many years, helped educate a huge number of people (including me) and shared his very specialized knowledge unselfishly. If someone should arrive here and ask a question which has been answered multiple times previously because they are too lazy to do a bit of background work for themselves, is it surprising that some here become a bit testy. Instead of being hurt and grumpy, try searching, asking questions for clarification and learn some humility. That will carry you a long way not only here but in real life too. This is a site on the World Wide Web. It is hosted in super polite Canada, but frequented by multiple nationalities including many that call a spade a bl**dy shovel.
  5. Unless the bar is not functioning, ie flapping loose. I would vote for leaving it.
  6. Speaking for myself I would be honored if you would set her up if Chris and Nick are happy to ship her on once the varnish is good and dry. That might work well since Dwight is at least in the same State as you for the case. I think we are all eager to hear this violin. I wonder if we could organize a streaming sound check? Anyone know any soloists we can badger for a celebrity endorsement ? I am hoping we can get the finished violin up to the Pacific North West before it is sold. Are we all okay with me approaching Jason Price to see if we can place it in a Tariso sale or does anyone have a better plan.
  7. It would certainly save another trip if you are okay with that and Dorian doesn't mind. Sounds like we are ready for the chin rest and case from Dwight once we know where to send them. I am more than happy to pay for pegs strings etc if needed.
  8. Chris Jacoby has almost finished the varnish. Hopefully we will have some pictures soon. Setup time is coming up fast.
  9. Could be Pfretzschner ?
  10. Well, Mozart would likely disagree. Salzburg didn't become Austrian until 1805…
  11. That is really nasty
  12. Weird, surely only Don should have a rocket ship
  13. When I hit a thousand fatuous posts I'm gonna be 'Clueless Contributor' but I kind of like Dilettante Hobbyist. Have you trademarked it?
  14. Native French speakers don't seem to regard Canadian French very highly, FWIW. When I moved to Canada and moved to the BC interior from the UK with my standard Oxford English I had many clients who could not understand me because of my terrible accent and told my boss they didn't want to see the foreign Doctor and a Vancouver lawyer compliment me on my English which she thought was very acceptable for someone speaking it as their second language ! I'm a white male and the parent of red-headed daughters. Was it okay for one of their teacher's to tell them that 'Gingers don't have souls'? Cultural insensitivity is everywhere all the time and often as not it is based on ignorance rather than malice. We should all work hard to do better. When it occurs it is right to call it out. I see old sitcoms which make me cringe rather than laugh. We have come a long way and we have a long way to go. The older we are the more baggage we have to shed
  15. None of my instruments are valuable but their loss would be important to me. Coverage for upto $2500 costs $59.95 . $7500 costs $160. The cost is so small for even modest instruments Insurance seems a no brainer to me
  16. If you want to properly protect yourself I would strongly advise against homeowner insurance. Your deductible would likely kill your claim and the exclusions mean the cover provided is actually pretty minimal. Clarion and Hanover are both excellent companies. I use Anderson Insurance whose policies are underwritten by Hanover (I think). They have been super easy to deal with and their rates are very very good
  17. It is good to read such happy news and see your smiling faces! Congratulations to you both.
  18. The violin arrived in Canada yesterday. We stood up the soundpost and bridge last night and Ms Televet played all day today with a grin on her face. This one is definitely a keeper.
  19. After a few more bumps in the road, the project finally made it to Nick Allen and Chris Jacoby yesterday according to the USPS tracking document. We are inching our way towards the finishing line... We would welcome suggestions for what the label should say. Jim Bress has suggested it should have two labels in honour of Craig's unique posting style... But what should it say? It would also be very fine if the violin could be accompanied by a certificate listing the violin makers and contributors to the project if anyone can offer those skills? As we get closer it would also be great if we could get a few names to play the instrument before it gets to be sold, in order to generate a bit of interest. If anyone has any thoughts on that please reach out Matt
  20. The Antoniazzi is still available on Bromptons aftersale if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket
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