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  1. Televet

    New workshop

    Sprinklers on the roof and in the yard around the house...As you already know, no doubt, bush fires throw burning leaves and twigs (and in Canada great big burning pine cones) well in front of the main fire and these cause spot fires on rooves ahead of the main front. Roof sprinklers can save your shop and your house if you have them ready to go.
  2. well spoken! The loss of my european citizenship post Brexit will be the hardest to bear, both from a professional and personal perspective
  3. Edi, I hope you are getting exemplary medical care. However, from my fathers experience, the neurology ward was so focused on the TIA, that until he had several more they didn't think to ask cardiology to run an some tests to uncover the Atrial Fib which was the underlying cause. Since we have to be our own advocates at least check that someone has thought to do this. Get well soon.
  4. Google translate! ‎Later I was developing this system and, nowadays, I think it is a type of simple geometry that could well be used by the Italian Baroque lauderos. With all due respect, of course, to the enormous and interesting work and thesis on the subject‎.
  5. Alex, What a wonderful video. It made me happy.
  6. Televet

    Violin ID

    Mr Hound has not visited since 2015 according to his profile.
  7. I know Fiddle Collector was having trouble in UK. I was not able to access MN for most of yesterday and only sporadically today. Currently visiting UK.
  8. If Charles Beare says it's a Dom Nicolo, then that's what it is!
  9. I believe that this is an attempt to deal with the spam posts that routinely flooded the list. Perhaps it will be permanent or perhaps temporary until a filtering mechanism is established. You would need to ask the website admin (GHunt). See also this thread in the Pegbox
  10. Jacob would describe it as a short walk across the border from Markneukirchen for a person with a sack-full or perhaps a wheelbarrow full of violins or violin parts. Labour was always cheaper on that side of the border and many Markneukirchen wholesalers would have sourced violins from there. Somewhere on this site, Jacob has posted a fabulous summary of the 19th Century side of the trade, but it went on pretty much unchanged until all the unpleasantness of the Nazi Era and subsequent Post war division of Europe.
  11. Metropolitan Music Company likely bought stuff from all sorts of wholesalers in the 99 years they have been in business, so it shouldn't be that surprising if one Schonbach violin might quite look like another Schonbach violin of a similar quality and age. I wonder which Continent the current Juzek brand violins are made?
  12. Plus one for Vda's comments. If you still have a hankering for a quality handmade violin Apostal and Ivan Kaloferov in Bulgaria make fantastic sounding violins for less than half of what is being asked for the Bulgarian workshop Simonetti.
  13. Televet


    mis-posted in error
  14. Televet


    Unfortunately the viola has a post crack, which I suspect will be an interesting repair for someone