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  1. Really happy it worked out for you and thanks for letting us know.
  2. That is some serious talent!
  3. Happy New Year to you all. I am content to be the dumb kid close to the back of the class who loves to sit and listen to all the other kids talking. Thanks for tolerating me. I love it here.
  4. Whatever works I guess, but I am truly astonished that you find that an improvement.
  5. I was referring to Philip K T and omitted an apostrope and a capital letter As I understand it the hand made screws have a cut across the head, made with a saw blade (Single score for a flat-head screw driver). They are often slightly offset, and the vertical walls of the cut are usually angled outwards slightly, rather than parallel to each other and at right angles to the bottom of the cut.
  6. I am in western Canada. My wife's best friend is in Sweden. They are always at opposite ends of the day but it seems to work out provided one of them is up late and the other is up early!
  7. There are a few violins in the Winds sale that closes on 14th. There are tons of cool stuff in the sale for any musical pack rats amongst us. Who amongst us could turn down a Tenoroon or a Vox Humana or a pair of Serpents? https://www.skinnerinc.com/auctions/3867T
  8. You have taken me down an arcane path into the history of wood screws. It appears that machine made wood screws would have started to appear in France in the second third of the 19h Century, so I am guessing Philips 'iron screws' are the hand made type with hand cut slots that are often not exactly across the diameter of the head. His 'steel screws' are most likely machine-made Nickel plated screws from later in the century. Is that correct? I have seen old rusty (modern) steel wood screws and old hand made screws from the nineteenth century side by side and they are stylistically identifiable, but not distinguishable as iron or a simple iron alloy on the basis of their appearance. Is that a fair summary of what we are looking for?
  9. How you gonna tell the difference between an iron screw and a steel screw from just looking at the head. Last time I checked the were both Fe? ...or am I missing something?
  10. If all else fails there is always Long and McQuade. They have a big rental fleet and shops everywhere
  11. The Rode NT1 ( not the NT1a) can be found for around $260 in the US. It is a large diaphragm condenser which does a good job. I would also consider springing $60 for Reaper rather than Audacity. You can do everything you need with Audacity but its much less work with a good DAW.
  12. Sorry for your loss. It has been a brutal time, it continues to be a brutal. Even though its dark outside the light will come back and we are all here for you.
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