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  1. Why so hostile? We all know who Alex is. He posted his violin because @BassClef asked him to in the thread you are referencing.
  2. I like blind frogs and (imitation) whalebone, but I am well known as being odd and out of touch with the mainstream, so feel free to ignore my opinion.
  3. Thank-you. You chicken made my Candaian tThanksgiving even more joyful than normal
  4. Not qualified to talk about the violin but can speak to the image. Modern flexible scopes have a little camera lens at the working end and produce a digital image for the video feed. This is an older scope which uses glass optical fibres to bring the image to a viewing lens in the eyepiece. Each of the dots represents an optical fibre. Looks like a well kept old scope though because broken fibres show as black dots
  5. This is honestly the best thread on the site. I love keeping up with your progress and love all of your digressions
  6. Nicely done, thank you for persevering! Now to Texas...
  7. Almost certainly not but... The OP did grouse about experts a little here...
  8. Dude, you 1. Need to be less thin skinned 2. Try the search function. Jacob has patiently answered questions here for many years, helped educate a huge number of people (including me) and shared his very specialized knowledge unselfishly. If someone should arrive here and ask a question which has been answered multiple times previously because they are too lazy to do a bit of background work for themselves, is it surprising that some here become a bit testy. Instead of being hurt and grumpy, try searching, asking questions for clarification and learn some humility. That will carry you a long way not only here but in real life too. This is a site on the World Wide Web. It is hosted in super polite Canada, but frequented by multiple nationalities including many that call a spade a bl**dy shovel.
  9. Unless the bar is not functioning, ie flapping loose. I would vote for leaving it.
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