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  1. Might I respectfully suggest that you pm or email the site admin ghunt. I'm pretty certain he rarely looks down here. He certainly does not pay attention to the Maestronet News forum. The site is more or less moribund except for the forums and it would be a terrible shame to lose them. Having ads obstructing posting serves no-one and should be an easy fix if you get the information to the Admin
  2. You massively overestimate the intelligence of many fraudsters and also of the people they are trying to fool. We could go on forever discussing a couple of bits of paper stuck inside a cello. Everything about the label screams nonsense. The repaired by in English that looks like it was written by a seven year old. The date written that looks to be written by the same hand, and a maker who had been dead a hundred years before the label date. You also forget that prior to the invention of the internet it was even easier to fool people than it is now. Information flow was much poorer nd almost non-existent outside major centres. It might also be instructive to look at the Cello itself, and ascribe a time period and region of origin prior to obsessing' about the label in it.
  3. For archival purposes. Such a fine example should be preserved.
  4. I believe the two year membership of the VSA works out to $0.22 per day and if you wish to think of the joy that spending the extra $99 will bring, you can think of it as a year of education, beautiful instrument memories and names on the net turned into real people and perhaps friends all for a total daily cost of $0.49 for this year. Now that doesn't sound so bad does it. Oh, and no-one is making you go. I understand that it is entirely voluntary.
  5. Televet


    What else can you get for $1.92 per week? No regrets here. It is a great resource.
  6. Try emailing or pm ing GHunt, the site admin. He very rarely looks down here but will likely respond to a direct question
  7. Thanks for this, Bass clef. The effort you put into this is much appreciated.
  8. Plus one for Saxon, but what do I know, scroll fluting is not to the bitter end, scroll and button look very different between the OP violin and the other example posted and very different to all of the Tarisio examples, and the corners look as if the violin was BOB from what I can see. What do the corner blocks look like?
  9. Televet


    The violin was a recent find while on a trip to Europe.
  10. point well taken. I have emailed I&H asking permission and will take 'em down if they are unhappy
  11. Just so we don't lose this image once the link expires
  12. Wouldn't it be rather lovely if Maestronet could act as a matchmaking site for something other than the 'Russian ladies' that those who don't use ad blockers regularly find around the site. Puns on matchmaking will be accepted!
  13. If the bottom rib was shortened in the past the one piece rib would now be a two piece rib, albeit with closely matching grain across the join.
  14. Televet

    New workshop

    Sprinklers on the roof and in the yard around the house...As you already know, no doubt, bush fires throw burning leaves and twigs (and in Canada great big burning pine cones) well in front of the main fire and these cause spot fires on rooves ahead of the main front. Roof sprinklers can save your shop and your house if you have them ready to go.
  15. well spoken! The loss of my european citizenship post Brexit will be the hardest to bear, both from a professional and personal perspective