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  1. Oh Jacob look what you have done
  2. What did Larry Furse's violin make? I was intending to bid but was distracted by knee surgery?
  3. tru dat, but I will be long dead by then
  4. Prefacing my reply with the disclaimer that I know nothing... 30% unsold is not that unusual in general but is certainly higher than usual for Tarisio. I didn't get the opportunity to inspect or to hear any of the lots, but I am surprised that the Otto Erdesz didn't find a home but that opening bid might have been a bit off putting? Looking through the unsold lots I thought the estimates were a bit punchy for some of the lots, but it's always a balancing act setting estimates to attract bidders while managing sellers expectations. Some of the stuff was not that exciting this time round.
  5. I dunno, that must be close to an auction record and it's not that special looking. it would need to sound amazing for me to spend that at auction on a Roth when I bet I could find a better Violin in a retail setting at that price or less with all the advantages of buying from a good dealer in terms of after sales service. I say that as a confirmed lover of auctions, but I also know when not to push the bid now button! I'm with Duane on the price!
  6. I believe this is what is called a successor company. My understanding is that the original JTL ceased trading in 1969, though I might be wrong. This company was registered in 1978, having presumably bought the name.
  7. I think that the beautifully cut ffs look out of place and awkward on a cornerless violin, and that the Chanot approach was much cleaner. That and the plastic bridge aside I think it's pretty cool and would love to have one of my own to look at. I would be prepared to gamble ten bucks that it sounds like a plastic violin though!
  8. I rather like the Amati website with the ability to view the lots from all angles. Does rather depend on a fast internet connection, however.
  9. Don't forget Kestenbaum in NYC!
  10. Mary, thank-you for becoming part of the forum. We all honor Craig's memory and his contributions here over many years. Advocatus Diaboli has the plates of the instrument being built in his honor and is working on them now. We hope that the instrument will be a suitable tribute to him. Our thoughts are with you every day.
  11. For all of you who knew him beyond the forum, I am truly sorry for your loss for it is great indeed. The rest of us feel that loss too for he was a an open hearted and generous contributor here. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  12. Interesting. I am searching from West Coast Canada if that helps any IT wizards. Just checked again and still works from here.