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  1. I'm still waiting to see pictures of Morgana's Stainer and her cornerless Strad.
  2. Free cello with belly cracks

    Well said
  3. A Stainer for only $66,000?

    Is this what they call 'chippy Brit satire' or is this rage genuine? The pictures are from Tarisio, and there seems no chorus of experts standing up to question this violin's authenticity. Situated the wastelands of icy Canada, I was unable to make the trip to London to the Tarisio viewing. What makes this not a Stainer in your expert opinion. From my very limited knowledge of violin history I understand there are a number of dead guys who made violins in the past in small and sometimes larger numbers?
  4. Surprised to see this in the unsold lots with an after sales offer of 50,000 pounds. Did I miss something? There appeared to be no really significant condition issues as far as I could see. I would be grateful if anyone who handled this instrument would care to comment. I had expected to see this at least hitting close to the upper estimate? Martin?
  5. Perhaps This Viola?

    Still not too late Dwight! After-sales has 12 hours to run!
  6. This may be a genuine "Holy Crap!"

    No doubt, but since I am unlikely to be in the same room as three Matteo Goffriller's, a Francesco Goffriller, a Ceruti, a Rocca, and a 17th Century Guitar any time soon, or have the disposable loot to buy one, I am still very grateful to be able to listen to these clips. If I had the loot I would definitely fly over and road-test the Stainer at Tarisio but that is another story altogether. Meanwhile, I will get back to my practice on my Markie and continue with my daydreams.
  7. This may be a genuine "Holy Crap!"

    It is a real beauty. I admire the Brompton's model of posting video clips of their highlight lots. I, for one, am very grateful to them for the opportunity to see and hear this instrument played and for the opportunity to hear not two, but three Matteo Goffriller's, one after the other plus a Francesco Goffriller, a Ceruti, a Rocca and so - on. For those of us who do not live in places or move in circles where we get the chance to hear and see instruments like this very often it is a real treat. As for the 'Magnificent' well it just is, it does not need to be compared to anything!
  8. Brompton's October Sale

    Darn should put this in the 'scroll
  9. Brompton's October Sale

    Bromptons have just posted their highlight video clips for their upcoming sale. I have not had time to watch/listen yet, but looks to be a pleasant diversion
  10. Carbon fiber violins

    Not an ideal solution but perhaps worth a try would be an electric violin. I took a three week road trip this summer, and took a (rented) Yamaha Electric along for the ride because the idea of not practicing was not okay for either me or my daughter. Case RH was regularly over 80% and the temperature inside the truck was regularly over 120F when sitting in the sun. I did not like the weight/balance of the Electric but it was better than not playing and it had the added advantage of not annoying the neighbours. I also own a Cricket which might well do the job. I dragged this off to Hawaii and happily played it there in 100% humidity, admittedly no sand. The Cricket would, I am sure have been up to the road trip but my daughter hates it because it is aesthetically displeasing to her and criticises its tone (which is fair) and it would still annoy the neighbours and we did not want to carry more than one violin...
  11. Violin purchase

    Indeed, and to be fair to the OP who was asking an innocent question, there are a number of listings from perfectly respectable shops describing this maker as "Master'
  12. Violin purchase

    It's always a bit dicey answering these kinds of questions with out any real background, but you can find Wenzel Fuchs violins in retail shops it the realm of $3000.00. Corilon have one on their website at 2500 Euros which is right in the ball park. For that you would expect it to be in top notch condition, well set up and with the aftersales service you would expect from a good violin shop. On the other hand, at auction, even the publicly available prices are largely less than a $1000. Hope that is of some help
  13. Many thanks for the pictures. I am constantly surprised at how little Violins like this sell for at Auction. I believe, that with a few notable exceptions this seems to be par for the course for many modern makers which while arguably good for the violinist isn't very encouraging for makers. I certainly don't think the price was high, just higher than my discretionary budget on the day!
  14. ...I think. The Violin at the Amati auction today made 3000 UK pounds, that's $4000 American, $5000 Canadian (3600, 4800, 6000 with buyers premium). I was a disappointed underbidder, but well I stuck to my budget, or who knows where it would have ended! Sadly, no pictures to post, I always think it sad that they vanish from the Amati site as soon as the lot closes. There are some beautiful photos that would be a valuable resource if only we could see them, and would make a valuable addition to the images that we have in the Cozio Archive.