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  1. So did you have fun? Anything catch your eye that we should watch out for on Thursday?
  2. Well, that's different!

    Well, it made $65.
  3. Login attempts of would-be hackers

    I would support the use of an email address login. Although business emails are public, one could create a specific Maestronet email account simply for the purpose of logging in. Would it be possible within the software to have screen name and login id different, but not necessarily an email?
  4. Should I Hate This More??

    Yes...but there is at least as much fun to be had from discussing it and savouring it as there is from buying it.
  5. Should I Hate This More?? I had put this one on my mad Viola money Watch List list. It might even be what the label says. Crispilli is a Violist as well as a luthier according to Google
  6. Digital Amati project

    Welcome to Maestronet Harry
  7. Mad Money

    That is a really neat story Bill. Thanks for that.
  8. Mad Money

    In Dwight's 18th Century Viola thread, Deans uses the term 'mad money' to describe what amounts to a gamble on an instrument or instruments at a distant online auction. For most purchasers of a T2 instrument, we won't have the opportunity to try them, but many of us will bid and sometimes buy. I have bought a couple of violins and a bow from T2 since the T2 inception, with low expectations, yet have been happy with the results. Dwight started the ball rolling, an 18th Century Probably French Viola in not bad shape, with a very reasonable guide price. I kind of liked this one for no other reason than that it caught my eye, but I probably won't bid on it because my mad money fund is lowish right now and because of the horrible Canadian Exchange Rate. I was also attracted to Lot 161 initially by its beautiful 'Fahrkarte' and then it grew on me! So, what about my mad money choices for T2 September Sale, and where would you direct your mad money?
  9. tiny cam

    FWIW I think more light is all that's needed, the picture quality isn't too bad.
  10. Well, that's different!

    It's certainly not the sort of thing you see every day. At least I don't need to wonder what it sounds like. Jacob already told me in another thread... 'Like a piece of wood, when you drop it' Hope you are all enjoying a great long week-end
  11. So Albinoni didn't write the adagio in G?

    also interesting to know if the recently upgraded Nemessanyi sounds better now its a del Gesu
  12. Pseudonyms

    I guarantee that if I ever learn enough here to have a valid opinion on anything I will officially unmask myself. Matt
  13. Pseudonyms

    Interesting thread this. My experience in my professional life has been that voicing almost any opinions in public forums leads to enormous backlash from people outside of my profession who think they know more than me based on their personal experience (veterinarian and pet owners). With Maestronet, my first post was asking advice about a local shop selling a violin with the label of a living maker in it which was not the work of that maker. l live in a small town and was not particularly keen to cause too big a set of waves, so anonymity helped me ask for advice. I am happy to id myself in PMs etc should anyone care, but since I am here to learn and to enjoy the discourse and regrettably have almost nothing to contribute I'm pretty sure no-one gives a hoot who I am.
  14. Can a violin just die?

    What did I miss?