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  1. Televet

    Old strings

    We all have different psycho-audio thresholds. Some are more psycho than audio. We also have different thresholds of sensitivity. What I find acceptable, might annoy the hell out of you. My daughters, both lifelong musicians, listen and hear very differently to me, a life long audience member and non musician. I started playing only in my fifties, but now, in that next decade, I hear and listen in a different way than I did before I played.
  2. Televet

    Old strings

    I don't think there are any double blinded controlled experiments. It would be hard, and extraordinarily laborious to carry out such a project for so little gain. On the other hand, most players and even students find that that either the reliability or the sound of their strings decline over time depending on the string type, playing hours and sweat type. If you don't hear the degradation in sound in three year old Dominant's I am surprised, but that's about all I can say. You must also be blessed with the perfect sweat composition, because many of us would find our wound strings disintegrating long before they reached 3 years.
  3. Do they really? I've never met or seen anyone refitting a chin rest every time they take their violin out of its case? That would seem like a long term recipe for disaster? Or is this addressed only to the Kreddle?
  4. Anyone who wants to know or needs to know who I am has only to ask. I prefer though to keep my interests and my instruments separate from my professional life where my identity is out here and easily searchable. Having said that, I didn't abandon when they demanded and end to screen names. However I do feel that I would be constrained in talking about the nice things I keep in my home if I had to identify myself more openly here.
  5. Sigh...It makes you wonder why you even bother
  6. To my eye, the proportions of Francois Chanot's cornerless violins are hard to beat. They seem to flow perfectly. They are big though, which is shame, and your 356 back length is a smart move.
  7. No. Chris has kindly said he would create and place a label when the violin is with him for varnishing, but as yet none of us have a clue how it should be labelled. Suggestions would be appreciated. I thought it might be nice to create a document to accompany the violin which identifies it and acknowledges its creators and contributors, so if anyone has those skills... We have not discussed a name. I'm not sure what anyone thinks? No I think Alex has been distracted by a very busy shop and the Pandemic. Hopefully things will move along a bit now. It would be nice to have it done by Fall. Then we have to think about marketing and sales. It would nice to get it played by a 'name' if anyone has good contacts? I had thought about approaching Tarisio for the sale. They have treated 'benefit' instruments kindly in the past. Other suggestions would also be welcome
  8. Things have been slowed down a bit by the Pandemic, but I got these two pictures from Alex yesterday. We are inching towards the finish line! I am excited for this violin. Looking forward to seeing it finished and to hearing its voice. Then looking forward to seeing it sold (hopefully to a highest bidder) and seeing the proceeds going back to Mary.
  9. This. Merchant almost always takes the loss. Ask me how I know. My last one was only $800.00, but it still burns.
  10. If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. The pursuit of the lowest price for everything is likely to take one to dark places and expose one to shady people.
  11. I do not believe that the OP, zhiyi_Zhang617 is asking for an attribution. The question was asked in the spirit of learning. Lets paraphrase "I am pretty sure I know what they are not, but what attributes that you see in the pictures of these violins point you to a particular school or type of construction or national origin, so that I may further my education" Could we do that, I wonder?
  12. The Gadda is in London so the price is in pounds
  13. That is a very pretty Mike, and not expensive. Warning taken about the phantom power. I can absolutely see myself doing that...which might be a good reason to see if we can continue to get results with the Rode. Its early days so far and to be honest the initial improvement over what we were getting before is so great, that none of us have been too critical about our results...As we progress we may start to become more critical and I will keep the Fathead in mind. #markbouquet I bought an NT1 Kit which includes a nice shock mount. So far I'm very happy with the results. The Mike that comes with the Scarlett is a really nice well made large diaphragm condenser mike too.
  14. As always, Brad gives good advice. Playing a bunch of violins is the best way of finding something you really like.