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  1. Antoniazzi Features?

    You could do a lot worse than contacting Dmitri Gindin. His email is on his website . His Tarisio article on the Antoniazzi's is linked there and can, I believe, be accessed without being a Tarisio account.
  2. John_L, FWIW, The export certificates and CITES paperwork is taken care of by Tarisio for a fixed fee, and is pretty painless. It just delays delivery by a couple of weeks. On the other hand the spring sale season is just ready to start in London, with Amati, Bromptons and Ingles & Hayday in March and the London sales often seem to have an excellent section of bows right on your doorstep, and Paris is only a day-trip!
  3. T2 Auction online tomorrow.

    Dwight, I hear you. I love browsing the T2 offerings, with mad money allowance in my pocket!
  4. ID forum?

    I suppose the 'Scroll could become an id forum, but looking at the current Pegbox front page about half of the posts directly address the making of violins in some way, and a number of the ID threads spend quite a bit of time under the hood, discussing stylistic choices and the many different ways in which makers have worked in the past. Moving ID threads out of the Pegbox would not necessarily increase the number of making threads. More likely it would just take extra traffic to the Scroll or wherever it ended up. Some of the ID threads are short and sweet, others take off down all sorts of interesting rabbit holes and the knowledge generously shared is quite breathtaking. If the OP doesn't like ID threads no-one is making him read them!
  5. I'm still waiting to see pictures of Morgana's Stainer and her cornerless Strad.
  6. Free cello with belly cracks

    Well said
  7. A Stainer for only $66,000?

    Is this what they call 'chippy Brit satire' or is this rage genuine? The pictures are from Tarisio, and there seems no chorus of experts standing up to question this violin's authenticity. Situated the wastelands of icy Canada, I was unable to make the trip to London to the Tarisio viewing. What makes this not a Stainer in your expert opinion. From my very limited knowledge of violin history I understand there are a number of dead guys who made violins in the past in small and sometimes larger numbers?
  8. Surprised to see this in the unsold lots with an after sales offer of 50,000 pounds. Did I miss something? There appeared to be no really significant condition issues as far as I could see. I would be grateful if anyone who handled this instrument would care to comment. I had expected to see this at least hitting close to the upper estimate? Martin?
  9. Perhaps This Viola?

    Still not too late Dwight! After-sales has 12 hours to run!
  10. This may be a genuine "Holy Crap!"

    No doubt, but since I am unlikely to be in the same room as three Matteo Goffriller's, a Francesco Goffriller, a Ceruti, a Rocca, and a 17th Century Guitar any time soon, or have the disposable loot to buy one, I am still very grateful to be able to listen to these clips. If I had the loot I would definitely fly over and road-test the Stainer at Tarisio but that is another story altogether. Meanwhile, I will get back to my practice on my Markie and continue with my daydreams.
  11. This may be a genuine "Holy Crap!"

    It is a real beauty. I admire the Brompton's model of posting video clips of their highlight lots. I, for one, am very grateful to them for the opportunity to see and hear this instrument played and for the opportunity to hear not two, but three Matteo Goffriller's, one after the other plus a Francesco Goffriller, a Ceruti, a Rocca and so - on. For those of us who do not live in places or move in circles where we get the chance to hear and see instruments like this very often it is a real treat. As for the 'Magnificent' well it just is, it does not need to be compared to anything!
  12. Brompton's October Sale

    Darn should put this in the 'scroll
  13. Brompton's October Sale

    Bromptons have just posted their highlight video clips for their upcoming sale. I have not had time to watch/listen yet, but looks to be a pleasant diversion