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  1. Er.... Bad example. Tendons are not stiff and would not work if they were. I handle tendons on a regular basis. Tendons need to be very supple but be able to resist stretching. If your tendons were stiff you would not be able to bend.
  2. The choppiness, the ugly slides and the lack of precision in places, being deliberate stylistic decisions make them somehow worse
  3. I generally enjoy Pat Kop's performances, but for this one I'm with Carl. Its 'A Bridge too Far' for me. I shared it with my daughter who is a more structured critic than me and she just rocked back and forth with her hands over her face saying 'no no no' until she could gather herself into more cogent discussion. I'm afraid neither of us made it the the third movement. It did not look like the Orchestra enjoyed it much either. The facial expressions and body language only relaxed during the Tutti which were excellent.
  4. I miss live music terribly, but how awful is it for the musicians themselves. Both of my daughters are performers and performing as part of an ensemble is an important part of who they are. Their grief at what they have lost during this pandemic is quite harrowing, and the impact on their mental health has been horrible. Yet they are both lucky because at least they are at a point in life (one just pre college and the other in her second year) where at least they are are not financially devastated as well. It must be hard to take the long view when you have no money to put food on the table! We all just have to do what we can, where we can, to keep music alive until better times
  5. Oh lord is this still going on? Would somebody please put this thread out of its misery
  6. this got mis-filed in Luthier Exchange and then lost in the Pegbox, so I'm bumping it in the hopes that someone will chime in
  7. The other problem with links is that they change over time and a lot of the good information on discussion boards like this become useless as the images disappear. With respect, the owners of the picture have already put them up on the net for everyone see. Yogic had a valid question to ask, and chose not to identify the dealer. I would agree with Rue that this is fair use of the image. @rudall seems to be having a bit of a grumpy afternoon. ...and this is probably why a link would not have been appropriate @BassClef would post a link to the item he was asking about, and then add snips from the website to ensure the photographic information saved along with the discussion. This approach generally has much merit, but in a case like this where the question was simply about finish one might posit that not to include a link was the correct decision.
  8. I was hoping Jeffrey might introduce a new discretionary label of 'Honored Expert'. I had requested that I could be 'Clueless Contributor' but he just sent me a reply with a row of question marks . We should start a petition.
  9. Interesting. Even if I could afford more than one I definitely would not want an extra spouse, but I don't think one can ever have too many (good) violins!
  10. Dr Mrs Televet's contribution
  11. Why would an ebony strip at the lower block be an indicator for an outside mould
  12. If you fix it up and he plays it with a couple of years under his belt, he will at least be able to tell you objectively about how horrible it is to play!
  13. It is a horrible thing. Do you not like your son? Why would you not start him on a decent fractional. My daughter started at that age and even then having an instrument that is actually playable really makes a difference to everybody!