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  1. Televet

    NYC Auction

    New to me but they have some books I've been looking for.
  2. Televet

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    I know it is confusing but the ex Szigeti does have a replaced top!
  3. Televet

    Mario Gadda Cello

    I can barely believe you just wrote that. Do you have any idea who you are speaking to? If you do any respect you might have had here is rapidly vanishing and if you don't, your ignorance is barely excusable.
  4. Televet

    The "Bullet Cello"

    Thanks for sharing this, it is a beautiful story.
  5. Televet

    Accumulating violins. It's a Sickness !

    Its called OVD: I have a diagnosis and a mug to prove it
  6. Televet

    Stainer-old wood

  7. Televet

    Stainer-old wood

    Hush Jackson or everyone will want one .
  8. There is no reason to assume the date on the label is related to the date that this fiddle was made. Reread the thread Jacob referenced above.
  9. Televet

    Humidity Issues David has a wealth of information on his site about humidity control. Air movement by way of a fan can be very helpful against mold but won't help the seams.
  10. Televet

    Guadagnini violin, ca 1781

    Perhaps the reply got held up a bit while Jeffrey moderated it?
  11. Televet

    Something to keep MN'ers busy for a few days

    Chris and Clef should consider re-reading Wood Butcher's post. He is not commenting on the quality of the merchandise being offered or even on its actual condition, merely pointing out that in his first hand experience, the condition statements significantly under estimate problems that ought to be apparent and ought to be declared. Martin will likely point out that its the auction house's job to get the best price for the consignor, which is of course true, but it would seem to me that defects which are obvious when an instrument is in front of you, should be declared especially if they are much harder to see in the photographs. Chris also compares the T2 offerings to those of Bromptons. I have zero experience at Bromptons, but T2 condition reports correspond very well to the instrument offered in my personal experience, and that was
  12. Televet

    Your worst buy on Ebay

    Rushes into the dining hall looking dishevelled, "Troll, Troll. there's a Troll in the dungeons"....Faints...
  13. Televet

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    Welcome aboard Nick. If you pm me or GMM22 with your address we will get the neck shipped off you. I am in France with very spotty web access so may not be fast at replies for a few days or so
  14. Televet

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    How's Craig's fiddle coming along? Alex has the rib structure done, and Jim has joined the pieces for the Front and Advocatus Diaboli ditto for the back. All the parts are now on their way to Jackson. Jackson has some complications in his life because of the uncertainty surrounding the shop at the university, so he is currently with out a workspace. We currently have no-one lined up for the neck/scroll. Mary has kindly offered to donate one of Craigs roughed out/unfinished necks, and GM222, is waiting in the wings to select it with Mary's help. We just need a willing violin maker to do the work. Any volunteers?