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  1. Well there was a division of labour, but we had to use Fedex rather than a sack in a wheelbarrow to move the project around.
  2. Not sure you have my new address.

    Dwight L. Brown

    143 Wincliff Dr

    Buda, TX


    If you need any help funding postage or other expense let me know.

    My e mail is: freepistol@gmail.com


    1. Televet


      Thanks Dwight, and thanks for the offer. It is my privilege to be able to do this small thing

  3. I have photo books for all the builders and material contributors. I have business addresses for many. PM me if you want your copy sent elsewhere or if I don't have an address. Good work folks. It really is a beautiful violin
  4. the buyer has something pretty special. Thanks to them for bidding and thanks to everyone who took part. Special thanks to Jason Price for his encouragement and generosity and to Florence Haseler for her hand holding through the auction process.
  5. Thank-you to all the participants in the project and particularly to the folks at Tarisio in this final instalment for their great advice and generosity. The buyer is going to be very happy!
  6. There is a short you tube video of Boson Mo playing it. The link is on the build thread in the Pegbox. Bidding has picked up this morning as expected. Currently sitting at $8500 which is not too shabby.
  7. It's quite a pretty case, but I would be concerned about the 'air tight' seal. The ability to vent warming (and therefore expanding) air is pretty important to stop potentially catastrophic changes in RH. I don't have them to hand, but Dmitri has published some fairly interesting data about what goes on in sealed vs vented cases as they warm up.
  8. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199617536&cpid=3812802560&filter_key= Up today. Thank you to everyone for your support, It has been a long road.
  9. For what its worth, for me the musical score is almost invisible in this movie, submerged in the background behind the marvellous libretto and the gorgeous imagery. Sure, the melodies are vital and cannot be disentangled from the whole, but again, for me, the music makes no sense without the libretto and the whole glorious visual package. I cannot actually listen to the suite on its own, I find it almost painful, but when taken as a whole Westside Story is an absolute triumph.
  10. Octopus has an origin in Greek, so Octopodes is probably the best, Octopods a reasonable english approximation. Octopuses is just plain nasty!
  11. Really happy it worked out for you and thanks for letting us know.
  12. That is some serious talent!
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