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  1. This site came up in another thread a little while ago. The quote above is toward the end of the thread, discussing another violin.
  2. Happy New Year to all and a big thank you to Jeffrey for keeping the forums civilized for another year. I for one am very grateful for all his hard work.
  3. Here is a link to the regs, from the sticky thread at the top of the forum
  4. This. Always have a copy of the regs in the case. ...and this. I have never had problems on transatlantic or European flights either. However, plan ahead. Print the specific information from each carrier's terms and conditions (check for code shares and print their terms and conditions too). Arrive early and pay for early boarding to make sure there is space in the overheads. Stand firm in the face of intransigence if it occurs, be polite and escalate through the management structure if necessary. Having said that, the only close call I ever had was with my daughter's travel harp.
  5. If you are an absolute beginner consider renting. A rental is at least likely to be well set up. When you have been laying for even a few months you should be better placed to feel the differences amongst instruments and will notice whether they are easier or harder to play and how they sound under your ear (which for a beginner is probably more important than how it sounds to anyone else).
  6. Stephen, pm ghunt, the site admin, directly. I don't think he checks down here very often but does respond to pms
  7. I don't want to throw gasoline on the fire here, but the only real complaint that can be justified is that Bromptons have ignored your emails and are not talking with you. Beyond that, I do not see that you have even a wobbly leg to stand on. You went to the viewing and saw and handled the instrument and played ' a few notes' on it. At that point you did not notice either the repair or the open seam, but having got it home you are pissed off that Bromptons didn't notice it either. I would expect, that given the conditions of sale and the fact that you didn't notice the problems when you went to the viewing, any legal counsel would shake their heads and advise you to move on. It may be that better communication between you and the auction house might have made you feel heard and, therefore, less angry. If this is the first time you have bought a lemon at auction you are the lucky one. At the risk of mixing metaphors; anyone who fishes in the murky pool of violin auctions catches the odd boot. When one catches an old boot when fishing, one can either keep it as a reminder of a nice day sitting by the canal, or throw it back for someone else to catch. That's for you to decide.
  8. "it sounded okay'' do you mean from its written description or you actually tried it?
  9. To all of you who have lost a friend and colleague I am sorry for your loss.
  10. Every time I see that top, it makes me want to cry. Why didn't you speak to Hans Nebel before you started?
  11. I can't imagine that the trade carried on after December 8th 1941, the day after the Pearl Harbour attack, when the US officially entered the fray.
  12. Might I respectfully suggest that you pm or email the site admin ghunt. I'm pretty certain he rarely looks down here. He certainly does not pay attention to the Maestronet News forum. The site is more or less moribund except for the forums and it would be a terrible shame to lose them. Having ads obstructing posting serves no-one and should be an easy fix if you get the information to the Admin
  13. You massively overestimate the intelligence of many fraudsters and also of the people they are trying to fool. We could go on forever discussing a couple of bits of paper stuck inside a cello. Everything about the label screams nonsense. The repaired by in English that looks like it was written by a seven year old. The date written that looks to be written by the same hand, and a maker who had been dead a hundred years before the label date. You also forget that prior to the invention of the internet it was even easier to fool people than it is now. Information flow was much poorer nd almost non-existent outside major centres. It might also be instructive to look at the Cello itself, and ascribe a time period and region of origin prior to obsessing' about the label in it.