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  1. Thanks for posting Joe. I didn't know this was even happening!
  2. Welcome back. That is some nice looking wood
  3. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. It sounds like he will leave a big hole in a lot of hearts.
  4. Rosie this sounds a really fun project. I think you should also post this in the Fingerboard, where it will get a bigger audience
  5. ...and that is why we are honored to have Jeffrey as our moderator. A light touch and a degree of self policing make this a pretty decent place to dwell. I would rather put up with the odd expletive lobbed in my direction, rather than have a moderator who marches round in digital Jackboots.
  6. Now now, as an ex British citizen, I am always telling my new countrymen how thin skinned and easily offended they are compared to Brits. Apparently that's not true anymore. Its also pretty rich calling out folk for posting anonymously when you call yourself Brumcello. If you show a little humility and take the time, you will learn a lot here. If you stick around long enough you may even learn to be embarrassed by some of your hurt feelings in these early posts. In five years time you may begin to see why some of the folk who posted on this thread asked blunt, but not offensive, questions.
  7. It is becoming a bit of an issue. Any comment from @ghunt ?
  8. I don't want to knock Audacity because it is an amazing piece of Freeware and you can do most anything with it if you work hard enough. If, however you want to work less hard, a good DAW at really reasonable price is Reaper . I think all Digital Audio Workstations have a fairly steep learning curve, but most of the good packages are easier to work with than Audacity, in my opinion. At about $60 Reaper is hard to beat even when you compare it to spendy software like Pro-Tools. Video synching is pretty easy, you don't even really need anything except a clap at the beginning of your audio and v
  9. Mark, is that a Francois Chanot? I think the tops of the new Yamaha student violin is a pressed wood laminate (doesn't that sound so much better than 'plywood')
  10. Doesn't French looking in Germanic sort of way make it Swiss
  11. Oh my goodness, what a journey, so many little hold-ups and then a pandemic and well, here we are...I think we knew that this would be slower than we expected, but all of us understand the massive pulls we each are subjected to in our daily lives. Alex Reza shared some pictures with me this morning and the violin will be ready to go to the next luthier in the chain this coming week.