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  1. I voted for natural wear, but my actual answer is 'yes'
  2. It is good to see the original paper as cruise ships (apart from serving no useful purpose and having horrible carbon foot prints) are excellent incubators of disease as outlined. The relevant part of the paper says viral RNA was recovered. It does not say that infective material was recovered. Rue's Analogy about dead murderers is a good one. I am definitely not Sanguine. The lack of early testing means the cat is out of the bag in the UK, Canada and the USA when we could have got ahead of it if the political will had been there. Actual viral survival data is becoming available and we can look at it as it comes along and then add our own private comfort factor. I'm lucky that I have access to an ethylene oxide chamber for things that I can't comfortably sanitize.
  3. No they didn't. They found traces of viral RNA. The next step: was the virus viable was not reported on as far as I can find out.
  4. I have tried to stay out of this, but really Dennis J you need to give yourself a shake and Philip too. The right howl about left wing media. The left shake their heads about a media dominated by conservative forces. So long as the media pisses off both sides it's probably doing its job. Speaking as someone who had training in both epidemiology and public health, any one who is not very afraid has not yet got an understanding of the situation. You need to read all 28 minutes worth of the link Don Noon posted some pages back. Compare what needed to be done three weeks ago what needs to be done yesterday and compare it to the awful, chaotic, piecemeal response which has so far occurred in the USA and to a slightly lesser extent in Canada and weep. New York is ready to surpass Italy. You can manufacture as many ventilators as you like, but if you have no staff to run them the shiny machines will not save any lives and meanwhile the Governor of Mississippi does NOTHING AT ALL. Honestly, we should stick to discussing violins. Pray to the diety of your choice and hope that we all survive the next four months. Rant over.
  5. Both of them were photographed wearing aprons and holding Violins so it must be true .
  7. From an historical point of view, if Andrea Pietro apprenticed with Cavelli it would explain the choice of first name for his son Aristide who I believe founded the violin making school in Salo. The OP does not bear much resemblance to a Cavelli or an Aristide Fontanini that I can see from the awful out of focus pictures, but does look very much like my Schonbach Maggini campfire violin I rescued from a crawl space a couple of years back. Disclaimer: I know nothing.
  8. Building a good relationship with a physical shop that you can visit for adjustment and repairs is a huge positive. I constantly hear good things about fiddlershop, but if you are close to stringworks, are happy with the product and the price and can build an ongoing relationship with them as you move along your string playing journey I think that would be more important. You can, of course, ask if they will give you a package deal for bow violin and case. It costs nothing to ask.
  9. Well it is their problem but it is surely also ours. If audiences do not come out then live orchestral music dies. If Hauser encourages even ten per cent of his you tube audience to listen to other orchestral or chamber music and even half of that into a venue to listen to live music then that is a huge win for all players and indeed fot the Arts in General
  10. The problem is with release from US Customs, not Italian. It is usually down to what an individual officer considers suspicious. I suspect George H is spot-on
  11. I would call Fedex directly and speak to someone in the customs clearance office.
  12. plus one for Anderson. Great Broker super responsive to enquiries.