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  1. Televet

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    How's Craig's fiddle coming along? Alex has the rib structure done, and Jim has joined the pieces for the Front and Advocatus Diaboli ditto for the back. All the parts are now on their way to Jackson. Jackson has some complications in his life because of the uncertainty surrounding the shop at the university, so he is currently with out a workspace. We currently have no-one lined up for the neck/scroll. Mary has kindly offered to donate one of Craigs roughed out/unfinished necks, and GM222, is waiting in the wings to select it with Mary's help. We just need a willing violin maker to do the work. Any volunteers?
  2. Televet

    Thoughts on this old violin?

    you might want to ask Jeffery to move this to the Pegbox where the experts hang out.
  3. Televet

    Bow marked France

    perhaps you should listen and read more and speak/write less.
  4. Televet

    Ergonomic Viola Idea

    You are in Canada? Too much weed I think?
  5. Televet

    Will L

    Thanks Don, Missed that one. As long as all is well
  6. Televet

    Will L

    Anyone know if Will is okay? He has been MIA from the forum for a while and hasn't picked up his PM's. Here's hoping he is just super busy
  7. Televet

    Gagliano and Fleury violin ID?

    I can't access these pictures. The albums require a sign-in
  8. Televet

    Help, wolf note

    Before doing anything else, take the clue from the chinrest and shoulder rest. Explore different chin rests. Centre mount vs side mount and see how that affects the wolf. Pretty subtle changes can sometimes make big differences.
  9. Televet

    Please help me put a makers name, to a good fiddle, for a good man.

    Seen the picture before doesn't make much difference to reality. Of course you are free to believe what you like, indeed you could even make an alliance with Sospiri and go search some archives. OR you might even try the search function, or listen to someone like Jacob Saunders or message Mendicus about it but oh well... Here, I will save you some effort
  10. Televet

    Green Violin

    Apparently not. Sotheby's is notorious for lacking a sense of humour when selling 'fine art'.
  11. Televet

    Green Violin

    you will note that there is some loss of paint from the strings, yet still two bids!
  12. Televet

    Green Violin

    In case any one is interested in green violins
  13. Televet

    Please help me put a makers name, to a good fiddle, for a good man.

    Not putting down any creative thought. It is, however, very important to be clear that even the best of these violins are just a better grade of trade violin, made by multiple hands. I think it is fair to say that the level of craftsmanship involved in outworker system was generally pretty high.
  14. Televet

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    Morgana, thank-you for the offer. Alex Reza has already got ribs under control. Jackson Maberry and Advocatus Diaboli are working on plates. We had not got a far as thinking about where the purfling was coming from, and I am we would be honored to take up your offer of purfling material. Perhaps message AD or JM directly and see if where you should send it.